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Water makes up a large portion of the human body.  It also makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface, not to mention the clouds and vapors in the air.  Physically, it is essential for life and provides a great deal of maintenance, healing, and balance for any ecosystem.  Spiritually, it acts as an archetype for the flow of emotional energy through the astral plane and human energy system.

In the Way of the Empath, our consciousness shifts it’s attention away from the notions of separation, protection, and stability inherent in the Earth-inspired Way of the Sentinel. Instead, we move the awareness towards the fluidity, balance, and emotion of the Water element.  The skills present in the Way of the Empath are all about flow, feeling, healing, and the direction of energy in a positive and harmonious manner.

The Empath understands through it’s emotional connection to life that every being is part of an ocean; a continuous, fluid body of awareness which energetically affects every other aspect by their individual movements.

This ocean I am speaking of is the astral plane, where all of our emotions and thoughts interact dynamically to manifest into the physical plane.  With this perspective in mind, the Empath seeks to consciously create a uniform balance between all individuals by providing a positive emotional environment for this fluid body to be in harmony with the whole.

Before embarking on this path, please recite the Empath Oath to solidify your intentions and initiate yourself into this school of learning:

“I pledge to be a healing wave of positive energy to all those around me, receptive to the perspectives and suffering of others while maintaining a compassionate toroidal torrent flowing endlessly from my open heart space.  I pledge to embody these pure intentions flawlessly as an Empath.”

Get your Way Journal ready!  (And if you don’t have one yet, now is a good time to make one!)






The human breath has many spiritual functions, specifically in energy work and healing modalities.  This is because the very action of inhaling or exhaling actually focuses your consciousness on a particular polarization of your gender energy.

What this means is our inhale will focus our awareness on the idea of the feminine energy (pulling, taking, receptive intuition) and the exhale will focus our awareness on the idea of the male energy (pushing, giving, sending).  This is why we used the breath during the shielding exercise- to gather and pull in energy, then project it.

Breathwork is the embodiment of the toroidal flow, in which we pull in pure light energy from the universal consciousness to purify, charge and balance our entire chakra system while simultaneously expelling old belief structures and stagnant energies into the Earth to be re-purposed.

Accessing Universal Energy to recharge one’s personal supply is a lot simpler than one might think.  It only requires a little knowledge of the chakra system and the belief that distance is an illusion.

Begin by grounding and shielding.  Then, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth- not forcing the breathe at any time, only allowing your chest to naturally rise and fall.  Prior to performing the technique, practice this focus on your natural breathing for 20 min, observing your thoughts pass but not attaching to them. Eventually they will start to quiet, the amount of time this takes is different for everyone.


Once you’ve become comfortable with focusing on the breath, begin to imagine as you inhale that you are bringing in cosmic light energy from a celestial body representing the Universal Source.  Bring this energy into your crown chakra and allow it to flow through the rest of your body, replenishing you.  Feel gratitude for this abundance of energy.

Remember, the subconscious mind responds in the astral to symbolism and belief-inspired emotion.  Also keep in mind that the distance this light energy travels does not actually exist; rather, imagine it appears instantaneously above your head.

With the first inhale- carry this light energy all the way down to your root chakra and imagine it healing, balancing, and feeding energy to this chakra.  With the exhale- imagine the negativity, blockages, and any sort of disharmonious density leaving the chakra and your body entirely.  Imagine a hole opening that leads directly into the Earth and sucking in all the energy that you expel while simultaneously holding the intention for it to be purified, polarized, and recycled into new, productive energy.

Do this for each consecutive chakra, choosing a number of breaths for each. An easy way to direct this energy mentally is to, as you inhale, count 1, and on the exhale; say whatever chakra you are working with.  (1, root, 2, root, 3, root). Make sure to visualize where it goes simultaneously and direct your breathing like it’s really going into that specific area on your body.  Do this for every chakra an equal amount of breaths, then do a breath for the whole chakra system at once the same number of times.

This technique is extremely versatile, and can heal as well as improve any number of energetic issues, whether that is relating to the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual planes.  It is suggested that you do this every day, as your psychic and spiritual development will really benefit from it on all levels.  I cannot stress this fact enough.


Here is a template to structure your breath work practice:


Apprentice: Do a 30-minute session every day for a week

Adept: Do a 30-minute session every day for 3 weeks

Master:  For the master rank, we are going to draw on the knowledge of one of the most respected Ascended Masters of all time, Thoth:


Chapter 13 of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth

In other words, do the breathwork technique you’ve been doing, but instead, begin by laying down with your head facing north.   Start by breathing directly into the heart chakra for 15 minutes, keeping your awareness inside of it as if you were looking out of your chest.  Then, move to the throat, brow, and crown chakras for 15 minutes each.

Turn 180 degrees so your head is facing south and begin again at the heart chakra, instead moving down by going from the solar plexus, to the sacral, to the root chakra; spending 15 minutes on each.   Remember to move your awareness into each as if the chakra was your head.  This significantly increases the energy flow to these areas.





Mudra translates to “seal”, “mark” or “gesture” in Sanskrit, originating in Buddhist and Hindu meditation and yoga traditions.  The Mudra is a tool to focus consciousness on a particular concept or vibration, and when energy is consciously directed into that concept while a Mudra is being associated with it, it will continue to build on that energy the more it is used.

At the same time, the hands and fingers have very significant energy centers that can be used in many types of energy work.  The Mudra can be used as a sort of organic sigil always connected to a circuit, providing a malleable conduit for energy to be expressed, transmuted, or absorbed.

