10 Signs You’re Doing Even Better In Life Than You Think You Are


Written by Alanna Ketler

When you feel like everything is going wrong in life or you just feel down, sometimes a change in perspective is really all you need to feel a whole lot better. If you are stuck dwelling on what is going wrong for you, you won’t have time to focus on all the amazing things in life that are going right for you.

While some of these may seem like a given, for many people around the world, they aren’t. Often the simplest things in life are the most taken for granted, and the most missed when we lose them. Having gratitude for what you do have can go a long way toward you appreciating the life that you’re living. Here are 10 signs you’re doing well in life!

1. You Have A Roof Over Your Head

This is something I guarantee most people take for granted on a daily basis. Consider how lucky you are just to have a roof over your head. There are millions of people across the globe, your own country included, who do not have this luxury. Maybe it’s not your dream house, or it’s not as big as you hoped, but is that really necessary? You have shelter, and that is a big enough reason to be grateful.

2. You Have Clothing To Wear

It may seem completely obvious, but this is another one of those luxuries that many people can’t afford. It’s not necessarily about having the latest fashions or the most expensive clothing, but rather about having clothes in general. Instead of wishing you had better or more clothes to wear, feel grateful that you not only have clothing to wear at all, but have more than one option, to accommodate different situations and temperatures. Be happy! You’re clothed.

3. You Have Access To Clean Water & Food To Eat

How much water do you use daily to drink, to cook with, or to cleanse yourself? Because water flows so freely from our taps, we often overlook this one the most. But to many people, finding water, not to mention food, is a daily ordeal. If you are able to put food on your table, especially three meals a day, this is a surefire sign that you are doing well. You don’t have to wonder where your next meal is coming from or how long you’ll have to walk in order to find it.

4. You Are Loved

What is better in life than having close friends and family? Having people in your life that genuinely care about you and want you to succeed can make a world of difference. Having people to rely on when you need help, talk to when you’re in need, or just laugh and have a good time with can help you realize just how important you are. And being there for them in turn can help to secure your bond and recognize your own worth. Don’t take these relationships for granted! They literally have helped shape you into the person you are today. Say thank you to those closest to you in your life or anyone who has helped you along your journey.

5. You Have Dreams & Goals

You want to see a positive impact in the world around you and you can imagine what it would look like for that to happen. You dream of what you can do to make a difference and aim to literally be that change you wish to see.

6. You Are Working To Improve Yourself

If personal development is something that you strive for then for that alone you should be grateful. It means you care enough about yourself to see your worth and aim to be the best possible version of yourself. And it means you’re not so preoccupied with satisfying the above needs that you have the time to think about and do it. Having others see you in this way, moreover, creates a chain reaction of others striving to do the same. You recognize your faults and work to improve on them and let go of whatever baggage is holding you back. You see where you’re at and know how you can do better, be it health, relationships, career etc. You strive to better yourself on a daily basis.

7. You Are Yourself

Staying true to yourself and being authentic in a society that wants you to be anything but is a commendable achievement. Maybe you haven’t quite gotten there yet, but if you are aware of the value in this and aim to be your raw, authentic self, that is good enough! People at first may think you’re strange or different, but eventually they will see the integrity behind your actions and it may inspire them to drop their false sense of self and be who they are behind the curated identities.

“Tear off the mask. Your face is glorious.” –Rumi

8. You Are Able To Forgive

Being able to forgive is a huge lesson in life that many of us never learn. Holding onto resentment won’t really get you anywhere in life and it will cause you a great deal of stress and anxiety. Forgiving those who you feel have wronged you will help you to live a life with more peace and ease. Don’t forget that being able to forgive yourself is just as — if not more — important than forgiving others.

9. You Have Travelled

Experiencing a new culture of any kind can be a completely rewarding, yet humbling experience. Travelling is a great way to truly see and appreciate all that you do have, and to see how other people are just as grateful and often happier with so much less! Travelling also teaches you different perspectives. Learning about other traditions, mindsets, and values will help you to better understand what is really important in this life.

10. You’re Alive!

If you’re reading this, then that means you are alive! Woohoo! Perhaps the most obvious thing to be grateful for is the most important — the chance to be here, now, and experience all of the wonderful things that this life has to offer. To learn, to grow, to create, to love, to live — that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? Smile, because you’re alive. Embrace it.

Much Love

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