A Chat with Sacha Stone on the Mission, Framework and Future of the New Earth Nation: Part One

Often times when presented with ideas that challenge the cultural, societal and economic memes, people will discard them thinking they are idealistic and impossible to achieve. But today we live in times of constant change. The human race is beginning to understand how the world works and is lifting the veil after many millennia of being bamboozled by the power players of civilization.

Enter the New Earth Nation: a movement dedicated to expanding and progressing human sovereignty and consciousness. The notion was conceived almost fifteen years ago but has recently garnered a commanding presence, with almost a quarter of a million members on its Facebook page alone. Clearly its message resonates with many awakened individuals around the planet.

I recently sat down on a call with New Earth Nation founder Sacha Stone to get a better understanding of the organization’s true purpose, how it relates to people, some of the issues surrounding its formation, and where it’s headed in the future.

DAN MIELE (DM), New Earth Press: First off, nice to talk with you. What I think some people want to know is, who is Sacha Stone and how did he find himself where he is today?

SACHA STONE (SS): I don’t want to sound sanctimonious, but I’m not so sure that I’m keen to go into my own story that much; not for any reason other than I’m really bored to death with my story. I’m just a living man and like all of us, have had a realization and that realization has actuated into more of a sense of being than a sense of doing. And that sense of being is the wellspring of the new metric which we are now evolving, which demands our dignity, our sovereignty, and our creative expression as the prime mover of our reality field. No longer are we to be harvested energetically, intellectually, spiritually, socially, civilizationally into the old orders of priesthoods, bankers, and sociopaths who have littered our history.

So really all I am is a living man who speaks to that stuff in the now. And that is why I am not particularly interested in my story, because my story, like most stories, is largely a lie, it’s largely a deception, whether I know it or not. I think that what I’m getting at is that a true zero-point social ecology and a true zero-point economy and a zero-point in our consciousness demands that we release ideas of the past.

DM: At what point did you realize the world needed that social, environmental and economic reboot as you were just describing?

SS: It was the point of inception when the sperm hit the egg, frankly. Because if we are truly attuned to the soul journey, and I’m only concerned about my soul journey because that’s the lens I wear; if I wear that lens in pure truth it becomes the story of the human family. I need look no further than my own heart and my own path; which is, incidentally, the alphabet of selfhood, as opposed to the egoic alphabet. There’s a huge distinction there.

But if we do look to our own story, through the lens of pure truth we find that we journey back in time to a state where we were arguably two or three years of age, one year of age. When we first banged our head against a table leg or were violated by another human being, harmed in any way; that could be a sharp slap, it could be anything. And the moment that we first engaged with the other, in a negative or intrusive sense, when we were first violated by a sense of the other. It could have been banging our head into a wall or an altercation with an adult or even another child. But the point is, once we suffered the indignity of intrusion against self that violated us into a trajectory of antipathy where we began to separate ourselves from the other and began to enmitize the world to a great extent and see that the world hurts, people hurt, relationships hurt, circumstances hurt. Then we began to build walls psychologically around ourselves and protect ourselves and defend ourselves and the rest, as they say, is history.

But I really want to address that point at which that violation occurred and move before that moment. We were in a typhonic state of consciousness. You then move back to the surgeon’s knife cutting the umbilical cord, and that being the very first violation. It’s a patriarchal separation; it’s an imposition and it’s an indignity, this is not natural. And then prior to that, of course, we were in the fluid of the mother’s womb. In that space were connected to the heart and mind of Gaia. We were only feeling at the fractal level, feeling the energetics of inner Earth as they speak through our mother’s kundalini. We were receiving the codes, the undiluted codes, from the solar and galactic principle actuating within the Earth and we were in that typhonic state of bliss, the Eden. So that, for me, is really the narrative we need to look at and recognize that we have it in us. We are fundamentally connected to source consciousness. We carry the codes, we carry the transduction technology within our bio-organism to be able to constantly receive those codes of the vibral mind even as we move into life.

But again, we need to address the first intrusion, the first principle of violation which occurred against us. Whether it was being beaten up in the playground or being slapped by the surgeon or having the symbiotic flesh cut by the surgeon’s knife. We need to psychologically address this. And then go right back to the actual inception in the womb, as well, where there was as egg and the sperm invaded the egg and actually breached the membrane. That was a violent act, be clear about this. Duality, the dualistic principle, the dance of Shiva and Shakti, all of this stuff is writ large under the microscope with the sperm and the egg.

So again, my story is our story, it’s the story of separation and wanting to address it, really look to it and understand it dynamically at the most subtle levels. Then in that space, realizing that the duality premise is hardwired into everything in this field of expression and yet, we have the right and we have the soul orientation to be able to transcend the dualistic principle at any stage in the journey. That is what the sacred now is all about and that is what the New Earth Nation, as a living principle, addresses. And we can look at it from an ecological perspective, an economic perspective, a sociological perspective, a philosophical perspective, a spiritual dimension and it all speaks to the same thing. Be present and fully attentive in the now. Let the entire universal mind and the vibral mind of creation inform this moment in time-space. And in this space, let me become one with creator and let me then fulfill my highest potential, my noble expression. Then we become the creators of our world, the New Earth. We build beautiful spaces, we engender beautiful dimensions and perspectives and that old history, that old serpent paradigm falls away like the old skin that it ever was.

