A Sovereignty Mindset


This brief natural law article, A Sovereignty Mind-Set was researched and compiled by the NewEarth University School of Natural Law faculty and staff as part of its growing library of sovereignty resources.


Possessing the correct mind-set is fundamental to the success of implementing any sovereignty ‘strategy.’

If one harbors the opinion that person(s) / agent(s) / actor(s) representing a commercial or governmental organization are corrupt, dishonorable or tyrannical, one will likely come up against significant resistance.  This is not because those actor(s) are corrupt, dishonorable or tyrannical, but because when one possesses that mind-set it will be almost impossible to interact in an honorable and peaceful manner – though one will no doubt believe they are doing so – it is a near impossible task to speak words of peace (in a very tense situation) when one is harboring any kind of resentment for those with whom the stressful intercourse is taking place.

Now, that is not to say that all actors are honorable and possess moral fortitude; the fact is that their dispositions are of little consequence, and to confuse the issue by entertaining thoughts to the contrary will only serve to hinder one’s progression.

Natural justice is… simply put: Natural Just Is




For those that truly seek to be sovereign in their heart and mind:

What one sees in others is never anything more than a reflection of oneself, and is therefore quite likely to be what they also see in us.

Thus if one wishes to be seen as peaceful and honorable, one has little alternative but to seek to discover those qualities in others.

One’s concern ought not to be that a misguided Soul directs hostility towards us, but rather how one receives and reacts to that hostility.  One’s reality is not shaped by the actions of others but by the thoughts, words and deeds that one has themselves indulged to bring forth, with that hostility in the first place… and the thoughts, words, and deeds one employs to deal with that situation, when it arises.

In order for something new, a new ideal or way of life (in this case we are discussing the sovereign condition), to be able to truly manifest in one’s life, then the patterns of thinking which supported the condition of subservience must first be suspended.  Thus, the Sovereign “mind-set.”

The ability to forgive those who trespass against us, especially those who wield perceived authority, is a powerful tool in maintaining the necessary presence and perspective.  Resentment harbored will invariably be displayed, and when it is displayed, one’s expressed intentions to be of peace are shown to be nothing more than empty words; under such circumstances the only outcome will be a painful one.  Therefore, the Sovereign “mind-set” pattern is to be cultivated with strong conviction of the heart.

Regardless of the remedy one chooses to employ in a given scenario, the best outcome will always be one where there is no loser.

Even where the remedy chosen is inherently combative, by availing one’s unlimited credit to assist the so-called “other” in extinguishing any perceived liability, one will balance the energy of the situation and be far more likely to obtain the desired outcome.  Unknown

This of course requires that one first let go of any intention to ‘stick it to the man’ or otherwise seek retribution.

The foregoing are however merely guidelines; one needn’t be perfect, one need only hold the right intent for truth and reconciliation.

Experience from the heroic journey itself is the only way to acquire true wisdom and knowledge.  Creating a sovereignty mind-set takes effort with courage.

So, hand your “little-self” over completely to your pure-truth of conscience (the larger Self with a capital “S”) and reclaim your sovereignty from the clutches of mammon.  (Mammon being material wealth or possessions, especially those having a debasing influence on your life.)


Peace be with you!

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