And so it begins…

Having arrived in Vilcabamba, Ecuador some 9 months ago, my family and I had been through some tough times… the trip to Peru had unearthed every defect that existed in our family dynamic and as we landed in Vilcabamba (still with an incredibly sick baby in tow) we finally had entered a place in which real healing could take place for everyone – somewhere to decompress. But so much shadow had been unearthed that, even in this relaxing and paradisiacal environment, the family home was somewhat of a melting pot.

After some six months trying to fix all wounds, we finally decided that it was time to take a break – to separate the family into two homes for a time to give each of us the space needed to heal in our own unique ways.

Then several weeks later, something quite unexpected occurred…

We had been in contact for some two and a half years – Gabriela and Stefan and their lovely children were the very first people to relocate here to Vilcabamba to enjoin the NewEarth Community creation process. They arrived early August 2016 and, as all the time we were spending together was as families, we were all feeling a call to get to know each other more closely outside of the usual group/multi-family setting, so with our birthdays all being within a couple of weeks of each other, we decided to take each other out for 1-2-1 dinners… and so on the 16th September 2016, Greg and Gabriela went out together for her birthday dinner.

It was a typical night in our mystical Andean valley town – the air sweet with the uncontainable scent of perfection that reveals itself to all who dwell in their hearts in the mountain paradise we call home.
We take our seats at the quiet table in the corner of the restaurant. There is no agenda but to get to know each other better – a shared desire to learn the deep truth about those with whom we have aligned to co-create our shared vision of conscious community.

There is a sense of familiarity between us – we had both recognised it (and spoken of it) before, in fact it was the thing that we both wished to explore during our time together, but there was no sense of romance, sexual attraction, or other alignment – it felt little different to the same sense of familiarity we’ve all had with hundreds of people when we recognise a member of our soul family.

But as we sat looking into each other’s eyes seeking the hidden answer to this felt sense of familiarity, it began…

Pure communication – the insatiable urge to share everything that arose; everything that we felt; everything that we thought – nothing kept hidden. And as we each gave ourselves over to this unrelenting openness, our hearts burst wide open, falling into perfect synchronisation, through this pure and perfect space of true vulnerability which allowed no shadows to be cast.

Over the following days we were unable to meet again but stayed in constant communication. Within 72 hours, each of our energy centres had aligned or were in the process of aligning; our physical hearts had begun to beat in unison; and an unimaginably strong telepathic bond had formed – the words we used to communicate no longer had any real meaning as the depth of telepathic communication rendered them moot, and yet we longed to hear the words also – the confirmation of all that was arising in us; the sugar coated silver lining that felt like honey dripping into our ears – into the depths of our soul. Our soul made love to itself day and night for a week straight – the energy coursing through our bodies comparable only to the spontaneous awakening to life and love that we had each been blessed to experience some 12 years earlier, and yet here there was something more – it was not just the profound sense of pure and perfect love, it was not just the vibrancy and alignment with life – there was something else – an unexplainable sense of infinite co-creative potential.

To ground a truly transcendent community has been both our personal life purposes for a very long time and, since this union was formed, shared visions of exactly how to achieve this have been flowing through us unabated. We have such a clear direction and began almost immediately to put foot to path.

The connection, which we had come to understand as having first taken place many months earlier, had begun in our throats, resulting from a shared and unshakeable commitment to Truth. But as our hearts fell into sync, it opened the pathway for a full alignment of all energy centres – and as this palpable energy coursed through our bodies, the energy began to shift – the magnetism was electrifying!

A sense of true and complete sovereignty was there before for each of us, as a single man and single woman, but is now somehow enhanced – how can this be?

Simple – an electrifying dance of the soul… one soul inhabiting two bodies, each individual truly worthy of the other. The inner motivation to honour the love itself (rather than each other) so deeply, for its capacity to transform all that we do in the world. The relationship has transcended trust – there’s nothing left to trust in; no question whether the other could hurt us – each knowing deeply that such a divine union makes any kind of harm a physical impossibility.

But more than this – the promise of fulfilment of the lifelong dream to ground a truly transcendent conscious community – the likes of which has not yet existed on this planet before now.

And we each knew that it could only begin one way – with, as far as physically possible, the unification of our families as one family.

And so it begins…



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