These 6 Secluded Tiny Cabins Will Make You Want to Unplug From It All


Written by Alexa Erickson

In today’s technologically-driven world, unplugging is more important than ever. If you’re like me, technology has become an essential part of your life. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, technology drives my day. My cell phone serves as my morning alarm, a convenient distraction, and a time telling device (in addition to keeping me socially connected, of course), while my laptop is office, shopping mall, and cinema all in one.

It’s a little disturbing when I break it down like this, but I simply don’t live in a world where I can use pen and paper instead of a keyboard to get my work done. While there are plenty of other ways to escape the technological overload, like picking up a book when I need a break from work or life, sometimes knowing technology is at my fingertips is enough to keep me going back even when I know it’s not the right thing to do.

One of the best ways to avoid the TV, the laptop, the phone, and more, is to step into nature, where a wireless signal is near impossible to locate, and the sensory overload is the real deal. When you feel like you need to unplug, let these adorable and isolated cabins be your inspiration. From the coast of Norway to Upstate New York, these remote micro-dwellings will disconnect you from everyday life and reconnect you with nature.

Harvard University-Based Startup Getaway’s Tiny Cabins

Getaway offers tiny rentable mobile homes in the forests north of Boston and New York City for just $99 a night. The cabins are no bigger than 160 square feet, but are packed with plenty of amenities to take advantage of. Every cabin is powdered by solar energy and comes with a bed, a packed pantry, panoramic windows, and a composting toilet.

tiny cabin home

Manshausen Island Resort

Looking for more of a seaside escape? The contemporary cabins of this resort will do the trick. Designer Stinessen Arkitektur chose a minimalistic approach to create these stunningly cozy cabins that feature floor-to-ceiling glazing that blends the indoor and outdoor worlds. Built on a rocky coast of a remote island in Norway, two to five people can fit comfortably in each tiny home that boasts beautiful views.

tiny cabin homes

Cabanas no Rio

Renovated by Lisbon architect Manuel Aires Mateus, this pair of romantic waterfront cabins used to be fisherman huts. Mateus used reclaimed wood and incorporated a laid-back rustic look, allowing the focus to be drawn to the incredible landscape amongst Portugal’s Sado River.

tiny cabin homes

Mushroom Dome Cabin

This elevated home, brought to you by Kitty Mrache, is one of Airbnb’s most sought-after rentals. Residing in the Redwoods of Aptos, California, this adorable abode features a partially-glazed geodesic dome that provides a generous view of the star-laden night sky.

tiny cabin home

Starlight Room

Want to really feel like you’re secluded? This cozy cabin is set high atop the snowy Alps, and can only be reached by way of snowshoe or snowmobile. Created to be a part of the well-known mountain lodge Rifugio Col Gallina, it resides a few kilometers from Cortina in northern Italy. The oversized windows allow for panoramic views from the bedroom, where you can gaze at the insanely picturesque alpine landscape and sky.

tiny cabin home

Out of the Valley Cabin

This solar-powered cabin in England’s forested Teign Valley was designed and built by Rupert McKelvie. Eco-friendly and powered by renewable energy, this self-sustaining cabin features a minimalist interior and plenty of comfort. The charred timber makes the building seem as though it is part of the forest, and the outdoor deck is perfect for sitting back, relaxing, and spotting wildlife.

tiny cabin home

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