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reikiwheel copyAt the last step on the Empath’s journey, we are now ready to begin working miracles in every day life.  We will be introducing the last Empath skill: Energy Flow.  Energy flow is the direct influence of subtle body energy through intention and visualization.  You’ve already been slowly working with this, but now we’re going to jump right into the rabbit hole.

So far we’ve gained a degree of mastery with the methods in Way of the Empath parts 1 & 2; we are now well acquainted with the ebb and flow of this energetic ocean that unites us all.

At this stage in your growth, you can probably feel many diverse forms of energy and emotion on a regular basis.  You may have even come to understand that all of it is a greater extension of yourself.  Due to this empathic point-of-view you may now desire to mend the wounds and disharmony that exists in the world around you.

This article provides a solution: the conscious flow of universal life force energy, or Reiki, which is in abundance all around us.

Reiki means Universal or Spiritual (Rei) Life Force (Ki).  It is unconditional love and light, the very essence of what we call God.  It’s a non-physical, conscious energy that permeates all of space.  We’ve called it by many other names, Ether, Prana, Ki, Chi, or even the Holy Spirit. What’s important is that you recognize that this energy animates and connects every living thing.

You have always had access to this energy; it flows through you in every moment.  You just need to silence your mind and become aware of this fact— you are the universe expressing itself as a human being.


Focusing your awareness on the realization of your universal self allows you to act as a conduit for the universal intention.  Through this expanded self-knowledge, we are able to enlighten and expand the collective consciousness from the micro to the macroscopic levels— through direct energetic influence.

With this very powerful gift, we must be careful not to act out of personal gain.

If we try to heal or use Reiki from the perspective of ego, we actually take on the karma of the recipient.  When we force our personal idea of highest good onto another persons experience without first consulting the Infinite intelligence that our energy originates from, we may be robbing them of an essential karmic lesson necessary for their growth.  Because karma is an energy balancing universal force, we inadvertently manifest this lesson into our own lives.

For example, if Jane has an energy blockage in her sacral chakra because of issues with expressing her sexuality, she must willingly accept this healing with the intention to move into a new state of consciousness after acquiring the necessarily level of understanding.  This internal alchemy would usually be done through shadow work, emotional release, meditation, or contemplation prior to the healing session.  Only then, as Reiki practitioners, can we act as conduits for their healing.

Everyone is at a different level of consciousness, and they are exactly where they are meant to be.  If they are to shift or expand, they must decide this for themselves. That is where we, as Empaths, come in as cultivators of their growth.

Before we explore the most commonly used forms of Reiki, I want to give a small primer on basic energy work, so you can understand how to move personal and universal Reiki through your body.


Basic Energy Work



(Projecting a wave of raw energy in different shapes and variations)

Inhale deeply while imagining energy from your solar plexus or third chakra (yellow) being pulled up into your heart chakra, which is right above the solar plexus.  Then imagine what sort of qualities you wish it to take on by directing a feeling, thought, or belief into the energy.  Remember that your intention is what directs energy, where the mind goes, energy flows.  Finally, exhale this energy while visualizing it projecting from your active hand, or from your body in a field or wave.

Alternatively, the solar plexus can be skipped and the exhale step can be performed after an Absorption (see below) in any direction from the heart chakra or hand chakras.  This is a very powerful and possibly dangerous technique if intentions are not pure, so practice infusing the energy with only positive basic intentions or mantras.  One word and one emotion at a time is good for now, otherwise the energy will become diluted and will only cause harm.


(Breaking down energy into it’s pure Reiki state and pulling it into your energy body)

Activate the passive hand by visualizing it lighting up with it’s respective colour of energy.  As you inhale, imagine the feeling of whatever energy you are focusing on being pulled into your hand and flawlessly merging with your energy body.  Visualize the energy moving up through your arm and into your heart chakra.  Feel as if a green flame at the centre of your chest is purifying and properly integrating the external energy into your field.  Feel absolute gratitude for this transaction.

Breathwork is a form of Reiki absorption from the Crown chakra.  If you are an Adept in that technique, here is the more advanced version, which I believe should only be used when a proper session is absolutely not possible.  NEVER take energy from another being, you will only be diluting your own vibration and taking on karma that isn’t yours.


