Arise Homo Sapiens: From the Ashes of the G-ds

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I sat beneath a canopy, vast firmament ablaze

told the messenger: ‘deflect the message from my gaze!’

I stand before ye Nephilim, auld G-ds of jealous rage

the day has come, Our Will Be Done

for we have come of age. 


By Sacha Stone

(A note to my gentle readers: I have included over 40 links in this essay, in an effort to make your own referencing as easy as possible. I urge those who are unaware of much of this subject matter to first read the whole essay in order to contextualise, then chase the links).


There is a simple reason why the ClintonObamaSorosKissinger – BrzezinskiBush – Dulles -Harriman-MorganRockefellerRothschild generational crime-syndicate just took a crippling blow, courtesy of that magnificent sock-puppet show, the US presidential election. It is not a reason which mainstream media will have worked out, despite the billions of sound-bytes pock marking their rabid enterprise.

It is not a reason which the Trumpet campaign will have intuited, despite apparent best-efforts to detonate any controlled narrative coming out of the establishment.

The reason why our luciferian-occultist-masonic-jesuitical-zionist-draco-reticulun-archonite enterprise (hitched to the Clinton woman and her political patronage) just took a poisoned-dart to the jugular, was so simple….so refined, that it’s flickering flame barely renders within the great American soul.

It is in simple terms, the truth about the Truth.

It is the truth about how the Truth has been downgraded, distorted, dream-spelled and engineered against the true remit of humankind, by design and by stealth. A remit which gravitates toward fellowship and a simple capacity to love and be loved.

A remit which, at its root, embraces sovereign expression, creative fulfilment and spiritual expansion above all. Qualities familiar to warm-blooded humans and their sublime DNA….the only element in 3D creation wholly containing ascension coding. A built-in transduction technology for reintegration with the vibral creator-mind …..with source.

With all that is immanent and in a state of perfection.

It is the only technology which can bend time (without artifice) and traverse the dimensional folds without requiring an energy outside of itself. Once it has become fully actualised.

Any advanced star-species will tell you that!

Human DNA…….by definition is the zero-point, the sweet-spot, the star-gate……the infinity loop which describes immortality itself.

It is this umbilical hot-line to the Alpha and the Omega which has been so prized and sought after, in the context of galactic wars and hybridisation of the human genome. It is what accounts for the endless tampering of our holonomic Gaia-centric torsion field of time-space by inquisitive star-visitors (which explains Roswell-New Mexico, generations of abductions and encounters and the Secret Space Program). Anyone remotely interested in the veracity of this subject need only listen to the testimony of former Defence Minister of Canada Hon Paul Hellyer at the recent Citizens Hearing on Disclosure in Washington (hosted by the tireless campaigner Stephen Bassett).

It speaks to Hopi prophecy which augured that ‘white-skins’ would go forth and explore the element of Fire. Not imagining perhaps that they would pursue this mandate into a worst possible outcome: splitting the atom. Early occultist Nazi Thule enthusiasts in the 1930’s appear to have already engaged nefarious realms through whatever sorcery prevailed in those cloisters. But we can be fairly certain that subsequent to mushroom clouds erupting across the Pacific atolls prior to visiting atomic apocalypse upon the Japanese with Hiroshima, we ripped the fabric of time-space sufficient to ignite an inter-dimensional flare. Igniting a beacon to invite an influx of any number of sub-dimensional and extra-dimensional intelligences into our paradigm. Courtesy of a burgeoning and patronising military complex which opened a pandoras box, fusing and inter-weaving both past and future timelines. Permissions were granted….for intervention. For the great event-horizon.

And thus they came. With agendas every bit as enigmatic as their technologies.

Ask President Eisenhower and the Bishop of Los Angeles, who sat at the table with EBE’s (extra-biological-entities) in 1952. Ask Henry KissingerAdmiral McConnell, Alan Greenspan (not a typo) or Dick Cheney about Project Bluebook or Majestic-12 or the Committee of the Majority. Begging the question: where has this sequestered knowledge-base and technology-base been advanced to in that time, and in service of whom or what? 

Fortuitously, and in alignment with the geometry of one, our nadir point in scientific-military advancement codified in atomic warfare also coincided with the exponentially increasing compression of an advancing ‘2012′ photonic wave issuing from our galactic core. This wave (franchised through solar-flares and plasma waves) carries both stick and carrot. The stick we have both seen and felt administered over the last 75 years of hell-on-earth. The carrot now issues as that great awakening which draws upon us. An enlightenment which retrieves our immortal paradigm from the deathly grip of Cronus amid his dying (false) light. An awakening, which sees our world begin to shed the fallen light of Atlantis, and its mutated ethers. Arcane forms and ideations which have served purpose through a 13,000 year Galactic sleep-cycle (underpass of the grand precession of the equinox), but have no further purchase in the emergent field of higher vibrational expression.

