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Written by Linda Hamilton

I was doing one of the Childbirth Preparation classes yesterday and we were talking about the Nest.

Such an important time, which sets the stage for the life of a new mother and baby.  It’s truly a precious time that you will never have back! Why not make the most of it??

With the birth of my last baby 5 years ago…after having 6 other babies, I finally “got it” – what the best environment was for those first few weeks following the birth. The experience impacted me on the same level as my first home birth did. I wanted to tell the world about it! It was truly an amazing, blissful time that was just what I needed after “everything”…

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So after the class yesterday, I realized that it would be good to have just one post that includes a simple list for what you will need for your Nest.

I’ve listed just the basics…feel free to add to and customize it to fit you.

I also have a good printable PDF for a Home Birth Supply List here…


Shelf or small table within arms reach that holds:
– small table lamp with scarf to adjust lighting
– charging station for phone/speakers, etc.
– Nest Basket

Nest Basket…This basket should be something fairly compact, and easily able to carry with one hand (while your other arm is holding baby). This way, you can conveniently have most everything you need close by you at all times. Especially in the middle of the night – it helps make diaper changes very calm and easy, allowing you and baby to get the rest you need by keeping the environment calm. Surprisingly enough, you can easily fit all of the things on the basket list in a small to medium size basket. I like the plastic ones that have several compartments to it, and a handle for convenience – similar to a open top tool box. I like beautiful natural material baskets too, with smaller baskets fit into it to act as compartments (to hold the small things like the nail clippers). But see what you find – the bottom line is that you need to be able to easily carry and move it with one hand – or to ask someone to get you “the basket”. For me, and for many of the women I’ve worked with – this has been the single most important item in the Nest.

What is in the Nest basket?

– 2-3 diapers
– 10 small washcloths for diaper wiping (or an old towel that’s been cut up)
– baby nail clippers
– regular nail clippers (for you)
– phone (and camera)
– water bottle (for you to drink, and also use with small washcloths for diaper wiping)
– 2 baby blankets
– Head light flashlight
– birth journal
– pencil bag (with colored pencils, felt tips, pens)
– small mirror
– hairbrush and hair accessories
– small bottle of coconut oil
– Baby Drops (jungla-vital)
– rescue remedy
– small spray bottle of essential oil and water (10 drops per bottle of water)

Visitors chair (or 2) 

Food serving tray (like a “breakfast in bed” tray)

Tablecloth or sarong (to be used for catching crumbs while eating)

3 small waste baskets (within throwing distance) for
– regular laundry (clothing, blankets, bra, wet diapers)
– poopie diapers (in vinegar water)
– rubbish

Extra clothes, blankets, diapers, etc. on shelf within a step or two from your bed


Cooler or mini fridge for snacks


While thinking more about the “origin of the Nest basket” – I now must give my own mother credit here…when I had my first baby back in 1984, my mom came to help me out. One of the first things she gave me was a cute smallish wicker basket with diapers and other little things in it. “That way you can move to different places in the house, but always have what you need right by you”. It turned out to be a serious life saver! There were times that I needed that cloth diaper immediately! – or a drink of water – immediately! (usually after I started nursing the baby – I would always forget how THIRSTY I would get within seconds).

Today I can say that my Nest time with Zara is one of the greatest times and memories of my life. My hope is for you to have the same…

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