Ascend Academy: Way of the Sentinel 1


The planet we live on is a living organism.  The trees are it’s lungs, the streams are it’s veins, and whether we realize it or not, our bodies are apart of a shared field of consciousness that contains all the native beings who reside here.  The physical Earth and it’s biosphere are the body or feminine aspect of this field of consciousness.  All of our collective consciousness is linked through this grid.

We are one with the Earth just as we are one with the Universe.  In the Way of the Sentinel, we seek to explore and strengthen this connection with the Earth, so we may use it as a spiritual foundation to continue growing towards a more universal understanding.

The Sentinel is the Light Warrior, the being who has the knowledge and courage to ground themselves, protect themselves, and maintain their energetic state so that they may always expand in consciousness in a balanced manner.  They understand that others are extensions of themselves, as we are one with the Earth, and thus seek to ground, protect, and maintain their fellow Souls as well.

This role seeks to take a direct approach in dealing with the so called negative thought forms, psychic attacks, and offensive spiritual forces that usually originate in the human mind.


A Sentinel’s goal is to be in constant homeostasis and harmony with the environment on all levels of consciousness.  We achieve this by establishing an energetic symbiosis with the Earth, recognizing it as the Sentinel of all of it’s life forms, through it’s abundance of resources, a fairly hospitable atmosphere, and (although unnoticed) unconditional love.

Watch this quick video by Rob Bell to give you a sense of what I mean.

We begin to act as extensions of this unconditional love through the methods provided in the Way of the Sentinel.  By doing this, we also gain access to energetic abundance, constant subtle body regulation and healing, and an incredible sense of connection with life.

Let’s begin this process of conscious rebirth with the Sentinel Oath:

“I pledge to maintain, protect, and nurture the Collective Consciousness for the greater good of all.  I pledge to use these spiritual methods to act on behalf of the whole Earth and for it’s benefit.  I allow the life force energy that connects me to all that is to flow through me unobstructed by doubt, fear, hate, anger, or sadness.  I pledge to be a Sentinel of Souls.”

Once you’ve said this aloud, you are officially an Initiate in the Way of the Sentinel.  From now on, you are apart of a sacred non-secretive order of light workers who wishes to raise the consciousness of the planet.  Physical meeting is irrelevant, we can all do our collaborative work here even at a distance.  Our souls recognize and know each other intimately, and we all came here with the same missions in mind.

We will collaborate with those who we are meant to, and our lives will unfold in a way that will allow us to come together in the most positive manner, as we’ve already decided on creating this.  If you wish to learn more from me personally or coordinate with me on developing and implementing these methods even further, I will give my information at the bottom of the article, as I do with all of them.

I suggest you obtain a journal that you can set aside to copy down these techniques and record your progress with these skills, as reflecting on what you’ve experienced will help you understand what to change and how to expand beyond what you currently know.  Let’s call it a Way Journal.  I also suggest before beginning these techniques that you have a background of at least 10 hours of meditation.  This will help you grasp the visualization components much easier.




The first school of techniques we learn as a Sentinel is the process of initiating the symbiotic relationship with the Earth.  To do this, we energetically anchor, root, or link ourselves to the core consciousness of the planet through meditation.  These 3 techniques can be used in other contexts which will be talked about later on, but for now let’s focus on connecting with the Earth.


Root Grounding

While sitting in meditation under a tree or in a chair, imagine you yourself are slowly turning into a tree.  Feel every aspect of this and focus on your arms and body turning into branches and a trunk.  Focus on your legs and feet turning into roots and visualize them sinking into the ground.  Feel and see these roots extending beyond the Earth’s crust and deep down into the core.  Imagine there is a warm, loving sphere of Light radiating here; this is the spirit of the Earth, what many call Gaia.

