Agni Hotra; The Sanskrit Mantra


Written by New Earth University Faculty Member, Ann Ralles, Arks of Fire Initiative

Agni Hotra is the simple practice of burning specific natural materials in a perfectly Phi proportioned vessel and is precisely timed to gather and interact with the first and last solar rays of the day. A Sanskrit mantra is sung with precise timing in the ceremony.

Many scientific studies have validated the effectiveness of Agni Hotra in delivering life-enhancing gifts including harmful chemical abatement, pathogenic bacterial removal, radioactivity negation and agricultural improvement.

Agni Hotra seems to work by creating a life-enhancing bio-electrical field in its vicinity [about 200 acres] through a process called implosion; the geometrically precise compression followed by expression which is self-organizing, negentropic [moving towards order] and fractal. This is becoming recognized as the organizing principle for life as shown by Dan Winter and others.

Could the Sanskrit mantra, being of simple words and tones, somehow assist in this marvelous low-tech gift from the ancient Vedic tradition?

Although not part of our everyday awareness, sound waves are well known to affect matter, sometimes profoundly. We have all seen the opera singer breaking a glass using only her voice. In addition, the science of Cymatics* (see video) clearly demonstrates the organizing power of certain tones.

Through Quantum Physics, we now know that, in essence, everything is vibrational energy. Matter, as Dan Winter states, is a wave with a weight problem. It seems reasonable, then, that sound waves interact with the waves that form the material world.

The word Sanskrit means, “perfected language”. According to NASA scientist Rick Braggs, Sanskrit is almost mathematical in its grammar and formulation and is the only unambiguous language on the planet. In AI magazine spring of 1985 he states that Sanskrit is the only natural human language suitable for interfacing with AI (artificial intelligence).

Sanskrit is the oldest language known to man. The pure form of Sanskrit [as opposed to what is spoken today], is the language of science, knowledge, spirituality and culture. The wiki Veda site asserts that Sanskrit is based on root sounds or vibrations of the universe. “The Rishis [ancient spiritual scientists] while in deep resonance with the universe [meditation] could perceive these core sounds and from this profound sense of perception they recognized the inherent sound of each and every thing.”

Could, then, the perfected sound waves of the Agni Hotra mantra combined with the other elements of the ceremonial fire be transduced to form the bio-active electrical field?

As the Old Testament states, “ In the beginning was the word”. Does this refer to the formative nature of sound? Perhaps we under estimate the power of our voice and music to influence our physical world.

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