What many don’t yet understand is that the actual effectiveness of a Mudra depends entirely on the user’s direction of subtle energies, belief systems and associations with the hand signs.  You can choose to adopt a particular system of Mudras, but you’ll end up getting confused later on when you observe another system working.

Conflicting systems can both work because the users draw upon different views about consciousness as a whole and this actually re-formats how their energy body works.  Remember that archetypes and beliefs exist above the Astral Plane and form its phenomena, just as the Astral forms our emotional perception of the physical.  In the end, Mudras are an efficient way to focus our intentions on creating a particular vibrational atmosphere internally and externally.


To begin you must confirm which hand is your active hand and which is a passive hand (aka which hand is dominant in which gender energy). This is so that there is a one-way energy flow that is uninterrupted and circuitous.

Begin to breathe- in through your nose and out through your mouth.  As you inhale, draw in energy through your passive hand chakra.  As you exhale, project energy out of your active hand chakra.  Practice this for about 10 minutes a day.

After you feel you have sufficient understanding of your energy flow, attempt to clasp your hands together in different positions and use the breath to direct your energy from active hand to passive hand, to heart chakra, back to active hand.  First hold your hands as if you were clapping them together upright to pray or greet someone with a “Namaste”.rising

Really let go and see how this feels. What sort of energy arises within you when you switch Mudras?  You can continue to meditate with different styles to experiment with how they work for you, or you can decide to create your own system entirely.

If you decide to do so, make sure that the signals are airtight in their symbolism and resonant with all of your other belief structures.  If you were following along with the ideas presented in Ascend Academy, associating each finger from pinky to thumb as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether would be the easiest to work with.  This is because the chakra system itself tends to use this particular progression of energy.

If you feel you should switch Air and Fire, feel free to do so, as it resonates with the Hermetic universal energy structure as opposed to the Yogic human energy-structure.  Abiding by either of these systems will give you access to archetypes that have been strengthened and cultivated for thousands of years, so they are definitely very effective!

Ultimately, use what you feel is right for you.


Here is a list of some other traditions of Mudras, which may be effective in many forms of spiritual practice:


And here’s a way to track your progression of Mudra utilization:

Apprentice:  Meditate with 3 different mudras for 15 minutes a day (total) for 3 days and record the internal sensations, visuals, thoughts etc.

Adept: Meditate with 6 mudras for 15 minutes a day (total) for a week and record the internal sensations, visuals, thoughts, etc.

Master: Meditate with 10 mudras, one of them being your own creation, for 10 minutes a day for and record the internal sensations, visuals, thoughts, etc.




Emotions produce actual energy fields or thought forms in the astral plane around the individuals that create them.  An Empath’s job is to sense these fields and forms while seeking to harmonize and balance them.

Empathy is the conscious or subconscious direction of attention towards these fields and forms of astral energy.  As the cornerstone of an Empath’s light work, this skill will eventually become second nature and is the precursor to all other extrasensory development.

If you feel energy in a non-tactile way, such as through sounds and visuals, continue to attempt this technique anyway so that you can expand all of your senses.  It won’t hurt to become more balanced and capable in your psychic endeavors.  If you don’t feel anything after a great deal of practice, then leave this skill alone until we get into the Way of the Seer, where we will once again deal with extrasensory.

Prior to this method, take a week to spend more time wondering what it FEELS like to be other people, to feel what they feel.  Put that intention out into the universe and allow your energetic body to rearrange its sensory receptors.  Try to observe the body language of other people without judgment, only with the intent to feel what they’re feeling.

Begin with a session of breathwork either right before or the day of your Empathy practice.  Still your mind and bring your awareness to your heart chakra.  Breathe in and out deeply and naturally, allowing energy to flow into this bright green sphere.  Send your awareness, that is, the astral eyes through which you observe yourself, into the heart space’s stillness as if you were inside of it looking out.greenlight

Simply reside in your love and compassion for others at the center of your chest.  Let your mind be free of attachment to any thought and sit in this stillness.  Listen and feel for certain stresses or stimulation outside of you or any sort of distraught energies welling up inside your stomach.

You will sometimes feel it as if it was your own emotion, but know, being in the intuitive heart space, that it is not.  Follow these feelings to the person or place that is housing this emotional energy. Feel deeper without judgment and sense what sort of emotion this is and where it stems from.  Release all of your expectations about how this will unfold and begin to allow the images and sensations to flow into your mind.

When you feel you’ve had enough, take a deep breath, bring your attention back into your body and shield your energy body with an icosahedron.  This shape is specifically structured for the astral plane and emotional protection, so it will be best in this scenario.


You may use this as a guideline to progress in Empathy:

Apprentice:  Feel an external emotion and confirm it with someone 10 times.

Adept: Feel an external emotion, respond internally by projecting unconditional love and confirm it with someone 15 times.

Master:  Feel an external emotion (while intuiting the reason for the emotion), respond internally by projecting unconditional love and confirm it with someone 20 times.


As you can see, the Way of the Empath takes a much different approach than the Sentinel.  Continue with your Sentinel training but try to integrate these new skills into your weekly practices if you wish to develop in the most fruitful way.  Do not take these techniques lightly- they are foundational in spiritual practice and can make a massive difference in energy work.

Our next article will be covering the creation of healing-based thought forms and techniques to shift the vibrational atmosphere of your environment.  Thank you for joining me once again, and if you haven’t already, please add Urban Mystic (Ryan Boyd) on Facebook.   Also feel free to follow me on twitter, @UrbanMystik.

Shout out to Matt Styler for editing/ providing some pictures for this and my last article.  You’ve been a great help and such a diligent student, I really appreciate it.

And to you the reader, I wish you the most fulfilling, meaningful life,




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