Cognitive Dissonance: The Minds Most Common Reaction to Truth


Written by Arjun Walia

manipulatedInner peace is a  journey more are finding themselves on daily. Everyday brings the collective on Earth closer to recognizing it’s unlimited infinite potential and ability to create something new for planet Earth and it’s people. Many of us are  beginning to notice that operating from a place of love, peace and understanding is the key to creating change. This makes it more practical, being the change you would like to see in the world is a journey in itself. From this space, we can use the information and events that have been manifesting in front of us  to see more clearly, and to recognize that there are concepts of reality we have yet to understand. Most information that is presented to us comes from a place of fear, violence and consciousness manipulation. When I say consciousness manipulation, I mean the reality and  environment that we perceive around ourselves that gives rise to our truth has been influenced by an elite group of people and the corporations they run. This reality has been influenced and used in a way that distorts our perception of reality in order to have us operating in a robotic like existence without ever questioning anything.   Who is responsible for the world we see today? We are, we are the tool used to create whatever reality we desire here on planet Earth. Our consciousness is open to manipulation until we wake up and realize that not everything is as it seems. Once we step out of our programmed like existence and see what has really been taking place on the planet, the ones manipulating us hold zero power and we can begin to create a planet that we truly desire. Are our desires and wants really ours, or have they just been programmed into us?

Cognitive dissonance is a term used in modern psychology to describe the feeling of discomfort when holding two or more conflicting ideas, beliefs, or values. It suggests that we have an inner drive to hold onto all of our beliefs and attitudes to avoid feelings of discomfort and instability. Sometimes people hold onto a belief system that is very strong and the moment they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence that was presented cannot be accepted. When presented with evidence that works against a belief system, it has the potential to create a very uncomfortable feeling for the individual, this is called cognitive dissonance. A powerful motive to maintain cognitive consistency can give rise to irrational  behavior and thoughts. We hold many cognition’s about the world  and ourselves; when they clash, a discrepancy is created, resulting in a state of tension. The experience of cognitive dissonance can be quite unpleasant, we are forced to reduce or eliminate it, or we can choose to let go of the belief system we hold onto and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Humanity has been programmed to believe so many different lies on so many different levels. Today, the entire planet is going through a mass transformation. One aspect of this transformation is transparency, our minds eye is starting to see past the manipulation that is beamed at us everyday through our mainstream media and television. Here is a list of 4 Articles that outline a few of these new truths that are emerging into the consciousness of all human beings. They present challenges and it’s sometimes fearful for the mind to take in. Most of us have been programmed for so long, most of us have learned what our parents were taught, and what there parents taught them. Opening up to and accepting new concepts of reality can be hard and almost impossible for some. The term ‘ignorance is bliss’ holds no credence here, as you can see:

1. The fact that protein from animal products is more harmful than from plants (Click Here for Article).

2. The fact that Fluoride used in our water supply and dental practices is a toxic substance with zero benefit to our teeth( Click Here for Article).

3. The fact that Dairy products are the cause for many health related problems (Click Here for Article)

4. The fact that UFOs and extraterrestrials exist, and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to show it (Click Here for Article)

5. The fact that zero-point energy can be accessed, and we do not need an ‘energy industry’ like the one we have today( Click Here for Article)

Be love. the energy that is created from a place of peace and love can be tremendously beneficial to the human race. Empty your being of the gasoline you carry, and the situations or people that hold matches will become non existent. From this place, you can begin to see that everyone and everything is interconnected, everyone is just a facet of everyone else. All of us make up one large whole, and that one large whole cannot operate effectively until we harmonize. Everyone that comes into your life is playing a role for you, teaching you lessons. Whoever is meant to be in your life will, it all depends on what experiences serve best for the type of growth you and your soul desire.

Peace and Love

Originally posted @ Collective Evolution


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