Internet Paves Way For Agorism: Decentralized Exchange of Good Food Between People (Video)


Written by Cassius Methyl

This video contains an inspiring bit of information about the future of peer to peer economy, people buying good food and goods from their fellow people: arguably one of the most tangible and pure solutions to our stale paradigm of monopolized food sources. This is the essence of Agorism and a great bit of information on how to get started.

The description of the video reads: “CLICK HERE FOR THE INVESTIGATION:

As we’ve discussed before, the peer-to-peer economy is emerging in surprising and empowering ways, with sites like connecting people to local food sources in ways never before possible. But as the eye of Sauron (aka JP Morgan) alights on this new phenomenon, it’s important that we take stock of the P2P economy before it is co-opted and corrupted. Join James for a new open source investigation into the P2P platforms that are helping to connect communities and empower individuals across the globe.”

Originally posted @ Era of Wisdom


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