Full Chakra Circulation

(The dispersal of properly absorbed Reiki which is precisely tuned for each major energy center)

Perform an Absorption of Reiki, then intend for this orb of infinite energy to energize every one of your chakras for the highest good.  Imagine two flower of life “petals” (the middle of the vesica pisces) extending from your heart chakra.  Visualize one connecting to your crown chakra and the other connecting to your root chakra, and then exhale all the energy from your heart along these pathways.

Express absolute gratitude for this experience, either audibly or by bringing hands together in the Namaste position.  If you wish to, imagine the flow of Reiki moving through your hands and creating a circuit there as well.  Sit in this moment of rejuvenation for a while.


There are two forms of Reiki we will be working with, Gaia Reiki and Traditional Usui Reiki.


Gaia Reiki


Since everything has Reiki as it’s source of vitality, it would make sense that the Earth itself has a wellspring of this energy specifically tuned for our physical plane.  We know now that the Earth is conscious, and if you really think about how fine-tuned the energy patterns are here to support life, you’ll realize that the Earth is acting in alignment with Solar and Universal processes in order to consistently sustain us.

The Sun is the ultimate Reiki master, it’s most prominent function (from our perspective) is to provide, manage and tune the majority of Reiki coming to this aspect and frequency of the universe.   Life thrives on this planet; therefore the Earth must hold an abundance of Reiki absorbed by the Sun specifically tuned for our experience.

Since we are apart of the Earth, we can tap into this energy and allow it to flow through us to heal our brethren without any attunement other than proper Grounding.  In this moment, we are acting as veins for white blood cells to reach other organelles of the body that is Gaia.



This technique is provided in the video Energy Healing 101 by Teal Swan, but since it is 30 minutes long, I’ve condensed it for you to understand the whole process.  I do suggest watching the video later, as it’s extremely insightful.


Begin with the grounding technique in Sentinel 1.

Begin with this understanding and speak it or think it as a mantra:

“Vibrations of different frequency cannot occupy the same space, introduce a new vibrational blueprint and the physical reality will follow suit.”

Make sure to wash your hands before the treatment.

Running Energy

Imagine an etheric chord going from the top of your head spiraling and running through your spine and arms.  Imagine this chord also reaching down through your root chakra into the center of the Earth.  Ask the Earth in your mind for permission to use this energy for healing.  Wait for an intuitive response, trust it and move forward.

Inhale and visualize energy spiraling up from the center of the Earth, through your legs, the core of your body, up above your head by about 3 feet, and then back down again through to your hands.  Take as many breaths as you need until you begin to feel the energy flow.  It will usually feel like warmth, tingling, or buzzing.

Hemisphere Balancing

Turn your recipient away from you and put your hands on their shoulders.

In your mind, imagine them as two hemispheres trying to find balance.  If it helps you can imagine those two columns filled with sand or energy separated by a white line. Do this at the occipital bone at the back of their head, their shoulders, their waist, and their knees.


Inhale and imagine that Earth’s Reiki is rising up from the ground, spiraling up past the recipients’ head while raising your hands with palms facing upwards.  Turn your hands and slowly lower them as you visualize the energy spiraling down into the ground again.

After this step is completed, use a sweeping motion on the recipients limbs, moving your hands in the direction of the person’s extremities.  Visualize the negative energy flushing out through the body and into the Earth.

Repeat this process in front of the recipient, spiraling the energy through all the chakras in their body.

Remember to once again sweep the negative energy out through feet and hands, causing it to be magnetically pulled into the Earth to be recycled.


White gold or blue green are great colours to visualize while working with this energy.  They resonate with purity, truth, balance, and harmony.  At the end of the treatment, wash your hands again and offer the recipient a glass of water.


Usui Reiki reiki

Usui Reiki is the conventional form that Reiki practioners are taught.  It was re-invented by Dr. Mikao Usui (1865-1926), and it is said to have been used in ancient times by healers and masters.

Before channeling traditional Reiki to others, you should take a Reiki 1 course and become attuned.  It is recommended that you take in-person lessons and work directly with a Reiki Master.  If you don’t have the time or the money right now, you should either be patient or ask your intuition if it would be for your highest good to take the courses online.  If you do a little research, you can come across some great online courses and attunements for an affordable price.



Begin with an understanding that karma is just a law of vibrational physics that allows us to learn whether we are in alignment with our true nature.  There is no reward or punishment, only reflection.