Despite these efforts to thwart the great awakening, the proverbial G-ddess has arisen and will now make herself heard!

When, in more recent days, that diabolical atomic rupture in our fabric of time-space began to default into its hyper-dimensional template, to heal and close up again, it became necessary for earthly functionaries of Baal to conspire further machinations. Enter the CERN ’super-hadron collider’, a historic multinational scientific ‘experiment’ which is in fact a broad-scale Saturnian induction enterprise, unlocking sub-space access portals in order to spill the daemon into our realm. All under guise of being a perversely expensive multinational scientific collaboration, which neither government or academia can coherently explain to the great unwashed public.

This is the kind of psycho-technological profanity engineered by many of the democratically elected creatures within our corridors of power. They do so and have done so for millennia, both covertly via Moloch worship and in plain site, like the recent satanic opening ceremony for the worlds longest tunnel in Europe. 21st century socio-political engineered scaremongering is perfectly reflected in the great ‘climate change’ swindle.  Case in pointAl Gore’s pantomime on the world stage, which saw him make off with Best Selling Author, Oscar and Nobel Prize in his swag-bag (quid pro quo settlement for falling on his sword at the rigged 2000 Presidential elections which saw him saunter off into the sunset as wounded hero).

Ahh!….climate meltdown…..depleted ozone….running out of resources and time! A vast mercilessly expanding entropic universe….cold….void…..


This is the kind of perverse fear-based narrative adopted wholesale by an idiot-society, where every armchair intellectual simply repeats the propaganda spat at them by mainstream media. Where academia and media fail in the mission, they wheel out a Hollywood movie-star to make the case for them, squinting in humane fervour at the camera with a polar bear floating off into the middle-distance on drift-ice. God forbid we should ever look to real science issuing from real scientists like Dr. Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Prize-Winner for physics and  Professor Emiritus of physics Hal Lewis of the University of California. Rather than acknowledge NASA’s complicity in this epic racket, apparently we’d rather abnegate our wits, get out the popcorn and be seduced by Leonardo bloody DiCaprio.

It is the great work of rouge factions within the global intelligence infrastructure in all world nations to devise, foment, engineer and implement atrocities in our world and then destroy those who seek to remedy the ills. It applies to sequestered technologies, medical breakthroughs, whistleblowing and the propounding of truth in our time. It is premised unabashedly on the Jesuit Code. It is carried through by what David Icke has for years deftly referred to as tip-toe-tyranny. 

It is why blood-sacrifice is historically engineered and spilled upon sacred node points and meridians of our magnetic earth, in profane marriage with the electric ethers, all conjured through dark-magic perpetrated by lost-souls.

In truth we have had any number of spell-binding event-horizons on earth, signatures like 1666, 1767, 9/11, etc.

Each of these timeline vectors representing an Archontic attempt to inveigle humanity to forget its blessed super-nature and fall again into unknowing, into forgetfulness, into unbecoming. Lest our DNA should awaken and reignite the devastating furnace of that sovereign flame of kristos-consciousness. Atman! Such ignition would spell annihilation to our Saturnian parasites. They know this only too well…those elemental cloud intelligences, which are the subtle manifestations of our collective unconsciousness. Manifestations of aggregated plasma (life-force) projected by billions of souls abnegating their own divinity….which ultimately accrete into the very G-ods which then harvest us within great cycles of forgetfulness. Perfect geometry!

Remembering, as we must, that we were never victims of circumstance. Never victims of anything. Rather, that they were invoked by us at the collective oversoul level, over great spans of time, in order to serve as the texture against which we might discover ‘self-hood’ within the void…….and thereby fulminate the highest realisation of our mortal expression. Wherefrom we may begin to engage our highest sanction, which is to actualise as the living source of redemption to all lower realms of expression in this universe. We should rejoice, as they find traction within our slipstream and begin their journey toward vibral light. This is how the fabric of soul is created baby!

This most sanctified meta-geometry also applies to ritual sacrifice. The nastiest trunk in the basement.

The one being sacrificed is always in control. In the highest expression of truth they are never the victim. The hyper-dimensional physics of absolution is realised through the gifting of pure quanta (the flame of innocence) to the dark ones. By soul covenant. In order that this quanta, this atom-seed, do its alchemy within the belly of the daemon, over time, catalysing its journey toward a pattern of perfection.

