7 Steps to Heaven (on Earth)

Written by Jennifer Sodini

Life is riddled with distractions and standards that lead us further into inaction. We seek media and technology as a means to escape the reality of our lives, whereas, that “place” is the greatest illusion created by man. Its been manufactured to promote our mindlessness, and satiate our desires by perpetuating ideals, concepts, and advertising. This is warping our perspective and removing us further from our true nature by eliminating nature, entirely. This is because nature is the greatest conduit in understanding our divinity.

The further we distance ourselves from the laws of the natural world, we lose the natural understanding of our being. This allows us to get lost in the material world and allow our ego to guide us in trying to fill a void which cannot be filled. The natural world allows us to fill our hearts with joy, happiness, and love. All of which are experienced through moments that dissolve time, and becoming imprinted in our memories for the rest of our lives. Yet, how do we change our perspective to allow us to see the magic of the natural world? How do we awaken ourselves to the divinity that may of been dormant within us? This has a lot to do with pattern recognition, and understanding the traits that represent “divinity”.

Divinity can be understood and awakened when we choose to form our perspective through its inspiration. We first must come to understand the action of our soul, as it’s being hidden or understood through Language, Tone, and Intention… and then experienced through Love, Understanding, Gratitude, and Presence. If we can transform the way we speak, and be mindful of our tone to better reveal our intentions, then we can express ourselves through our hearts with love, understanding, gratitude and presence.

These are the qualities that allow us to be the most creative and divine in our present moment. We all have the ability to reveal the “magic” of our lives by understanding and implementing these 7 steps to heaven (on Earth).


1. Language: Studies suggest that (on average) we speak between 7,000 – 20,000 words per day. When you think about how many words that could potentially add up to in a month, that’s a whole lot of talking! The question we should ask ourselves, is how much are we actually saying and how much is just static noise. When we place emphasis on quality, over quantity, it allows us to create a different story each day, with emphasis being placed on creativity, as opposed to just chatter. Look at each day as a story you are writing with your words, and allow language to be the compass which navigates your experience. Choose words that reflect beauty, compassion, and authenticity – and you may find yourself surprised by the living language your life reflects back to you.

2. Tone: Cymatics is the study of the visible effects of sound on matter, these interesting experiments show a direct relationship to tone/vibration and surroundings. Using this concept as a guide for the importance of tone, one can’t help but wonder how our tone/vibration may have subtle effects on our surroundings. Whether this is purely speculative, or not, if we allow tone to be our barometer, perhaps we can forecast better conditions in our environment. Before language existed, we expressed ourselves with our tone, which allowed our intention to be understood. Look at your tone as the harmony of the story you write with the notes of your language, and allow intention to be the song.

3. Intention: If intention is our song, what emotions do we wish to evoke through our music? Energy goes where intention flows, so if you deliberately intend as you speak, and emote sincerity in your tone – you can convey your authentic intention. However, allowing the heart to guide your intention is key! In our fast-paced society, it is easy to get caught up in matters of the ego, as we are somewhat programmed to compete against one another. When we put our ego to the side, and lead from the heart, competition dissolves, and creativity begins to surface. Intention is the conduit, which can either inspire more creativity, or cause discord by bringing up competitive feelings.

4. Love: Love is the unquantifiable “unified field” that connects us all. No matter what your race, gender, religion, or culture may be – love is the one thing we all strive for, and need to thrive. Love can be tricky, because sometimes we get caught into cycles where we limit our love by regressing into a lack mentality – but the beautiful thing about love is, the more you give, the more you receive…always. Learning to love everyone, everything, and every experience with all of your heart takes practice. However, if we look at everything, every experience and everyone as a reflection of ourselves – we can see that we are not only the reflection, but we are the mirror as well. If you want to change what’s reflected, change what you are reflecting, and the fastest way to inspire positive change is by being the love you wish to see in this world.

5. Understanding: Empathy allows us to feel another’s experience, as though we are feeling the experience ourselves. While sympathy is also important, empathy allows us to break our heart wide open and allows for a deeper understanding. The saying “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” is really integral for this step. Using the “mirror model”, if we are both the mirror and the reflection – when we judge others we only are judging ourselves, but when we understand others, we can better understand ourselves.

6. Gratitude: Coming to understand that we are the writer of our story, the singer of our song, and both the mirror, and the reflection can be a lot to process and perhaps may seem overwhelming…especially when we have moments in life that are trying, testing, and leave us feeling emotionally drained. However, if we take into account that the darkness is only there to cradle the stars, and the “night” of our lives only allows for more light to shine through – we can become grateful for our “suffering” just as much as we are grateful for our joy. Alchemy is the process of taking a base metal and turning it into gold, and metaphorically speaking, “gratitude” is the philosopher’s stone which allows this transformation/transmutation.

7. Presence: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift…that’s why it’s called ‘the present'” – Bil Keane

The gift of this moment now is being present, and by taking all of these steps into action you can truly create your own “Heaven on Earth” by living presently present, creating each day intentionally, from the heart, with grace, empathy and love.

Living with this “present presence” doesn’t require anything mystical, or metaphysical, being is the ultimate doing – and if you are being the best version of yourself, life will meet you with the best results.

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend

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