First, you must ask your patient what ailments they are feeling and where.  Run your passive hand over their body to sense any energetic blockages or uncomfortable sensations.  Depending on the placement of the energetic issue, the chakra can dictate what the problem may be, whether it has something “karmic” attached to it or is just a lack of awareness and energy in that aspect of their being.  For example, if the issue lies within the sacral chakra, you must ask whether they have any beliefs regarding their sexuality or connection to other people that they feel is causing them negative emotions.  Make sure you have studied chakras so that you understand each one’s significance.


Once they’ve told you what this issue is, you must explain to them that if this is not their preferred state, there is no reason why they can’t change this belief and experience their highest joy in regards to that area of their life. Tell them that they can now choose to leave that state and that you can be the conduit for that energetic change if they consciously decide for that change to occur.

If they agree and give you permission, begin by making the Namaste mudra (prayer hands) with a short prayer to your personal understanding of Universal Consciousness, asking it to use you as a channel of healing for this person if it is for their highest good (make sure you include this last part).  Then recite the Reiki principles in your head:

Just for today I will not worry

Just for today I will not be angry,

Just for today I will do my work honestly,

Just for today I will appreciate all my blessings,

Just for today I will be kind to every living thing.

reikitreatmentBegin to think of gratitude.  Whether that feeling is aroused by the thought of someone who has always helped or supported you, or whether you feel that for the universe, just allow yourself to well up with that feeling and direct it into your cupped palms. Begin to breathe in and out, deeply and naturally.  Preferably you should breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth.

After you begin to feel a tingling and warmth in your hands, inhale and begin by imagining pure universal love and light coming down and entering your crown chakra, usually a white, green, or pink colour.  Visualize this energy moving into your heart chakra and then into/out of your hand chakras.  Either place your hand directly to the body, pour this energy in spirals, or waft it onto the treatment areas.  Make sure to really feel your gratitude and positive healing intentions flowing out of your hands with this universal energy.

Believe that the energy you are channeling is from God or whoever you believe is your higher power.  Believe that it is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

Use your intuition and let this all-knowing energy guide you to the correct places to heal.  It’s recommended that you spend time on every chakra, beginning at the crown.

When you feel the energy taper off or your intuition tells you to stop, take your hands off, comb your hands over their aura towards their feet and tap on the ground near their feet to symbolically ground them.  Wash your hands and offer them a glass of water to help ground them as well.


Please check out these videos for more information and instruction on Reiki and Energy Healing.

Doctor Oz Reiki Episode

Reiki Self Treatment

Energy Healing Illustration Video


Now here’s the development challenge template that your ego can play with! (Remember that this is just an arbitrary ranking to stimulate an interest in progression.)

Apprentice:  Perform Reiki self-healing 10 times then record improvements in a journal.

Adept:  Perform Reiki self-healing 10 times and Heal others 20 times then record improvements in a journal.

Master:  Reiki others 40 times then report improvements (10 of which are your own healing modality).

Alternatively, you can consider Reiki levels 1-3 as your steps to Mastery, but because you can be attuned to all 3 levels at once and learn all the courses without having healed someone, it’s better to use your healing experience as a guide.


When we begin to see that the origin of suffering is of an energetic nature, the idea of healing becomes less intimidating and more accessible to all energy workers.  Through the cultivation of the Breathwork technique, it becomes very apparent that the healthy flow of energy through every chakra harmonizes our whole beings.  If we can apply this to others who have not yet cultivated this technique, then we can truly bring the world into further harmony.

Everything has a purpose in this world, and through healing we can begin to understand the importance of moving in and out of rhythmic flow.  The notion that we are injured, in pain, in need of energy, or are in disharmony with ourselves on some level is in essence a belief, manifest into an experience for the sake of self-reflection, learning and growth.  Once we are aware of the energetic imbalance within us, we can use it as a compass to clearly guide us back into our natural state.  Suffering is a blessing in disguise, so be grateful for it’s presence, because without it, there would be no contrast and very little expansion.


This concludes the Way of the Empath.  Now go out, practice, and heal yourself, your family, and friends.  Continue to expand your positive influence across the world.  Our next article will begin my favorite path of all, the Way of the Transient.  Stay tuned!


I love you all,
Ryan Boyd

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