This great action of Grace incarnate is the whole point of you and me.

Keeping homo sapiens subjugated and enchanted to the great shadowland, a world fire-walled within an imposed fear-scarcity matrix of entropy-nested ethers, has conversely been the enterprise of certain lower-astral and future-timeline parasites, operating their reality-matrix essentially through the imposition of an idea called ‘time’. A Roman Catholic Church imposed 12/60 calendric signature, to be precise.

To fully engage the expansion of our constricted world-view in such bizarre matters, we need only consider that we utilise scarcely 5% of our brain and operate on a fraction of the propensity within our multi-strand DNA. 95% of real-reality is subsequently filtered out of the hologram as it exists outside of our conceptual framework. Beyond our comfort zone. Ironic really, if you consider that our collective comfort zone equates to projecting and thereby manifesting hell-on-earth. War, disease, poverty. How did we manage to choose that? With a little outside help perhaps?

Our calendar, which is the operating software of the myth of ‘time’, is so distorted that it falls entirely out of resonance with the patterns and codes of nature, the circadian rhythms, metabolic pulse and even lunar cycles, much less the galactic cycles themselves. This disconnects humanity from our field of reality, and our plane of existence, from the firmament and from each other. By design. Try setting a Skype-call between multiple people in multiple time zones. It is designed to be fractured and dystopian. In much the same way that the language of law, banking, medicine and masonic enterprise are designed to be opaque.

It is an imposed metric which elevates entropy and dis-ease into the holonomic field, once millions of human (life-force generating) beings are mind-fucked into believing it to be real. How? By looking at wrist watches, by wishing each other happy birthday, by celebrating anniversaries, by inviting the illusion (and thereby invoking the reality) of death in our DNA.

There you have it. Self imposed dislocation from source. Quite brilliant really.

Which is where a Vatican ‘conspiracy’ becomes the unifying thread amongst those claiming ‘divine right to rule’, and the conspiracy of a modern Khazarian-Zionist effort to overthrow humanity, up to and including a hapless Rothschildean effort to place satan on the throne of a rebuilt Temple of Solomon in that illicit US tax-payer dependent State of Israel (no injury intended to all beloved brothers and sisters living in that occupied land). And let us not cite the informed narrative of WW2 or the mind-numbing deceptions and guilt-trips which modern engineered history have spewed out in its wake. (An earlier essay by this author explores this controversial subject in greater depth) follow this link

All borders are grotesque fictions. All papers and documents with words upon them are damned lies which only serve to elevate fictions. All boundaries are repugnant to the quantum mind. Especially healthy boundaries.

The true status of the Status Quo is what it is: ‘Chaos ab Ordo’…..chaos out of order. Quite the opposite of what the generational deviants intended.

The ideation of ‘time’ is of such significance to the draco-reticulun mindset, because it is how and where the human energy quotient (life-force) can be most efficaciously factored, synchronised and monetised into a false-light reality syndrome. This begets an entropic, life-depleting, terrifying (and therefore highly adrenalised) paradigm which excites lizards and animates soulless drones.

It begets a paradigm which requires obedience to rules and regulations, statutes and codes, ordinances and provisions, the policing and militarising of societies, the implementation of bureaucracies and technocracies. The implementation of protectionism, defensiveness and survivalism. The wearing of uniforms (costumes), badges, wigs, medals, epaulettes, masks….pomp and ceremony etc.. A syndrome which ultimately requires that its priesthood sodomise infants in order to invert and thus steal kundalini (life-force) before sacrificing them, in order to imbibe trauma-infused blood (adrenochrome) as most prized intoxicant. Remembering of course, that most of these heartless reptiles don’t even know why they do what they do.

Unlike the knowing which stems from within that ineffable human DNA of ours. Which knows exactly why we do what we do….and the distinction between right-action versus wrong-action.

Lower astral intelligences, so-called demonic realms of expression (albeit often highly advanced technologically) have sought to infiltrate mortal realms, in order to vicariously live through the human experience and, via stealth and hybridise themselves with us. Attempting to steal our essence via infiltration, deception and abduction. Attempting to upgrade their own genetic signatures. Problem is it doesn’t work that way.

They have only to realise that we gift our quanta freely (when we choose to)…..via the empathic wave-form which issues from the common human heart.

This mortal DNA, and its limitless, boundless, ineffable majesty is why the Draco, Nephilim, Naga, Chitauri and countless other galactic species have sought a claim to our third-density, sensory, physical plane. This terra firma whereupon mortals are able to be and do wondrous things, and have wondrous things become manifest and known to them.

