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Hi, I am Jayne Marquis, ND, Homeopath.

When someone is diagnosed with Cancer, the very diagnosis creates a chain of events, that not only influences ones mind, but also ones heart and ability to think. It is met with such fear, and there is a feeling of having no choice.

This resource is meant to be just some guidance into the first of many steps that could be taken immediately, before anything else. THEN you can set up a plan of action based on YOU as an individual.

Get the facts – take back your power – your sovereignty. You are sovereign – free and independent to make choices about your own health. Don’t give it away to anyone – not the insurance company nor your chosen healthcare professional!! Know that you have the ability to heal yourself.

juicingWe, at New Earth Institute of Health & Wellness want to shed light on the Cancer pandemic and empower you with information that will empower you to change your mind – what was once a fearful diagnosis is now a serious but definitely treatable set of conditions. We wish to spread the truth about the present monopoly…modern medicine and the cancer pandemic.

We wish to present all the information and options in a clear way, that is easy to find and all in one place. Often the information is there, but it is not easy to find because it is ‘everywhere’ – and this makes it hard to focus on what really works. How can one know who to believe when plunging into this mass of information? Doctors are saying one thing, your intuition is telling you something else.

Answers, and a peaceful resolution to fear and frustration is coming shortly…

First of all, believe in yourself; take back your health sovereignty starting with these simple steps. These are simple, life supporting steps. They could be used as prevention, they are golden for anyone, but they can also be used as the first steps, if needed, that can be started right away!!

In homeopathy the ‘Cancer Miasma’ – this is the feeling that when diagnosed with Cancer, you face a HUGE task.

You may feel, “There is something overwhelming, controlling me…I have no control…”

Often, with such a feeling we look to others for the solution. We give away our choice, our voice, and our sovereignty. We are here to help you remember that You DO have choice. You DO have control.

And so, the very first thing to do would be to take back responsibility and power to understand and manage your own health. Own it, don’t ask anyone to heal you.

Yes, ask for help, read, learn…but know that YOU are capable of anything, and THAT is the gift in all of this.

Change your mind: This is an opportunity, not a threat. Then remember, to breath, and to love yourself. Love itself is of the highest vibration, healing in itself. Loving ourselves, and then bringing this love out into this world could possible be our reason for being here.

Remember, stress creates cortisol and cortisol shuts down your immune system – so letting the stress take complete control is quite harmful – it will worsen your condition!

1. Listen to these two excellent documentaries on Cancer; they are extremely informative and empowering.


thetruthaboutcancer.com” is an 11 part series on Cancer.

    • Part one gives the facts on the suppression of natural healing methods, schools and the rise of the pharmaceutical industry. Do you want to place your life in the hands of a system that is mostly interested in Money?

Part two teaches you that we all have cancer cells. It explains the immune system and how, a properly functioning immune system scans and destroys these cancerous cells, every day. It explains why it is important, to support your immune system, in every way you can. Listen to these first two parts, then, listen to the rest.

LISTEN TO: Cancer is curable

2.  Why its important to love yourself, and how homeopathy helps with that! Read my blog entry.

soilbits3. Cut Sugar completely.

Sugar feeds Cancer. Educate yourself on foods that turns to sugar the fastest. That includes all starches and a too much fruit.

4. Obtain a rebounder (new or used).

Rebounding is the best exercise to support your immune system. Rebound for one minute, every hour of the day. As many hours as you can. There is a book published by Albert Carter.  “The Healthy Cell Concept, Benefits of rebounding and the Cancer Answer.” You can listen to his interviews on Sanitas Radio. Carter is a former trampoline athlete, who noticed the amazing benefits of trampoline. He went on to research the immune boosting benefits of rebounding. He has suggested a protocol for generating a healthy immune system that is capable of turning Cancer around.

5. Change your diet – an Alkaline body pH kills most pathogens.

  • Following an alkaline diet: Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Most of the influences that seem like your friend actually create an acidic environment, and cancer cells love this, sugar, drugs, processed food, stress – all of this is food for cancer cells!
  • Practice meditation while deep breathing which increases PH slowly by increasing oxygen in your cells. Cancer cells are anaerobic – and so, they avoid oxygen.
  • Get organic Sulphur, and be sure it is the real thing. Sulphur assists with detoxification, energy flow and tissue repair in the body. This is one source…

6. Change your water.

  • Water with many inorganic mineral attachments is not allowing the free flow of oxygen that is needed for ultimate health. Read about water at Aquarius the water bearer
  • Consider the quality and type of water you drink – it will not only change your PH, but will purify every cell. And drink lots of it, one liter for every 50 lbs. of body weight/day is considered most beneficial.
  • Consider urine therapy, many have shown success with this alone, and it is considered a lost knowledge, the “fountain of youth.”
  • Drink, hexagonal water, a crystalline form of water that hydrates, cleanses and fuels the body in a way that is super charged.   Read more

7. Exercise, Breathe Deeply and Rest.

These activities increase Oxygen supply to the body by reducing stress and cortisol. Reducing stress and increasing oxygen will allow the immune system to operate at an optimal level.

Again – a normal healthy cell functions properly the presence of Oxygen – therefore the processes of a healthy cell are aerobic. SO, the more oxygen you can feed your cells the better. More oxygen equals better health. No disease, including Cancer can flourish in an oxygen rich environment. All pathogens (viruses, fungi and bacteria) and cancerous cells need oxygen-poor (anaerobic) conditions to thrive.

8. Get some powerhouse antioxidants and homeopathic remedies.

Be sure to select natural, rather than synthetic formulations. I have chosen, just these, to start. There are so many, many, many, many. These are gems, and lay the foundation of all that you can add in the near future.

9. Learn more about vaccines!

open-uri20121222-17409-1ag8dzbBefore you ever consider another vaccine, learn the facts. Many are now speaking out about how they confuse the body’s immune system and may even cause cancer. You need your immune system to be clear and functioning.

Desiree Rover

Vaccination Choice Canada

Experimental vaccines

There is so many more, please educate before you vaccinate.

10. Connect yourself to the earth.

We are energy and the earth is here to help. It not only provides us with every medicine needed to be whole and healthy it grounds and feeds us with energy…if we connect to it!

Connecting to the earth is as powerful a medicine, as any known.

NOW, Armed with these first steps, make a plan, tailored to you. Know that it is not cancer that you are healing, but you as a WHOLE. This is an adventure into learning, wholeness, awareness and knowing.

Know that we are more than a body, we are energy beings. Look into every aspect of yourself, the earth and the universe.

It is important to drop your fear of the diagnosis, let it go.   You are so much more than a person with a diagnosis…you are capable of anything.   You are whole, sovereign and free.

See this is an opportunity to become expanded, more knowledgeable – by tapping into everything you already are!



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