8 Tips to Surviving as a Hypersensitive Empath

Written by Jake McSpirit

Being a really sensitive empath is hard work, right?

All that emotional baggage you’re picking up, the overwhelming energy of a group of people, the constant roller coaster of emotion… Wow. It’s a lot just to think about.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could lessen that load you’re carrying? … And actually stop picking up that weight in the first place?

Well, good news — you can. It’s not that hard either. It just requires a bit of self-care, and a lot of mindfulness.

You’re probably sighing a sigh of relief right now at the very prospect of it, so lets get straight into it.

1. It’s a gift

The first thing to remember about being an empath is that it’s a gift. We should never take for granted this valuable skill of being able to intimately relate to someone else’s situation.

Now I personally wouldn’t say it’s a gift for an exclusive group of people, as I consider everyone to be an empath to some degree. However I would say that being a very sensitive empath is something that people regularly take for granted, due to the strain that comes with managing an innate gift without ever having it explained to them.

So break out of the idea that it’s a burden. It’s not. When you learn to manage the gift you’ve been given, you’ll undoubtedly have a new found appreciation for it — but to manage said gift, you need to stop viewing it as a burden initially. Quite conflicting, but with a little mindfulness it’ll be no problem to overcome.

2. Grounding

The importance of grounding CANNOT be stressed enough. It’s very easy for many people, but empaths especially, to get lost in thought and emotion. Consistently reinforcing your connection with Mother Earth can do wonders to prevent this overwhelming detachment from ‘reality.’

Ensure to take a couple of minutes every day, at least twice a day, for yourself. Get out and plant your feet on the Earth, use your favourite grounding visualisation, or just do some gardening. Whatever promotes that connection with the Earth, find your way of doing it and make time for it daily.

3. Protecting

Taking a moment to close up your energy field can be ridiculously valuable for anyone that’s sensitive to energy. Not only does it stop you from taking on other’s issues so easily, but it also means that you’re not going about putting your issues upon others. Just think about how much easier your life would be if everyone done that.

Whenever you find a moment to ground yourself, protect yourself also.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique, abbreviated to EFT, is a relatively new discovery in the field of psychology and energy work. It’s being coined as “psychological acupressure,” as the technique revolves around pressing specific meridians in the body to release trapped emotional energy.

This post is not the place to explain it though, it’s merely an introduction. To learn more about EFT, including how to perform it, please check out this post.

5. Meditate

Taking a few moments to collect yourself, and reconnect with yourself, is so vital to anyone and everyone. Meditation is especially crucial for sensitive empaths because it serves as a means to distinguish between what YOU are feeling, and what you’ve picked up. You might be surprised the amount of other people’s weight you carry.

If you want to learn more about meditation, check out this post on the effects of it and this post on ‘how’ to do it.

6. Cleanse Your Energy

No matter how protected you are, the reality is that we all let things ‘in.’ Things get under our skin. They have an impact on us. This is part of being human, but it still requires our attention. Letting things in is okay, but holding on to them when they’re not ours to carry is just self-sabotage. The space we live in similarly takes on the energy of others, as well as holding on to it.

This is why it’s important to cleanse not just our energy, but the energy of the space we inhabit. This can be done a variety of ways, but the way I would suggest doing so is simply burning sage and bathing yourself, and your area, in the smoke.

7. Create Your Space

Dedicate a space solely for you to connect with yourself. This can be your bedroom, a wardrobe, garden, whatever. This place should incite peace and well-being within you. Regularly visit your space and find resolution to any outstanding issues. Also remember to cleanse your space, this is equally as important as visiting it.

8. Close Down

Being psychically ‘open’ isn’t always necessary, so closing your psychic centre down for a little can always help you to stop taking on so much emotion. This is a very easy thing to do, and poses no risk. Once you start talking about, thinking about, or trying to incite anything ‘psychic,’ you’ll of course open back up.

The intention is what matters here, so find a method that suits you. Personally I tend to close my eyes, drain excess energy down into the Earth, place stop signs on each of my chakras and then step into a pyramid with peace above, below and all around it.

So that’s a couple of tips from me to you on managing your sensitivity. The last thing to remember is that you’re never given what you cannot handle, so there’s never anything to fear.

If you’ve enjoyed this, or think someone can benefit from it — go ahead and share it. Also leave a comment if you want.

Originally posted @ Divine Society


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