8 Tips for Achieving a More Secure, Peaceful State of Mind

Written by Travis Moore

The road to self actualization and inner peace is not easily achieved without our desire to consistently work toward change. The conceptual state of being peaceful and secure in one’s self is often idealized, but when it comes to practicing the steps, we easily default back to our ingrained habits. When we become serious about changing these old patterns via our modes of thought, we’re provided with a way for re-wiring our brain’s processes.

The brain serves as the intermediary or go-between for our source self and this physical vehicle. It can either impede or accentuate who we naturally are. And it’s through intentionally re-wiring the “go-between” that we achieve a more consistent state of happiness, allowing our uplink with source energy to flow freely.

Inner joy resides at the heart of tapping into our abilities for being the deliberate creators of what we want to experience. Without finding this joy, through our own peace and security, we will lack the stability required for getting beyond the fear that prevents us from achieving what we desire. Take the journey to find the peace. Discover the happiness, and psychologically assume your place among your castles in the clouds; only then will you be capable of moving into them in your reality.

It all starts with achieving a more secure, peaceful state of mind:

1. Release the need to measure up to the expectations of others. To fully embrace this, you must also quit setting forth your own expectations for others to measure up to.

2. Never depend on someone else to fulfill you or make you whole. Appreciate all of the amazing things others can bring to your life, but don’t depend on them for creating your happiness.

3. Maintain proper perspective about the castles (I mentioned earlier) you want to create. See them as a part of the journey, not the means to the end of your unhappiness. Material items can be wonderful things, but they have as much permanence as the body you’re currently leasing. Wealthy estates come and go- peaceful, happy states of being last forever- if you make them your priority.

4. Appreciate beauty, but learn to broaden your horizons of its definition. For only when you can begin to change your pre-conceived notions of what’s considered beautiful will you accept your own “flaws” and apparent “shortcomings.” The more time we spend looking down on those around us, nit picking and pinpointing their supposed issues- the more we separate ourselves from our own self-realized, secure state of awareness. We must cease the futile approach of romancing a single standard of beauty and ridiculing those people or things which do not meet it. Consistently insulting and judging the external symbols in our life does nothing for removing our own insecurities. It only continues to promote them.


5. Devote more of your time to creative pursuits that elicit your passion and reinforce the deeper meanings you’re tuning into. Tapping into creative outlets is an amazing way for releasing worrisome thoughts and quieting the brain’s chatter. These pursuits open the channel between you and your source self.

6. Find a way to give the benefit of the doubt as often as possible. The more often we let others off the hook, the more often we will allow ourselves the same forgiveness. Remember, everything we see manifest, in our external reality, stems from a deeper feeling place inside of us- so within, so without. I always say, “Life’s not happening to us, we’re happening to it.” This entire Universe, including our place in it, is functioning for our purpose. What that is, is open to our own individual interpretation. Don’t let your reality be consistently defined by your own inner tumultuous thoughts about yourself or others.

7. Release the need to control every detail of your life. Trust in the divine nature of your inner-self to carry you toward the rendezvous points that will positively enrich your current experience. This doesn’t mean you should stop taking action, it means you begin listening for the guided direction prior to acting. Relax into the natural flow and your source guidance will come. Those that fight their own nature have no control over their experiences. Those that surrender become the masters of their personal Universe.

8. Breathe deeply and appreciate the unique, magnificent aspects of who you are. Take the time to ponder the significance of your self. Marvel at the complexity of your mind, body and spirit. No where else in this entire solar system exists another being identical to you. You are an amazing creation capable of sculpting and molding other unique, amazing creations. Reflect back on #4, and if you’ve yet to do it, use it to discover your own beauty.

I hope you found some useful information in these tips. I’m working on fully assimilating several of them within myself. As I continue to consistently pursue the implementation of these ideas in my life, I’ve noticed some major positive changes.

Once again, I’ve found the best way for doing this is to become aware, right in the moment of now. As something is unfolding, if I don’t care for my reaction, I take a step back and feel for the information in these ideas.

We have to consistently pay attention to how our brain processes our experiences, if we find our reactions undesirable. It’s extremely important we catch ourselves in the moment. Even if we are unsuccessful in making a change for the better right away- the sheer act of becoming consciously aware is a huge step in the right direction.

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