Are you Ready to Manifest the New Earth?

Are you ready for overflowing beauty and prosperity that is boundless?

Are you ready for a quantum leap into a conscious and free world community?

We have all we ever need and we are the caretakers of this beautiful planet. The power structures of today are mere illusions of fear binding our minds into thinking we have to do what we are told and stand in line. No one has power over your heart and soul and your choices if you do not choose to give that power away!

We live in magical times. We are interwoven and connected like never before and many people speak of the coming of a Golden Age, rising of our consciousness and a thousand years of peace and prosperity on our planet. More and more people are starting to believe. I see more and more people waking up to their true nature as free beings with special gifts to share.

What if we all could share and explode with creativity and intelligence. What if we all would start to trust each other and realize that we are all coming from the same source? What if we once again could dig our feet and hands into the ground and worship our true Mother and the gifts she gives and make her bloom. What if we could start to listen to the birds in the sky, the animal kingdoms around us and big whales in the oceans?

We all need to rise up to this call within our hearts and souls. We have no time to wait around for anyone else to manifest this New Earth!

We also need our warriors of the heart to step up, speak out and stand ground for those who do not have a strong enough voice on their own. For our indigenous elders, for the forests, the air and our waters and all beings abiding on this beautiful planet. Humanisphere will be there to support this voice.

We need to say STOP! ENOUGH! Your money love and ravaging of this planet has gone too far! Do you realize we will have no planet to stay on if we continue down this road? No beauty or abundance left for our children to see?

All you warriors and all you bringers of precious gifts to share, your time has come now! It is you who right now can build this Golden Age of balance and beauty together. Have faith, have trust, stay with the love of oneness within your hearts and it will be done.