As for the benevolent star-travellers who visit our world through phase-conjugation with our glorious Sun, they come as harbingers of our forgotten celestial template, reminding us of our divinity. A status which is innately known to those of us with the (inner) eyes to see and ears to hear. Hominids proper.….those billions of human souls purposed toward lives of common decency, service to others, become the great collective will…..a force of impossible majesty.

Sufficient perhaps to rout out a Hillary Clinton and her patronage in favour of a man called Donald. A business hooligan and intellectual lightweight, but a true man of the hour…..and one whose brash policies will doubtless be shaped by a kitchen cabinet. That is to say the sensible and mundane opinions of his children and grandchildren around the kitchen table. Far better that than policies oozed into the Oval office by the Babylonian priesthood.

Middle-America, despite the lies, the mind-control, and psycho-tronically induced incapacitation via poisoned food, water and air, nonetheless saw through the mendacious bullshit of the 2016 elections. A successful counter-coup which prevented the murderous incumbency of one Barak Hussein Obama in a cynical attempt to pass the Khazarian baton to a career sociopath in a pant-suit.

It is this innate knowing which now gathers momentum within the pulse of humanity, that the horrors of an infiltrated and engineered reality-field are not our birthright. But rather that the awakening to such horrors now become our great privilege and noble duty. It is this pulse of awakening which connects a monstrously complex informed knowledge-base regarding centuries of war, disease, poverty and entropy (death) to the desperately simple logic of pure-truth. In the here and now.

We know. More than this, we know that we know. For we are, above all things, intuitive, and above all things, empathic.

We know, even amongst the most uneducated of us, that the genetic influence of ancient and multifarious beings and species are hard-wired into our cosmogenesis. It is an influence both benevolent and malevolent in devise. A duality-complex which informs the source-coding within our blessed DNA. Making us, homo-sapiens the duende line – that indivisible line, upon which both angel and demon do mortal combat for the human soul. Its the oldest of storylines, which has borne us high during miraculous and magical epochs, and cast us into the underpass of Hades at other times.

We know that the modern nefarious ‘alien-presence’ is tangled deeply within the military-industrial complex, and in the past 70+ years has become a seminal disrupt in our organic unfoldment as a sentient species upon this living earth. We know that UFO’s and crop-circles, chem-trails, FEMA camps, police-brutality, organised crime, meta-data surveillance, usurious blood-economics and central banking, drug-trafficking, paedofile rings, gun-running, holocausts, human-sacrifice (engineered wars) and meta-mind-control are the dominion of ‘the parent corporation’. Big-business coupled to the patrimony of religious institutions and corporate-fictions masquerading as governments. Hell, we even know that the word govern-ment means ‘control-of-the-mind’.

We know that we do not dream this stuff up of our own volition. For it is not in our nature to do so.

We know that generational ritual-satanic-abuse and masonic-occultism lie at the fetid roots of our political and religious apparatus. We know that the apocraphyl Serpent yet prevails, eyes glimmering, tail twitching, having infiltrated every rising-tide of noble human endeavour, as we sought for thousands of years to rediscover our lost divinity. But we also know that we are no longer subject to the wiles of the serpent. Our will be done !

We know that the agents of Moloch abound in the corridors of power.

We know that cult of Baphomet conjures cynical and mendacious scions from amongst our favourite movie-stars, pop-stars, cultural icons and world leadership.

We know that the sharp point of the sword of our international ‘civilisational’ framework lies within the spiders-web of an intelligence complex saturated with supernatural dark-arts. A ghostly machine, governed by old white-haired men with grim faces, limp dicks and voracious appetites. The sordid franchise of a Jesuitical-Rothschildean masterplan hailing back to the founding father of British Intelligence, that supreme spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham. A masterplan inspired by the  unified objectivism dreamt up by a lineage of damned souls: the Lourian Kabbalism of Shabbatai Tzvi, Adam Weishaupt, Jacob Frank,Albert Pike, Ignatius Loyola, multifold Templar orders and Royal dynasties. Interlocked. Cunning. Cold-blooded.

Emissaries and conduits of the angry G-ds. Divine right to rule….and all that jazz.

We know that we have paid for all of the travesties of history, the pandemonium and the awfulness.

