A Sun Language Exercise to Access the Energies of the Autumnal Equinox

Written by Billy O’Brien & Jennifer Sodini

The mystery of the Autumnal Equinox is upon us. A period where we can see and feel a transition in our environment happening in real time. Today, both light and darkness are equal and balanced.  Even though the light is starting to diminish, and darkness is growing to give way to the cold death of winter, we are now in a preparation phase where we become symbolically reborn and rise like the Sun during the Winter Solstice.

The Autumnal Equinox is the entrance to our spiritual descent down into the darkness, where we will be confronted by the “demons” that plague us, and the unfinished business we must complete – in order to complete our cycle of spiritual evolution. The light we hold within ourselves will help illuminate this journey, and it is important to remember it is always darkest before the dawn, and “death” only gives birth to new life. The time now is a shedding of that which no longer carries life, in order to allow new life to form – literally, and metaphorically.

A great way to harness the energy of this “entrance” is to take a moment to spend some time with the following exercise by Sun Language. This visualization technique help us “design” the new lives we want to live in the coming months by using our imagination to plant the seeds of manifestation to take root in the fall, bud in the winter, and blossom in the spring.

Sun Language Exercise: Imagination as the Destination

Let’s voyage for a moment into a future you would like to exist. The idea of this exercise is to “time travel” through your imagination to get as clear as possible about life now…into the potential now as well.

Find a comfortable place, relax, let your hair down and get comfortable. You may want to be in loose fitting clothes and make yourself free of attachments to electronic devices. This exercise is a lesson in how to make the present become the future by experiencing the feelings of the time you wish to create.


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a landscape that feels incredible and beautiful beyond words. Think of the sky, the ground, the clouds, the flowers, the structures, the smells, the friends that inhabit it, their way with words, how the community has a culture, and how the culture is the made community. All sensory perceptions must be indulged and experienced. How does it sound? How does it taste? How does it feel? How do you feel? Think about all of these elements and senses and allow the time now to experience the created place of your dreams. Make a point to claim a name for this place you wish to exist, which will serve as your “magic word” to seal the creation and allow it to be accessed at any time. Now, take some time to write about what you experienced, and be as specific as possible…

Take about 15 minutes to write about the place you created, and how it felt as though it exists to be accessed any time…

The next step is to write a letter to a friend explaining this created place as though it already exists and you have already been there. The enthusiasm you feel as you write should not be mistaken for any feelings of silliness for not letting yourself make the best of this exercise. Write the letter as though the place is real and once you write this, read it back to yourself, and feel the feelings you felt during your creative mindful meditation on a desired creation.

The idea now is to be a better thinker, better feeler, and better enthusiastic person who is made to be their own creator always and to not discount magic as being something mystical or unattainable to the unexperienced. Let go of the thinking patterns that discount coincidence as merely random.

All is deliberate, and all is made in accordance with the made laws of the universe. If you wish for it to exist, it will come into existence. There is absolutely nothing that exists that did not first exist as a thought. You may wonder how this all works but wondering only takes away the wonder. The call is to understand and appreciate and let the law work for you.

Take about 15 minutes and write the letter to the friend…this letter will not be sent, but is to serve as a creative visualization tool to help unlock the feelings to help manifest what you visualize.

This exercise is to help prepare your thinking patterns for the voyage forward into unlocking the secret of all secrets, the key of all keys – the Rosetta Stone of understanding, so you may experience this life as the made maker of your reality…letting time work for you, not against you.

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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