DM: How would you describe the New Earth Nation to someone who might not be able to see in these terms, someone who might not be sure what its purpose is? The way you just described it there, is that how you would describe it to someone on the street?

SS: I wouldn’t describe it to someone on the street because we’re not in the business of proselytizing or prognosticating to anything or anyone in this veil of tears. So the short answer is it would depend entirely on how the question was fashioned, and the answer would be forthcoming. Because every animal is different, and if I am speaking to a Midwest Christian Baptist I’m going to
be speaking with a certain tone and a certain lexicon. If I am speaking to a 23 year-old rabid activist I am going to be speaking a different language. But the language is the same language, be sure.

DM: It’s just whether or not the person receiving that language has the capacity to take it in and do something with it, right?

SS: Yes and it’s simple stuff, it’s simple mathematic. Does one understand or comprehend that sovereignty is the same as consciousness and that consciousness is the same as sovereignty? Does one comprehend that one cannot be sovereign without being conscious and one cannot be conscious without being sovereign? Does one understand that time, money, and fear are the same equation? And can one see that they are absolutely the same value, the same thing, or not? If one cannot see that time, money and fear are the same thing, then one is not equal to the conversation of sovereignty or of consciousness.

So again, the like attracts like in this sense. One can only put out the right signals, which is what we’re endeavoring to do with the New Earth Nation, in the hope that those signals act as a beacon to others through the laws of resonance. But it’s not about proselytizing, so I
wouldn’t speak on the street.

DM: Okay. I can already see happening what you’re saying. The people who are able to take in that language and understand the message are all coming together. I suppose this also leads to the same sort of response to people who say “Oh this isn’t going to work”. Well if they say it’s not going to work, they’re not understanding the language. Right?

SS: Yes, it’s hardly worth engaging with that attitude because it’s an intellectually dead attitude. It has no life to it. Why would one engage with it if it is dead?

DM: Now as you were saying in terms of time, money, and fear…once we’ve done away with those things, how will people in New Earth communities, retreats or any other New Earth location be spending their time on a daily basis when they have all this time to spend?

SS: Simply put, we engage with creative expression. Because when you are not being driven by time, being owned by money, and being motivated through fear then one naturally sits upon the grass, so to speak, and engages with creative enterprise. So we begin to build the most beautiful world that each of us can conceive of, starting with our adobe hut. We start to remember our soul purpose. We reengage with the earth, and once we’ve connected with our creative expression and that is caked in, we begin to be freed up to imagine and then build out the world we wish to see. At that point we really start to activate the higher consciousness aspect of being and of course the immortal DNA.

And I can hear the jaded skeptics howling with laughter at such a ludicrous notion, but of course what have they ever known? The jaded skeptics in our midst have never known anything to themselves, they have never offered up to the world a single creative construct. So we should not concern ourselves with the hearts and minds and the voices of the jaded skeptics in our midst. The reactuation of immortal DNA, the edenic principle… Eden from whence we were not cast out. That is a biblical, apocryphal lie. We left the edenic privilege. There was no fall; we took a backward dive into oblivion in order to be remembered to ourselves one fine day. And at that point of remembering ourselves we act as the absolution principle for the lower realms of expression.

Living sons and daughters of God is what we are, every last one of us. And there was no such thing as being cast out of paradise; there was no such thing as the great fall. We volunteered at the soul level to take a dive into this far-flung quadrant of the multiverse, knowing that it would take a long passage of time for us to remember ourselves to ourselves. But when we did, and we are right now at that Rubicon where we are remembering our immortality, remembering our divinity, and in so doing and so being we are becoming the living bodhisattva. We become the anchor point of the lower realms expression toward the celestial world. What on Earth else is this about? Why on Earth would we volunteer at the soul level to come into a world like this, if it were not to drag it out of the depths of misery and anchor it into the celestial template? That is what our noble expression determines and dictates. And those of us who are participating in this beautiful dance, for instance with the New Earth Nation, we are remembering ourselves to ourselves in that doing.

DM: Do you think that’s why there have been so many people who have come forward to the New Earth Nation, because it is this visceral feeling, you can feel it, it feels right, and so you go forward with that?  

SS: Yes, it’s the quantum phenomenon. Again, an actuating human heart engages in the vertical and disengages from the lateral plane of time-space. It begins to engage in the vertical, the transcendent, the ascentionist paradigm. In that space it’s like a parascope, we are
still living flesh and living according to the time-space illusion. But where we are placing  ourselves, our true witness is occurring in more of a vertical sense and we are seeing further afield in that vertical transcendent witness standpoint. We are able to connect to one another vibrally through the quantum field at that level. Our psionic or intuitive intelligence kicks in, this is the gut, and we begin to know what we know, what we know. And we come together as the true family.

But it’s not the articulation of words and doctrines that are bringing us together. Words and doctrines were used by priesthoods; by arcane logic being dictated to us by cloisters of men hiding behind veils, trying to determine the shape of destiny. Effectively what they were doing was harvesting humanity in that process.


To be continued in Part Two…