How do you know which crystal is right for you? 
How do you pick out one of the many before you?

Most people look with only their eyes to buy crystals or minerals. Yet remember this urges one to pick what is more pleasing for themselves; whether it is shinier, prettier etc.

The famous quote “You can never tell a book by its cover,” by Edwin Rolfe runs through my mind when choosing a crystal or anything in life.

In crystal healing it is not what you want but what you need. When choosing a crystal or mineral… FEEL… don’t look for whatyou want but rather let the crystal come to you.

If a crystal feels too heavy (as if there is an invisible cord tethering it to its place) or it feels uncomfortable immediately put it down. You already know it’s not for you and as you study it thoughts about how you love the look of the crystal runs through your head. Which compelled you to pick it up in the first place. It’s okay we crystal lovers have all been there. Don’t believe me try it for yourself. It will be proven time and time again.

Crystals and minerals come to you for a reason whether you believe in crystal healing or not. Think about how old that crystal or mineral is, the history it has seen, the energy of the forces that shaped it and out of the many this particular one came to you. It is absolutely amazing to think that this one particular crystal or mineral’s journey was to make it to you… Appreciate it! Love it!

So when choosing a crystal pick a couple or two you feel drawn to. If you are having trouble choosing.

While holding one close your eyes… and take a deep breath to clear you mind. This may take a couple deep breathes to do so.

All doubts aside, open your heart. For crystals and minerals are the loving energy of the Earth and are in fact the Earth’s DNA.

I assure you within a couple deep breaths and holding the crystal you will know which one is for you. 

  • If you feel happy, light and is taken to a deep calm and meditative state or can immediately feel the energy pulsing through you… Congratulations you have found the crystal for you!
  • If you feel uncomfortable, off balanced. Then choose another. Don’t get distraught! The one for you is probably right beside you or the first one you picked up but decided to look for another that caught your eye.

So remember Crystal Lovers… “In Crystal Healing it is not what you want but what you need!” Sending much love and light to all.  

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend