6 Potent Superfoods That Help You Remove Heavy Metals From Your Body


Written by Alanna Ketler

It’s pretty safe to say that nearly every person on this planet has been exposed to heavy metals at some point during their lives, and unfortunately, many people are exposed daily. Heavy metal toxicity is a surprisingly common condition which can lead to some serious illnesses. Whether they are coming from vaccines, foods, cosmetics, metal fillings, or water, these metals (and their negative effects) accumulate within the body over time if not properly detoxed. Heavy metal toxicity can put stress on the body, which is slowly being poisoned, damaging the organs and weakening the immune system.

Heavy metals are neurotoxins and can cause memory loss, brain fog, poor focus, fatigue, and even depression.

Undergoing a medical procedure called chelation therapy, which involves administering synthetic chelating agents that bond with heavy metals in the body and remove them, is one  way to deal with heavy metal toxicity. Fortunately, adding certain foods to your diet can also help it to eliminate these metals; these foods electrically attract and bond to the metals, thereby helping to safely remove them from the body. The following 6 superfoods can assist with safe heavy metal detoxification of the body.


Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that has many health benefits aside from helping to remove heavy metal build-up from the nervous system and liver. It is also a complete protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids.


Chlorella is another type of green algae which is somewhat more difficult to digest than spirulina, but it is for this very reason that it removes heavy metals from the system so effectively. Its cell walls are tough and don’t break down easily, binding to the toxins in your body and assisting with the elimination process.

Atlantic Dulse

Atlantic dulse is a type of seaweed that is loaded with important nutrients, many of which are often absent from the Western diet, including iodine, B vitamins, omega 3s and 6s, potassium, and more. It binds to metals such as aluminum (one of the most commonly used in the food industry), mercury, copper, and lead, carrying them all the way through the colon to be eliminated rather than being released back into the body.


Cilantro has been known to assist with the safe removal of heavy metals within the body. It can be eaten raw in anything from salads to grain bowls and tacos, and also makes a delicious juice. No matter how you choose to ingest it, you won’t regret incorporating more cilantro into your diet.


Said to be one of the healthiest plants on earth, ginger is an all-around great staple to add to your diet. It eases all kinds of digestive complaints and can also reduce inflammation in the body. Ginger also supports kidney function, and because the kidneys play a crucial role in the body’s elimination processes, eating more of this wonderful root can greatly assist your heavy metal detoxification.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is an edible wild plant known to support liver function. Much like the kidneys, the liver plays a crucial role in the body’s elimination processes, and the liver must be supported when trying to detox from heavy metals. Milk thistle can be made into a tea or taken as a supplement.

All these foods, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can assist the body with the safe detoxification of heavy metals. Sweating — whether from exercise or an infrared sauna — is also essential, as these metals can be excreted through our sweat.


If you have any amalgam (metal or silver) fillings, it is important to have these removed before beginning a heavy metal detox protocol. If not, the mercury in the fillings can become mobile within the body and make you very sick. If you don’t have any of these fillings (lucky you) then feel free to assist your body by adding the above superfoods to your diet. You may not even realize how much these metals are affecting your body and mind until you detox! The body is an incredible machine which does an impressive job of detoxifying itself, but  sometimes, a helping hand does wonders to keep it working at optimal levels.

Much Love

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