5 Documentaries That Will Finally Wake Your Parents Up!


Written by Ryan Boyd, New Earth University Faculty, School of Consciousness & Spirituality

Many of us pioneering this new paradigm are consistently faced with an ever present issue; nagging parents who are worried about us becoming crazy hippy cultists.  They see us deviating from the social norms so carefully laid out by our previous slave drivers and shudder.  With our meditation, yoga, crystals, conspiracy theories, and “namaste”s, we blatantly reject every value promoted in western society.  Due to their own cultural programming, the parental figures begin to immediately associate this with the 60s, drug addictions, and mental hospitals.

Almost every awakened, (mentally sovereign) individual I’ve met has had parents who could not quite understand where they were coming from.  These lucid beings have been accused, doubted, and outright ridiculed for their views simply because this lifestyle is considered uncommon in their parent’s perceivable realities.

This has caused a great deal of rifts in the family dynamic, only due to ignorance and fear.  The remedy for this is only truth and communication.  To help facilitate this process of restoration, let’s highlight 5 documentaries that have a particularly gripping perspective so that even the most closed-minded individuals can begin to open their eyes.



This 2 hour long documentary proves without a doubt that aliens and free energy do exist.  Sirius reveals all of the proof you will ever need to become a believer; from military officials, secret intelligence agency members, and even a completely preserved miniature alien body being tested by a biologist specializing in DNA genomes.  They also display demonstrations of free energy devices currently in the works.

Watch over this yourself, mark down important times and maybe show your parents some important clips that will blow them away.  After seeing this, they will never be able to call you a tinfoil hatted wacko again.




To all the vegans out there, we know it can be pretty tough to constantly be asked why you do what you do, and once you proceed to explain, are immediately shot down by ego-based justifications.  Earthlings provides a comprehensive overview of how human society treats animals in every avenue of experience.  It covers aspects of factory farms, entertainment, clothing industries and general cruelty towards these enigmatic and majestic forms of consciousness.  It displays extremely graphic clips, you may want to ball your eyes out, but sometimes the truth is brutal.

We simply cannot turn away, because we perpetuate it by living in modern society.  If your parents really care about your health and the mental health of the society they live in, they should be able to sit down with you and see what their own civilization is allowing to happen- and how you’ve chosen to react.



Black Whole

Nassim Haramein features in this riveting journey displaying the most modern scientific data regarding the structure of our universe.  According to Nassim, every subatomic particle is made up of PSU’s (Planck spherical units) which work in tandem with sacred geometry and toroidal patterns.  These discoveries are sure to expand the minds of your parental figures, causing them to see an actual correlation between your belief in sacred geometry and real physics.



What the Bleep do we Know?

This presentation is a very creative visualization of  philosophical, spiritual, and scientific viewpoints regarding the way we perceive the world around us.  It goes into many quantum physical effects that we usually don’t think about on a daily basis, meaningfully relating them to our consciousness, biology, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Ask your parents to suspend judgement while watching so they can truly grasp what this mind-altering media is trying to display.  All of this is controversial for good reason, because it goes against everything we’ve been taught up until recently.  Nevertheless, the information is very valid and worth contemplating.




This amazingly eloquent documentary accurately displays the issues of our current world paradigm, but simultaneously proposes a set of solutions involving sacred geometry, toroidal fields, free energy, and a new paradigm based on sustainability, consciousness, and harmony.  Sounds like someone we know right?

Thrive also outlines the emergence of sacred geometry patterns in crop circles, which point to the conclusion of intelligent and spiritually aware extraterrestrials who could be secretly trying to give us a solution to our global issues.



If you managed to get your parents to sit down and watch all of these, they are probably speechless and will need a couple months to process all the raw truth you’ve just dropped on them.  If they simply can’t accept what is presented, allow them to experience the reality they chose for themselves, as this is for their highest good.  When they are ready to open their eyes, they will.

Allow their internal compass to decide what is best for them, but don’t take any more of their judgement now that you’ve blatantly displayed the foundation for your way of life.  From this point on, refer to these videos if your parents ever express concern, safe in the knowledge that you are acting as a conduit for their growth.

Namaste 😉




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