As We Are All Limitless

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As we are all moving, breathing, gloriously alive beings, I find that all too often we place ourselves within the boxes of our own self-judgement. This is especially crystal-clear when it comes to people which are more ‘spiritually inclined’ in thought and practice in daily life.

As each of us are and forever will be at a different stage of development in our round-a-bout journey on Earth as human beings. We will forever be on different wave-lengths to the person next to us and then to the person beside them as well.

This is where the beauty happens – the realization that each person is a different colour, a different frequency and a different being who comprehends an entirely different Earth than you. Entirely. This makes up our rainbow.

This is naturally the idealistic truth which encompasses it all – yet, we forget it more often than not. Here on our Mother, being human beings, we have also been given the gift of Sun, of Fire, of lateral, of masculine, of ego – sense of Self. This is made for us to use for good to propel us forward, to harness our power, our passion, and our true sense-of-self.

Although as time trickled on the Self became too great. Our need to define, rearrange, and organize ourselves and everyone around us into personalities, frames, and ‘boxes’ arose. We placed limits on ourselves as well as all of those around us.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – because in some aspects, it is not entirely your doing; we have all been born this time around into a species which has been conditioned for thousands of years. And these patterns, illusions and tendencies we have, like a seed, a sprout, grown around and through as we walked through life since we left the womb. This also led us to possess constantly the need to define ourselves in any way at all. Remember even ‘spiritual’ is a label. Even ‘free-spirited’ is a label. Even ‘Vegan’ is a label. ‘Kind’ is a label too, just like ‘miserable’, or ‘bubbly’. Despite the complete falseness of these notions, and we seem to have kept these tendencies with us since the beginning of time (seeing as time is man-made as well), we succumb to them effortlessly, constantly, every moment.

Placing emphasis on Self is toxic. It cripples the infinite being which you truly are. You literally limit your very being and your limitlessness. Why on Earth would you voluntarily do such a thing? We have been led to live within this restraining false pattern because if we truly practiced, lived and knew, really felt and used our own bodies, minds, souls and frequency as it is in its real form –limitless – we would not be able to keep the systems in place as well-oiled as they are. And isn’t it just ironic that it is these very systems that keep us chained? Do you see the falseness in it all now? Do you understand what judgement, separated-consciousness does? It spawns the offspring of fear, of alone, of separate.

What would happen if you stopped defining yourself? What would happen if you decided to give in to the endless abyss of energy which you are – truly understanding and feeling your every fibre as infinite? Able to be and become anything, and simultaneously just purely perfect in every atom and cell as you sit here right now?

What if you shut up your ego mind, and stopped analysing yourself every moment? You don’t know what you are, what your label is, how many calories is in that coffee cup, what Steve will think during Yoga class, what purpose the weeds have in your back herb garden, what size pants Susan is wearing, how many steps to the top of the Himalayas, what dreams you will have tonight, when your Khundalini will awaken, how far you are from you ‘goals’. Just stop. This part of you, this toxicity within your mind and ego are false. It is not you. It is not infinite. Simply put, as starters; anything that is not energetically infinite, is not YOU. Point.

You are the Oak tree outside your window – Mother lives in cycles and all that is alive is forever alive. That oak tree will turn in autumn as leaves will fall as if to seem to your limited eyes “dead”, but that leaf is a giver of life. It nourishes the body of soil which is endlessly living, and then cycles through enough to provide more life to another tree. It is limitless. It is you. Your veins are the branches. Your Heart is the root.

Look around you – what is limitless? Indoors it is hard to find. This already shows you how we have surrounded ourselves with ‘dead’ things. To fuel our ego mind into propelling the same pattern of how we perceive ourselves to be…limited. Living Dead. You are that which you surround yourself with. Are your walls adorned with photos? They are limited frequencies. Those pieces of paper serve to condition you into lying to yourself in order to give you the illusion that “you are your story”. Memory is not real. You are infinite – you are neither there, nor going. You are here, limitlessly, everywhere, RIGHT NOW.

Therefore, nourish yourself with that which is also limitless. Feed yourself good live fresh foods. Free from restraining ‘dead’ chemicals and additions. Walk where you feel limitless – with Mother, outside. Nature is your mirror. You are made as you are biologically for a reason. You are not separate to the perfection and intricate design that is nature. You ARE nature. Know that you are not what you are told or what you see. You are not owned. And you do not own. You exist in timelessness and infiniteness. You are unable to be owned. Say NO to the precise system that tells you otherwise. Sever your ego ears and begin to use your inner ears, your true ears.

Hear yourself. Your heartbeat. Your voice without words. You are not owned. You are not limited. Everything you do is spiritual, because you ARE spirit. Your body is infinite. Stretch. Remember this. Messing ice-cream on your black shirt is spiritual. Brushing your teeth is spiritual. It is all symbolic in the infinite present moment YOU are in. Your beautiful light spirit.

Hold yourself tightly now and remind yourself that this gloriousness which is you – is limitless. Quiet your mind. Tell it that you are no longer feeding into its falsities. It is so small compared to what YOU are.

Now, look to someone else – see them. Know them as limitless. No box. No judgement. Just here. Just Now.

Just Love… Welcome Home.


Isabelle is a Crystal and Gemstone guru, free-lance writer and holistic, organic lifestyle enthusiast. She has taught Yoga at retreats along the coast of South Africa, and now still teaches crystal and gemstone workshops and healing in Cape Town. Through personal experience and applying holistic therapy to herself and others during her practice as a holistic Life Coach, she wrote her book ‘New Self, New Earth’ (,-New-Earth), which provides a delightful manual to living holistically as a modern day goddess. Visit her blog at, or for more info on workshops & the like: [email protected]