New Earth Peru Blog: A New Aguano


Written by Greg Paul

Originally written on 22/12/15
On our arrival back from Aguano, much had changed… the biggest thing being that Jamil had taken the decision to leave the village. I was initially a little uncertain as to whether this was really the correct thing to do, but it has since become obvious that it was not only the right decision, but that it has immediately cleared the path for the project… Not to suggest that Jamil was the problem, rather that we both have slightly different views as to the mechanics of manifesting such a project and no project can proceed with two leaders who are not strategically aligned.

So he and his family have moved to Tarapoto to a site that was recently secured for the development of a central ‘city’ headquarters…

The change is palpable – the villagers talk to me more, come to my house, express greater interest in engaging, everything… basically, the energy has completely shifted.

Alongside this, we had taken December as the month of ‘cleaning’… cleaning our house, cleaning the family energetic that had slipped a little since entering the vortex which is Aguano, cleaning the people out of our environment/lives that no longer serve purpose and, for me, finishing with cleaning the body on a 3 day fast at the end of the year…

The intention being that come Jan 1st, everything will be perfectly situated for an epic shift in the new year…

We also now have a number of new people join us – there was a young couple who arrived a couple of months ago, who sadly have not worked out, but there are two other people – Matias – the most remarkable, gentle, humble man I have met since Juan (NE’s genius architect/designer), and Aurora (now we have two of them!) – a lovely lady from Switzerland. We, at last, after much effort, have the beginnings of a balanced and capable ground-crew…

2016, I am certain, is set to be a year to remember!


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