6 Effective & Extremely Simple Ways To Stay Fit With A Busy Lifestyle

Written by Jeff Roberts

Truth: sometimes life can get hectic.

Trying to balance a job, an intimate relationship, family, friends, health and fitness, alone time, time for fun, and everything else life has to offer, is as realistic as ABC’s The Bachelorette.

Like the other millions of people out there, I spend long hours of the day sitting in front of a computer screen, which I recently found out is more horrendous for the body than once previously thought.

But sometimes after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym, which I know many others can attest to as well.

There simply isn’t enough time in the day for everything, and this is where life-hacks come in handy.

So for the people out there that can’t seem to fit exercise into their daily schedule, but need something to do to stay young, fit, and active, here are 6 simple supplementary solutions.

Do This Yoga Pose For 5 Minutes


I won’t give you the whole “Yoga spiel” because you’re likely tired of being told to start doing it by your friends and co-workers. But here is something quick and effective we can take from the Eastern practice: Try the downward/upward dog pose for a few minutes a day.

The pose is so good for many of the things that plague our society today: fatigue, back pain, and stiffness from sitting all day. It stretches your entire body, from your feet all the way up your legs, back, arms and into your fingers.

It improves circulation to your head and all throughout your body, helping to keep cells and tissues functioning at optimal capacity. Furthermore, it helps preserve bone density by placing pressure on your upper body, which most of us don’t use as often as we should.

This pose may cause issues for people with high blood pressure, so please take caution. For people who are overweight, try the dolphin pose instead.


Dolphin pose.


Do These Arm & Shoulder Movements Throughout The Day

Arm circles and shoulder rolls are extremely simple movements that can be done anywhere at any time. They are a form of dynamic stretching which works to release tension in your shoulders, upper back, arms, and chest, all of which tend to seize up from sitting in one position for a long period of time.

I promise you will immediately feel the benefit of these simple movements. As an alternative, try doing each arm separately, slowly swinging one arm in large, controlled circles, while your other hand is placed on the back of the shoulder you are rolling. Make sure to do both clockwise and counterclockwise motions to balance your joints.



Your Hips & Legs Will Thank You For Doing This Once Or Twice A Day

Standing hip circles are my saving grace for my hips and legs. Sitting for extended periods of time is extremely hard on the hips and butt – I find that after a full day of work I can literally feel large, palpable knots in both of those areas.

If done regularly, standing hip circles will counteract these knots and tight joints from forming in the first place. Try them out and see for yourself!



Use This Item In Before &/Or After Work

Don’t have the time or money for regular massages? This is your solution.


Foam rollers are fantastic pieces of equipment that are small, easy to use, and effective in releasing tension in tight muscles or fascia. Your range of motion will improve, as well as the circulation to your cells, which inherently improves toxin removal. foam-rollers2

I use this on my hips, butt, legs, and lower back (although it works great on your upper back as well) and my body can’t thank me enough when I do it. Did I mention it feels AMAZING?

Use This Instead Of A Traditional Office Chair From Time To Time



Sitting in an office chair has a diminishing effect on your core muscles simply due to the fact that no muscles are being engaged. To counteract this, switch out your chair for an exercise ball from time to time.

As silly as it might look to others, sitting on an exercise ball engages your core, which in turn works to protect your lower back from injury caused by poor sitting posture.

Some argue that the use of a exercise ball as a chair puts a strain on the upper body because of the lack of an armrest. Whichever the case, utilizing an exercise ball as an office chair from time to time makes for a great supplementary tactic in maintaining your core strength while you work.

This Underrated Exercise Is So Beneficial For Your Overall Health


Walking. It’s simple, invigorating, and extremely effective in keeping your cells and organ systems clean.

Sitting prevents your body from interacting with and exerting itself against gravity. While not nearly as severe as the antigravity experienced by astronauts, uninterrupted sitting mimics a microgravity situation, which has the effect of accelerating the aging process.

One recent study found that walking for two miles a day or more can cut your chances of hospitalization from a severe episode of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by about half.

Another study published last year found that daily walking reduced the risk of stroke in men over the age of 60. Walking for at least an hour or two could cut a man’s stroke risk by as much as one-third, and it didn’t matter how brisk the pace was.

Whether you walk first thing in the morning, after dinner, or at work, you are reaping the benefits from the simple exercise. Here are some other tips to help you get more mobile in your day:

  • Walk across the hall to talk to a coworker instead of sending an email
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park your car further away from the entrance
  • Take a longer, roundabout way to your desk


I hope that these life-hacks have given you some easy options to incorporate fitness into your day, regardless of your busy schedule.

Do you have any other simple but effective ways to stay young and fit? Share with us in the comment section below!

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