The aura is a field of “subtle, luminous radiation” which surrounds a person or object. It is believed that all living things (including humans) and all objects have an aura – while not always visible to the naked eye, these energies can tell us a lot about who we are, and what type of energy we are projecting (see: Esoteric Encyclopedia Entry of the Week – Aura).

A new project called Radiant Human by Christina Lonsdale is making these invisible energies visible through her roving, fully adaptable aura photograph laboratory. Providing a unique, “fully immersive salon of extrasensory image-making”, Lonsdale “fosters the ephemeral and makes the metaphysical tangible.”


Radiant Human is a project created by Christina Lonsdale, a visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. The prodigal daughter of an energy painter mother and a two-time commune founding father, she was raised on mysticism during the dawning of the digital age—formative years where science and spiritualism occupied equal bandwidth. Lonsdale’s portrait practice seeks a sort of parity between these opposing faiths, shoring up the distance between New Age self-discovery from New Media self(ie)-actualization.The project has toured extensively throughout North America.


Radiant Human is the first of it’s kind: A roving, fully adaptable aura photography laboratory; a uniquely immersive salon of extrasensory image-making. It’s a whole thing. We foster the ephemeral and make the metaphysical tangible. We make polaroid photographs of you and your aura. We come to you.


The camera works on the principle that we all have electricity in our body and that electricity radiates past our skins surface. This camera uses hand sensors that pick up this electricity and through a proprietary algorithm, matches this electricity to a color, then that color comes out as a dual exposure.

Check out some of the auras captured in the gallery below, and to learn more about Radiant Human, email, or visit the website by clicking here.