We have paid with incarnations spent within these mortal realms. We have paid with toil and with taxes. With our energy-harvest. With the lives of our sons and daughters, our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters, our husbands and wives, as we were led to slaughter, in battles, in wars and in genocides. As we were genetically modified, downgraded and contained within a fire-walled galactic petri-dish called Earth. We have paid with our life-force over millennia, via orchestrated blood-cultism which still proliferate in the dawn of a 21st century.

Ask any mother living in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Sudan. Ask anyone with a pulse living in Palestine. Ask any of those brown-skinned people being ‘legally’ drone-assassinated by the US Corporation government on any given Tuesday, at the command of their smooth-talking, chicken-soup loving’ 44th President.

We know that we have been corralled like beasts of burden into ‘registration’ processes which force-surrender our natural born rights (so natural that they should never even be invoked, let alone referenced).

We know that our homes, our farms and our lives do NOT belong to a fucking State.

Why then are we required to ‘register’ them? Which is to literally offer them up to Rex (the King)…Cronus (the Crown)….the Saturnian Titan which feasts on the flesh of its own young. 

We know that we do not need a robed priest or official to ordain or notarise sacred vows of marriage or the heralding of our children’s birth. We know that we are the rightful soul-covenanted guardians of our children, their birthing, their schooling.

We know that we do not need permission from an imposed authority, or a fiction calling itself a government, or an agency, or an institution of any kind whatsoever, to conduct sentient lives in noble expression.

We know that our tribute to Cesar, those stolen taxes, and stolen value discharged against our birth-bonds, do not pay for street-lights or better roads. They finance death. They ensure pandemonium. They keep the deviants deviant.

We know that schools teach little worth learning. That modern academia is designed to stunt enquiry and shred creative thinking.

We know that modern doctoring is become the low and shameful art of commercial poisoning. The dispensation of slow-death.

We know that modern policing does not serve the citizen, but rather protects the commercial interests of centralised ‘authorities’ through racketeering, protectionism and systemic brutality.

We know that soldiering is what it is. Unconscionable. Inhumane. A violation of the law of one. It is a non negotiable item.

We know that priesthoods and religious institutions are no longer relevant, being as they are, insufferably lost to themselves and their own inflated origins.

We know that law itself is become the greatest criminal act of all. Laying waste to injured-parties and legitimising sociopathy by rewarding avarice and intellectual conceit.

We know that modern media is a reductive, stupid parody, of all that offends our eyes and ears, all that insults our soul. That social-media elevates only the shadow aspect of self, designed to render our kids into pornographic muppets with no capacity for enquiry or reflection.

We know that we do not need to be organised. Much less controlled.

Provided we are able to conduct our own lives in organic unfoldment, within righteous communities of righteous living men and women of the living soil. Loving souls living amongst loving souls, within loving spaces. Where ‘crime’ or ‘injury’ to one another is anathema to our collective will, and repugnant to our individual expression.

Provided we are not molested as we move about the surface of the earth in earnest enquiry and conscious expression, as we explore our majesty and our genius, our unbridled creativity and our bliss.

Provided we are not engineered into blood-lust and socially engineered into hateful fear-complexes which lead to that ultimate false-light notion: the idea of separation.

We know all of this.

Just as we know that our generation heralds the end of days for Luciferian collectivism and the imposition of a drone-species mono-culture which simply cannot, simply will not, take root. Despite best efforts by that draconian wet-dream called the United Nations and its in-house sting-operation called the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF and the World Bank.

Just as we know that our emerging collective will heralds the end of days to those cycles of travesty, those cycles of harvest, and a terminal end to a pantheon of old, angry, ravenous gods.

..and flowering within the atom-seed of that truth of all Truths? The greatest discovery of all. That there was never a Fall from grace.

Ours was an act of the most sublime courage and selflessness at the genesis of the human experiment.

Ours was a wilful dive into the abyss, even before the birth of Time.

Ours was and is the highest action within the living principle of Grace.

We entered our own dissolution then… into forgetfulness, in order to emerge right here, right now, within this third-density quadrant of the Omniverse… this closing of the great cycle. Where we become remembered to ourselves and in this remembrance become reconnected to source via the actuated human psionic flame.

For we have become that living flame.

We are become the sons and daughters of g-d. Where angels kneel before us.

Humanity, as catalyst of all patterns of perfection, will now ensure a great earthly era of absolution, forgiveness, redemption and salvation. We must enact all those actions hitherto abnegated to false gods. We must embody all those qualities once assigned to the celestials, once ascribed to the heavens. In our idolatry. In our forgetting. In our sweet, blessed stupidity.

But that was then. This is now.

Arise Homo sapiens!

In Grace,

Sacha Stone


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