Allow your roots to sink into this space, feel the compassion, love and pure nurturing energy willingly embrace you.  Know and feel that the Earth loves you unconditionally and wants to supply you with all the energy you need.  Feel as this abundant energy travels up through your roots, flooding your being with light.  Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale deeply through your mouth for a couple minutes throughout this visualizing process and slowly move your awareness back into your body.  This connection between you and the Earth can never be broken by any external force.

Anchor Grounding

Imagine your spine as a column of light.  Visualize an anchor of light forming at the base of your spine.  You can plunge this anchor into the center of the Earth, or you can do this entirely in your mind space, visualizing an ocean to represent your subconscious mind and this grounding to be the connection to a deeper level of awareness.  It can also be applied to any source of energy, belief structure, or thought form representing stability.

Chord Grounding

Using two fingers, place your hand on a chakra you wish to stabilize or supply energy to, and imagine an infinitely flexible and strong thread of white light being pulled out from it.  Place your two fingers on a crystal you wish to ground to, visualizing the end of the thread sinking in and connecting with the energy of the crystal.  Make sure you use a crystal that resonates with that chakra and that it is cleansed/ cleared thoroughly before you attempt this.

Now to raise your rank in Grounding, simply perform the technique and record them in your Way Journal for further reflection.  Be sure to give a full detailed account of what you visualized, what you felt, heard, saw, etc.  This allows you to reflect on what you did and how you can improve or change it next time.  Also feel free to share these with me and maybe I’ll give you tips on how to improve.   Each rank will be reached as follows:

Apprentice: Ground 7 times and record.

Adept: Ground 20 times and record.

Master: Ground 30 times, 10 of which are a unique method created by you, then record.

There are many unknown ways that Grounding may be able to be applied, so use your imagination and attempt different things.  I don’t suggest grounding to foreign objects you know nothing about though, as you are intimately linking your energy body through this process.  Be careful with your experimentation of this skill, and feel free to go at your own pace as this is your personal journey.

A word of warning, don’t let the rank of Master get to your head.  These are all arbitrary ways to get you to practice these skills so you can learn even more from them.  They allow the ego to positively participate in progress by giving it the label and feeling of accomplishment it desires.

We also come to a deeper understanding that as Souls, we are beyond the concept of rank.  As a Master, you are not finished in your growth, but rather reaching a vibration of self reliance in which you no longer need any external instruction to keep moving.  You are also not better than anyone else, just at a different vibration on your personal pilgrimage back home.





Shields are emotional, mental, and spiritual barriers that are quite effective against all forms of psychic attacks, negative atmospheres or offensive thought forms.  They allow you a sacred personal space by only inviting positive vibration into your environment while simultaneously protecting against all spiritual adversity.


Begin by holding a certain positive emotion within yourself.  Whether that’s love, bliss, joy, compassion, happiness, power, or truth, allow it to well up inside your body.  Cause it to arise with the thought of someone or something that makes you feel that positive emotion, or simply choose how you wish to feel in this moment.

Allow yourself to visualize the feeling of this emotion as a glowing ball in your solar plexus (if its a shield for yourself) or in the heart chakra (if it’s for others).  Inhale and imagine this glowing orb expanding, slowly filling with more energy.  Do this for 2-5 breaths.

Once you feel it has expanded enough within you, inhale and use your will to immediately condense all this energy into a tiny singularity, spring loaded with force.  Finally, release the spring load and exhale all of this into the surrounding environment as you visualize this luminescent energy cascading from your body in all directions.


This energy that now permeates your astral environment or Focus 2 field is still in a raw state, so it must be molded by your intention.  Once again visualize this energy arranging itself into a more “solid” shape.  Begin with the Sphere or Egg, as they are easiest to grasp and work well with most people.  Later on you can begin experimenting with the shape to see what works better for you.

The platonic solids will always yield some sort of elemental result, and those who have more affinity towards certain elements will find they feel safer with the corresponding shield shape.  From this point on, since this is designed in the thought realm, it all depends on your own elemental associations.  If you feel that a cube shaped shield will help you feel powerful and be more grounded because it’s Earth, then it will be that for you.  If you feel that an octahedron shield will help you have a clear mind because it is the element of Air, it will also hold that association strongly.  Eventually you won’t have to rely on the shape to instil a belief in the shield.


