Are You An Effective Energy Transformer?

Written by Sheri Bessi

Dear Human,

Innate in each one of you are certain states that are a part of your pure core essence. Sometimes however these states get cloaked by the forces of negative energy.

Love for instance is a constant “state” of being. It is intrinsically embedded in you, like a DNA of the spirit. Anger on the other hand is an emotion, a passing energy. Emotions = Energy. (It is an internal motion)

Many emotions often pose as a state of being. They desire to co-habitat with your pure and beautiful essence and eventually cause many to behave contrary to their natural essence.

So what is one to do when negative energy thinks it can take up space inside your head and heart?

The key to transforming energy from negative to positive is attention. You, me and all others that can see and know we exist, are really attention beings. So when a certain energy shows up at your door, don’t be afraid to let it in, acknowledge its presence and then quickly ask it to be on its way. When you do this you are not denying your emotion but simultaneously you are not lending negativity your attention.

Why does this work? Because anything that we give attention to gets fed. And of course, everything one feeds GROWS. And of course – vice versa.

After you acknowledge them without judgement of yourself for having them (that’s giving them attention), let the negative emotions pass through. You’ll feel different right away as a more peaceful energy takes its place. This isn’t easy, but it really can be done.

Wow. It’s a absolutely phenomenal the abilities that we have as amazing creatures of this magical universe.

The power of you, the mysterious sentient being, never seizes to amaze me. You are so many things, including an energy transformer!

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