A Message from Natalia: Director of Health & Wellness

“I am sharing a post from Natalia in Health & Wellness here. Her down to earth approach and clear, centered delivery is one of the reasons she is Director in H&W….thank you Natalia!” – Jeanmarie Polvino

I’m interrupting my myriad tasks today to address this Ebola media frenzy. I am not a doctor or government official so what I share with you can only be taken as “anecdotal” but that doesn’t make it any less relevant or true. I’m sharing it because I want to help save your life and, more immediately, your sanity. There are three major things I would consider among the stories you are receiving from the news media about Ebola.

  1. It is designed to put us into extreme fear (the kind of fear that makes people lose their rational compass and cling to their most ill-considered survival impulses) SO THAT the panicking fear-collective will line up begging to take a cockamamie vaccine (designed to enslave them more deeply, probably via some kind of nano-tracking device). David Icke’s term for this pattern is “Problem-Reaction-Solution.” While, my days of conspiracy intrigue are long behind me, I do believe Mr. Icke nailed that pattern and it is indeed the process that will prove to play out here. The name of the game is to get everyone to take the coming Ebola vaccine. That will soon become clear. But moving beyond that…
  2. The second thing I suggest you seriously consider is acquiring a home apothecary. I’m not talking about a “prepper kit” for some apocalyptic scenario. I’m talking about what everyone in the modern world needs to be empowered to prevent illness and self heal TODAY (and particularly given freaky viruses that may be unleashed – however deliberately). Please note, before I address the home apothecary items, that deep cell and tissue cleansing, in my professional experience, is the clear prerequisite to preventing pathogenic infiltration in the body. So, if you have not already started cleansing your biological terrain through the awaken/release technique of alkaline diet and intestinal cleansing, I suggest that first and foremost as viruses, bacteria and parasites cannot live in oxygenated alkaline environments. That established, in my home apothecary, I maintain a supply of the following: Astragalus, Echinacea, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C, Golden Seal, Wormwood, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Bentonite clay, MMS protocol, Amygdalin (B-17), Organic Sulfur, Diatomaceous Earth, Oil of Oregano, Nascent Iodine and a whole host of Wisdom of The Earth Essential Oils. For the immediate contagion threats presenting, I would start your home apothecary off with the following: Colloidal Silver, Astragaluls, Echinacea, Oil of Oregano and Wormwood (Doctor’s Best Artemisinin is a good one). Personally, living in the middle of New York “Mold” City, I drink wheatgrass juice almost daily followed by about 32 ounces of green juice and periodically include the above mentioned support tools. I have been working with them for so long now that I know when I need to integrate them. You’ll need to reflect on how best to integrate these items into your self-care regimen but I highly recommend starting to develop your home apothecary now and familiarizing yourself with these key “medicines.” This is the time to be fully empowered so that fear doesn’t touch you. Fear is the real death threat and at the core that is what is being passed through those getting caught up in the Ebola media frenzy. Fear is the most dangerous virus there is. Which leads me to…
  3. The third thing you need to do: get centered and stay centered. You are Divine Energy animating a body. Identify with that Divine Energy and feel that anchor and activate your whole being. Hold that steady power and deep tenor of wholeness. This is the kind of fearlessness that we can all enjoy (even in the midst of chaos around us). We’ve come too far as a species to fall apart now. You can be in perfect balance physically and emotionally in all circumstances if you can rise above the storm. Remember, even on the rainiest of days, above the clouds, the sun is there shining in the bright blue sky.



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