A Vision in Manifesting a New World

When an organization is created it is always based on a future vision. A vision of either a single individual or that of a group of people all sharing and manifesting a new creation of something very passionate and dear to the core of their very essence, and their heart and soul. As within all organizations there can be some who may not exactly share in this vision in the same way that can bring out distrust, disharmony, and confusion.

The downfall of America and most other societies throughout the world is due to a theme that runs throughout the workforce of the common people. Corporations build a future on a vision that does not involve the progress of humanity. It involves a vision of profit and competition and to make those who are usually already extremely wealthy even richer. Where does that leave those common folk who work for these organizations? How can it be possible for the common men and women to become passionate about their work and want to strive towards making their companies successful? The answer is that simply getting up and going to work is for only one thing. To earn a living for shelter, clothing and to put food on the table for your families. It can even be looked upon in the simplest expression as a form of slavery.

If you follow the money trail to the top of the global monetary pyramid you will discover that all the money flows up to only a few multinational corporations that are owned by a few families who control the world with their power and greed. You go to work to make them more money and more powerful and barley scrape by living paycheck to paycheck. Many people really need to wake up to this fact and work towards creating a new opportunity and to discover the real truth and purpose you have in this life.

When a new vision comes along that is for the sole purpose of manifesting a new world and a new society that aims to change everything about how the world is run and operates at its very roots, it’s not surprising that many stand up and take notice. New Earth Nation is manifesting a new world for the betterment of humanity, the earth and all its inhabitants. It’s also allowing volunteers to share in this vision and become as passionate as Founder Sacha Stone and other founding visionaries and principles and in assisting in co-creating this “New Earth” and making it a reality. 

“The New Earth Blueprint is a consciousness oriented template covering each of the fundamental elements essential to empower a conscious humanity to reclaim its sovereign birthright. It provides protected environments for the development of conscious communities, removes all conditions which create scarcity, remediates depleted eco-systems, introduces advanced food production methods, unifies humanity in an evolutionary planetary network, redresses the way we educate ourselves and our children, provides cures for every condition known to man, provides architecture which enhances the human form, gifts evolutionary technology to the people of the world, and offers a viable path for people to embrace an authentic expression of life and being.” (1)

Now to me this sounds like paradise. A true heavenly manifestation on earth.

Will this be manifested in pure perfection with no challenges along the way? There will most certainly be some bumps in this long road but one must stay focused on the vision of what you’ve come to volunteer for to begin with. It was NOT to put more money into the hands of a group of wealthy elite. And that is the difference between hitting bumps and NOT sharing in the vision as with workers of a typical corporation, and hitting the bumps but having the heart and passion of a lion to fulfill the mission you’ve been so called upon to do. It was to manifest new conscious communities and step outside this matrix to become a part of co-creating this so called ”heaven on earth”. A world that does not involve debt slavery, forced work or labor for providing food and shelter, wars and violence, separation and bigotry. But a world which gives you the flexibility to do what you were supposed to according to your God given birthright. And that is to express and experience all the joys and wonders of creating in this new paradise shared by all of our fellow brothers and sisters in a new world of love, peace, abundance and compassion. A world where you can spend much of your days painting, playing music, photographing beauty, writing, organic farming, healing, meditating, becoming one with nature, building new technologies and free energy devices etc.


This is the vision that we all as part of a growing number of New Earthers must keep in our hearts as we continue to move forward. It is up to each one of us throughout our struggles and bumps along the road to stay UNITED now more than ever in the brilliant and beautiful vision that allows us to wake up each day with that fiery passion to change the world. We must show the world there is another way. It is time to put an end to poverty and provide new and better opportunities to feed the world. Following the corrupted leaders into endless wars and violence must come to an end. It is time to free the suppressed technologies that gives way to a new abundance to reign supreme and manifest around the globe.

There are many other organizations working towards similar goals of New Earth Nation and many that we openly love and support. But perhaps if you work for one of the big corporations then maybe it’s time to choose and ask yourself if filling the pockets of the wealthy elite is truly part of your purpose of incarnating in this lifetime. I personally choose the option to help humanity move forward and out of this Babylonian nightmare.


So please if you have not done so or even if you have already, read the Blue Print and if this vision resonates then please join us:

“The New Earth Project offers a comprehensive blueprint which addresses the worlds failing models of education, health and socio-economics. It is a 100% deliverable model which invites conscious, ethical, self-determining men, women and children to cooperate and interact to establish environments that foster human & planetary well-being and sustainable prosperity; providing a new foundation for conscious living, within a framework that re-examines the principles that govern our existence and perceptions.” (1)


(1)    http://www.newearthproject.org/fileadmin/images/pdf/New%20Earth%20Blueprint%20lo%20res.pdf



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