Below is a collection of some of the most bizarre, and border-line insane inventions from the past.

Ranging from phone-answering robots to photo-taking revolvers – this trip through history is quite literally, pretty trippy.



Face cover to protect from rain, snow etc.

Strange-inventionsSuspended Baby Cage

Strange-inventions-1Anti-tire puncture brooms

Strange-inventions-2One wheel motorcycle

Strange-inventions-3Hubbard Electrometer to measure pain felt by fruit and vegetables

Strange-inventions-4A brush that shines your scalp and brushes your hairy sides

Strange-inventions-18Phone-Answering Robot

Strange-inventions-5Baby suspender

Strange-inventions-6Wooden bathing suits

Strange-inventions-8Revolver camera (takes a photo when you fire the gun)

Strange-inventions-9Pedestrian safety net

Strange-inventions-10Rainy Day Cigarette Holder

Strange-inventions-11Illuminated Tires

Strange-inventions-12TV glasses

Strange-inventions-13Dog Restrainer

Strange-inventions-15Venetian Sunglasses

Strange-inventions-16Amphibious bicycle

Strange-inventions-17A ‘mew’ machine to scare off the mice

Strange-inventions-19Glasses that let you read while lying down

Strange-inventions-14The Family Bicycle (with sewing machine)