Adventures into Sovereignty

What if you woke up one morning, to find your vehicle stolen by a towing company?  Most people would find that their only recourse is to pay the hefty fines.  I was recently told this, by Houston Police Department. Although the towing company had no contract to tow from the private property, and their Texas Department of License and Regulations towing license is expired, this is considered a “civil matter”, which police authorities have no jurisdiction over.  So Yes, they can steal your car, without repercussions. The storage facilities are also allowed to hold your property hostage, without being held accountable.

The fact is, if an illegal action can provide fiat money for those in charge, it will be overlooked; and, if profit can be made off of you, when you have not committed a crime, your rights will be non-existent.  However, if you remain diligent and do your homework, you can learn how to get out of this system.  It took two days out of work, a few hours of homework on my part, and the co-operation of one police officer who was willing to think outside the conformity of his daily routine, but I did manage to get my vehicle released to me without paying the extortion fees.  A small victory at this point…but I’ll take it!!!

Ideally, we all get to simply step out of the current system, and all its false claims to our human rights; but there is going to be a different process for each individual. The one element which holds true for all, is that no one is going to change this for you.  We must each take responsibility for learning what means are out there for us to utilize, on our journey to freedom.  That being said, we are not alone!

Each week, Andrew Bartiz and Laura Cope of New Earth Nation’s Law Academy, alongside knowledgeable guests, offer Adventures into Sovereignty videos. These talks offer many combined years of knowledge and research of various guests, such as:  Christina Winsey, Jennifer Pippin, and Rod Class.  Discussing pivotal issues ranging from mortgages, to banking fraud, and all areas in and around those, is one of the most important tools offered for us to utilize, by New Earth Nation.  This vital information must be sought out by each of us…to be forewarned is to be forearmed!  Make sure to join each week, to gain the insightful information and advice of those who have already walked the walk, and are talking the talk!

~Peace, Love & Namaste