A Story of an Awakening: Darren Vassallo

One of my co-creators Darren Vassallo at New Earth Nation shared his blog with our group that I absolutely love and wanted to share his story of his awakening.  It’s quite fascinating and very similar to many of our own awakenings.  The Awakened mind is but of one mind.

Hope you enjoy -JD

Here is the Link: http://www.evolutionofconsciousness.info/#!My-Journey-Of-Awakening/c1sce/744F9F73-AF3A-4913-8836-CD8155AE205A

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My Journey Of Awakening

“In September 2011, I reached a point in my life where my emotions became overwhelmed by the state of our world, with the poverty, illness, war and environmental issues that we face today. I fell to my bed crying and surrendered to whatever was out there listening to me. I wanted to understand and i wanted to help, I could not live any longer in this reality pretending that these things were not occurring. Then out of nowhere, this intense energy that started from my genital area, flowed up through my body to the top of my head in around 2 seconds. This energy felt like an orgasm over my whole body, which lasted around 1-2 minutes. 

The main thing I remember seeing is this girl that i only knew for 3 days, that I felt a very strong connection to, she was smiling and laughing, she was waving her hand to come follow her and gave out n energy of a child experiencing their greatest joy. She was also holding hands with some being that was wearing a long white gown; he was at least twice the size of her. I could not see his face, as the light that was emanating from him was so bright. I was still aware of my body on my bed and was still conscious of being in it, but I was experiencing something else simultaneously. 

As I became fully conscious in my body again, I felt a knowing of certain things, that at that time, I couldn’t understand nor comprehend how I knew them. I had a deep knowing of earth changes and that I was incarnated on earth to help humanity shift it’s collective energies to a higher vibration. 

This was the start of a new journey for me; all my beliefs were shattered that day. It seemed that I made a choice and I was given the opportunity to understand why the world was in this state, and how I can help the situation. I had created a back bone for myself, by knowing that there was something beyond this physical realm that has a beautiful energetic presence and that I was protected and guided in this journey I was about to embark on. 

Looking back that backbone was necessary to stay on this path without giving up on this world. I spent months trying to get people to understand me and believe me about what I experienced and the cycle that earth was moving through. I felt alone, I felt worthless, I didn’t know how I could change the world I was living. I felt that no one really cared about one another or the planet. In this time period I was trying to leave my body through meditation, to try and experience what I did last time and hopefully stay in that state. I was observing my reality from a perspective of fear, fear of lack of love, fear of people not being conscious of the corruption in government, financial, energy, education and health systems, fear of no change. I was very confused at that time because I thought things were going to change straight away but nothing was changing, things were looking worse.

It took a few months of being looked at as some mental patient, where I reached another point in my life where I began to find balance with my life. I couldn’t stop reading books, watching lectures and observing nature. I became connected to the Earth again as I started to gain an understanding of my existence in this physical world. The more days that passed the more dots I was connecting to understand what I experienced and why I experienced it. It began as my own secret adventure as I allowed others to do what they always did, but I made a choice to go down a different path. This was seen to everyone as being anti-social and I could feel and see relationships were slowly dying off, but I wasn’t interested in that old life anymore. I had a great thirst for learning and nothing was going to stop me.

After reading many books on spirituality, I started to turn inwards; I hit a realization that I needed to make changes within myself to manifest the reality I was dreaming of. I started building a vegetable garden seeing that I didn’t resonate with eating meat after my experience, creating artwork as I had a passion with digital art and sacred geometry, meditating for gratitude and healing, exercising playing sports I loved, studying different subjects that I was interested in. Overtime I found a love for self, a love for life and all creatures, I was never bored, always excited to create or observe this world in amazement. I lowered my shifts at work to give myself time to live this life, I was only making half the money, but I was experiencing happiness, I wasn’t reacting to situations like I use to, I found a way to allow people to be themselves and focused on the beautiful attributes of their being. I still experienced negativity from others, but could understand and sense their perspective. I knew that the majority of the population was asleep to the fact that God was within them and I learned to respect that everything will happen at the divine moment, like it did to me. I had begun creating a reality that I was enjoying.

Now that I felt alive, and found a deep love for self, I began gathering information that resonated with my being. Information that helped me to understand life and it’s challenges, the nature of reality, how we can create a more happy and fulfilling life and to find a stronger connection to self, all beings and our sacred Earth. This is where this website was born, to show that there’s a merging point between Science and Spirit, Technology and Wisdom, and Fear and Empowerment. To this day I ‘m still just another face in the crowd but I feel so blessed to be who I am and to be on a path that has meaning and purpose to me, and that is to be love and spread love. 
It’s now the beginning of 2014 and the changes I have observed in individuals and the collective have been everything I wanted to experience. A gradual shift in consciousness, a collapsing of old systems, and an energy that has grown within humanity to see and create change for the better of all humanity. It is so beautiful to see this dream manifest in to reality. This is my gift to humanity and I hope all this information gives a peace of mind and an understanding to all humanity that the future of our Mother Gaia (Planet Earth) is shifting in to a higher vibrational frequency, and that the future of humanity is in safe hands and beyond our wildest dreams.

As we flow through this transition, this transformation of energy, many adjustments to our physical, emotional and mental bodies are taking place through the activation of our 12 strand DNA blueprint, and become closer to aligning with a higher aspect of self. Please do not fear change, for it is necessary for the old world to collapse to make way for the new. It will allow you to follow your dreams and give rise to opportunity to create the reality you wish to live in. Everyone will remember their connection to source eventually, but challenges will have to be faced and choices will still have to be made. 
I ask everyone to respect each other’s opinions and perspectives, as everyone has created their own path on this collective journey.  Through experiencing and learning we have created our own belief systems over linear time, therefore through understanding your own journey, you can understand others. The only way we can change the reality we live in is to change our own individual perspective and to become the change we wish to see in the world. There’s no need to force ones energy on another, it will only cause resistance. But do not be afraid to live your truth, as it will attract similar energies into your life. You will come to a point of realization that you are never alone on this amazing journey, as you are interconnected with everything and everyone.

Blessings to all my Brothers and Sisters.”

Darren Vassallo


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