Speak or think towards the shield as if it was a person.  Tell it that it’s role is to protect from all negativity and only promote more harmonious vibrations.  This action on a spiritual level is giving it more presence in your consciousness as a reality while giving it more sentience to be responsive to your intention.  It becomes the vessel of your thoughts and beliefs, almost like it’s own personality, but still an aspect of you.

If you’re beginning to accept the concepts I’ve been presenting thus far in the series it may be easier to understand how strong beliefs are.  Beliefs are like lines of code for the program of reality.  With this technique you are manually changing the code in your reality by introducing a new sequence of vibration.  The truth is you’ve always had this freedom to create.  You’ve only just decided now to start consciously applying it.


Finally, imagine the barrier crystallizing or turning into an unbreakable ice around you.  If you feel it should have a different material association then experiment on your own with it.  Make sure to instil the belief that it simply cannot be broken and that it will stay in that state for however long you wish.

Be clear whether you want it be around your field constantly moving with you or if you want it to be stationary attached to a location.  The best way to make sure of this is by using the chord grounding technique with the shield and either connecting it to a crystal that resonates with it’s energy or a person’s heart chakra.

After all of this, try to occasionally visualize it throughout the day surrounding the space you created.  This will feed it more mental energy and get the thought pattern perpetuating into a more self sustaining structure.

The ranking progression for Shielding goes like this:

Apprentice:  Shield with a sphere or egg 7 times, then record.

Adept:  Shield with at least 2 Different Platonic structures 10 times each, then record.

Master:  Shield with at least 5 Different structures 7 times each (one set of unique programming), then record.



This technique applies the concepts of astral gravity and torsion in order to filter out negative vibrations, thoughts, or spiritual forces from any environment; mental, emotional, or physical.


Begin with a deep breath.  Imagine an orb of white light surrounding the chakra, person, animal, plant, or space you intend to clear.  Visualize it filling up with white light imbued with pure prana or life energy from the surrounding area or being poured in from above.  Imagine it shining brilliantly in your mind, feel as it purifies all it touches and surrounds.  Spin the orb and imagine it’s astral g force causing all negativity and dense vibrations to fly out, filtering the affected space.


Imagine a black hole type portal opening below you and all the negativity being visualized as a smoke (or whatever you want) being sucked into the ground.  Believe that no negative vibration will be able to resist it’s pull and intend that it will all be sent into the Earth through this portal to be properly purified and transmuted into positive energy.  Finally, visualize the portal completely closing and returning the environment back to normal.  Remember, the trick is to have strong faith that this is all happening as you intend it to.  This is what creates the astral phenomena, and you will begin to feel it’s effects as a result.

The Clearing rank progression will follow a similar pattern to the earlier skills:

Apprentice: Clear 7 times, then record.

Adept: Clear 20 times, then record.

Master: Clear 25 times, 10 of which are a unique method created by you, then record.

This knowledge is proving to take some time to properly articulate without creating a tome in the process, so stay tuned for part 2 of Way of the Sentinel for the rest of the skills!  I will also be releasing videos to better explain these techniques, their methods, and their various uses.  I have not made a YouTube account yet, but very soon all of this will be put into place.

I eventually want to create a forum for all of the different spiritual explorers to interact, share techniques, and build upon the existing information.  Maybe I can ask Jordan for a section on the SS forum to facilitate this :).  As always, my email is [email protected] if you have any questions, although you’ll probably get a quicker response if you send me a Facebook message at Urban Mystic (my profile is orange with 7 chakras displayed on a persons silhouette).

Until next time,



Ryan is an avid lucid dreamer, astral explorer, meditator and philosopher who seeks to reveal the many mysteries of reality and the astral plane.

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