A New Paradigm in Healthcare

The New Earth Health & Wellness Faculty is launching the Treatment Evaluation Network & Independent Healers Network with the principal objective of breaking the fear and disinformation surrounding conditions such as cancer, HIV, HSV, and other diagnoses that we have been conditioned to believe are incurable.

Under the direction of Dr. Mikael Nordfors, The Treatment Evaluation Network and Independent Healers Network (TEN/IHN) will represent a new paradigm of healthcare treatments, information and prevention – offering a global database and registry for patients and healers of every modality.

While the TEN/IHN is under construction, we seek to attract the attention of forward-thinking health organizations by creating a new Health Sovereignty industry. To this end we are currently exploring strategies for spreading the word beyond the ‘already in the know’ crowd through petitions, crowd-source funding and word of mouth.

TabletsWe are beginning the TEN with Cancer diagnoses to develop comprehensive ratings systems & detailed protocols for various treatments and formulations. Effective treatments are currently being gathered in Dr. Nordfors site medicdebate.org. When fully implemented, the TEN will offer the consumer the ability to create a private account and answer a questionnaire (logic-tree) which directs them to the right course of inquiry (research findings on treatments and appropriate modalities).

This portion of the project (the Treatment Evaluation Network – TEN) is currently housed here: http://www.treatment-evaluation.net

In the meantime, those seeking assistance with their cancer diagnosis should refer to our 10 Steps to Health Sovereign Choices in Cancer Treatment page for invaluable information you can use to inform your healthcare choices right now.

Health Sovereignty

The Independent Healers Network (IHN) will provide for all treatment modalities and practitioners to be included and rated based on effectiveness as well as a live consultation and regional search database. Both patients and healers perspectives will be included to improve the results of ratings systems. The IHN will be designed to provide reliable data recovery for TEN results analysis paired with patient data and feedback/ratings system to find and rate the most capable healers and cures.

abundanceA Marketplace will offer packaged treatments that have been procured in bulk to lower the cost for patients and practitioners. Disclaimers and non-liability agreements will be required to ensure that all participants take full sovereign responsibility for their healthcare choices.

This system will essentially handle the ‘insurance gap’ – because clientele not only receive treatments but can contribute valuable assets to communities in exchange for healing, thereby contributing time-currency, testimonials and long-term data (outcome results) to the database.

Patients will be able to pay for consulting and treatments, thereby generating revenue (NE Sovereigns excercise-running-healthy-lifestyleand other agreed currencies) to fund the initiative and server costs on an ongoing basis. We will administer tests to practitioners for quality control and collecting listing fees.
Databases will be linked to a real-time consulting and marketplace which will generate revenue in selected physical/asset currencies including New Earth Sovereigns.

The New Earth Community Portal is a platform where the two projects will be accessible to the public. The combined system will be implemented in Health & Wellness Centers at New Earth Retreats & Communities featuring the best local and international healers.

IT Needs

We have urgent needs for IT specialists able to:

  • develop the existing ratings platform on medicdebate.org to handle programming needs and specs development for the predictive health questionnaire (symptom based and non-diagnostic) and recovery of health recommendations, outcomes, data input and reports.
  • develop the Health Sovereignty portal and database, integrating with the New Earth Community Portal to offer a platform where people can manage their own health data on a personalized NE Portal.

We are changing the face of healthcare – with the participation of every sovereign human being, we will succeed!

We are grateful for your feedback and participation in these initiatives.

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