Ascend Academy: Way of the Sentinel 2


Welcome Sentinels to Phase 6.1.2!  I’ve been working on this for a little while, trying to pack all this information into one article, but I decided to cut it in half again.  Today we’ll be covering Crystal Work and Guardian Creation.  These are both fairly controversial but very powerful tools for protecting and balancing your energetic environment.  I hope you gain some valuable insight.


Crystal Work


Crystals are unique, individual yet collective forms of consciousness, all connected as different personality manifestations of the physical (and mental) Earth organism.  Silicates (forms of Quartz) make up a large portion of the Earth’s crust, so it’s almost like they make up a specific grid of consciousness in the Earth.

Each crystal represents the Gaia personality in a unique way, just as every plant and animal does.  All of them amplify and resonate with certain energies, emotions, or mental states of being.  In the same way plants can heal, teach, or protect you, (like Sage, Salvia, Cannabis etc.) crystals can also offer a specific vibrational atmosphere that amplifies with the presence of human thought.

These videos by Teal Scott and Spirit Science explain this perspective perfectly.  Please watch them both when you have the time, they have very useful information that will be utilized with these techniques.

I have a theory that crystal’s and any physically manifested representation of sacred geometry is a vibrationally resonant environment for thought and consciousness.  Seeing as sacred geometry is the geometry of consciousness, and since it is present on every scale of existence, it would make sense that Spirit uses these cymatic concepts as a conduit to observe and thus create physical life.  These little inclinations tell me that certain patterns have very specific frequencies which act as vessels for consciousness; crystals being one of many unrecognized vessels.

This may be partially why we can only stay conscious if we drink water.  On a molecular level, water has sacred geometry akin to the icosahedron, and can be considered a form of liquid crystal.  I’ve come to understand that this allows our Souls to experience our physical reality with an amplified degree of lucidity.  The majority of our bodies are made up of water, so it’s almost as if we are walking crystals ourselves!


Crystal Communication

tumblr_mwsouc06V71s4317no1_500Before doing any crystal work, always make sure your crystal was cleansed at least once upon bringing it into your home.  Google your crystal’s metaphysical properties and how it can be cleansed.  The universal methods consist of putting them in salt, salt water, soil/plants, or brown rice for a few hours.  Charging them in the Sun or next to a Citrine crystal for a couple of hours will also cause a much greater amplification of energy.

You can work with these clusters of consciousness and direct them (or be directed) appropriately to protect an area or set a vibrational tone for an environment.  Find the appropriate crystal, make sure to touch it and see if it resonates with you.  Begin communication by either telepathically or verbally speaking to it.

It seems silly to be talking to rocks, but by looking back on the 3 Great Planes article and the mention of the mental sub plane for Mineral Mind, we can draw some inclinations that on some level there is a mental process and a field of consciousness attached to these beautiful but strange gems.

Just by attempting to open one’s mind to accept that belief structure, and by projecting out the intention to communicate with the consciousness inside these vessels, we can shift to a reality where one can have that experience.  Just like with Shields, you will be directing some of your thought energy into the crystals so this is the most beneficial way to interact with them.

Introduce yourself, ask it questions, feel and listen for a response and suspend your judgement for awhile.  Just let your intuition guide you.  Since you are very connected to the Earth at this point from all the grounding you’re doing, the responses shouldn’t be too hard to pick up on.

Passive Work

Just as the SS Crystal Movie suggests, carrying a tumbled stone around with you is wonderful for amplifying positive energies in your day to day life.  Depending on the crystal you carry, you can access a plethora of energies and allow them to manifest in your life without having to consciously direct them.  Just make the initial connection with the crystal, intend for it to amplify certain vibrations, and leave it in your pocket while you navigate your day.

Sometimes crystals will sense that the energetic environment they’ve been working with no longer needs them, and they will try to communicate with you in synchronistic ways so that you get the message to let them go.wtkh-leraar

The best way to go about this is to take your crystals out for a day with the intention of finding someone else to take them.  When you come across the right person or an auspicious meeting, your attention will suddenly draw itself to the crystal.  You may feel a slight vibrating or a tugging/tingly sensation when you touch it.  If this occurs, you should give your crystal to this person.  Alternatively, you may get the gut feeling to leave it out in the open somewhere for the right person to come along and find it.

If you’re skeptical about this phenomenon, think about how some plant consciousness specifically intend for their seeds to cling to animal fur or appeal to certain animals which will take them distances in order to spread their offspring.  Crystals are like the Earth’s way of cleansing the emotional, mental, and spiritual energy flowing through humanity.  They directly influence our intuition and sensory in order to amplify a more harmonious state of mind.



This is the creation of a spiritual barrier with a crystal core.  Ward’s are effective for back-up protection and can also set an environment for other form’s of energy work.  Choose an appropriate crystal to create a ward.  Using a clear quartz will allow you to manually program it just as you would a normal shield.  Using any other kind of crystal will instil the shield with it’s unique metaphysical properties, so be mindful of what you are using.

Begin by placing the crystal on a flat surface.  Perform the pulsing technique released in the last article, but instead of releasing the energy in all directions, extend two fingers towards the crystal and visualize as well as intend for this energy to beam directly out of your fingers and into the crystal.

Imagine this energy being perfectly translated into the crystal and subsequently projecting out of it as an energy barrier.  Visualize as this barrier grows and covers the intended space.  Program and Solidify the Ward as you would a Shield, but communicate everything to the crystal.  Single Wards are usually best to protect rooms or people if they are grounded to small tumble stones.

The ward can either be spherical, a cube shape, or an energetic version of the physical crystal.  The cube shape will cause the ward to be more focused on the physical plane, whereas the sphere will vibrate at whichever plane you program it to be between Focus 1-3.

If you feel as though this might be difficult for you, realize the only thing making it so is your belief system and lack of practice.  Even if you don’t pick this up immediately, following all these techniques and applying all the belief structures given throughout the Ascend Academy series will without a doubt allow you to successfully apply these methods.  This is the frontier of human consciousness, so be patient with yourself and go at your own pace.


Crystal Journeys


Crystals are extremely effective in meditation.  When we take some time to slow down the thought stream and direct our attention inwards, crystals tend to greatly assist with our meditation journeys and will usually bring about very unique visions, sensations, and lessons for us to experience.  If you do a little research, you can find crystals specialized for grounding and protection, and this will greatly amplify your practice with Sentinel techniques.

While beginning your meditation session, hold a crystal in your hand after communication has already been initiated and simply ask the crystal to assist you in your energy work.  Be mindful of whether it is in your dominant or passive hand, as this may have an effect on the flow of energy.  From that point on, just release all expectations and let the crystal guide your awareness.  Experiment with different crystals for different meditation experiences.

Consider each crystal meditation as a lesson from the Earth consciousness.  Each experience is a manifestation of the Earth’s intention to heal, nurture, teach, and assist you on your growth.  Open yourself up to this message and you, as well as the people close to you, will benefit greatly.


Crystal Grids

You can create crystal mandalas; geometric arrays of crystals interlocking their energy in sacred geometric patterns in order to cause a powerful vibrational atmosphere to arise.  You can also link thought forms and chakras to crystals, cause them to heal, attract abundance, and even to assist your exploration of different dimensions.  For now we are just going to ask them for spiritual nurturing and protection.  If you wish to further explore the applications of crystal work, inquire with me later about it.

If you haven’t already watched the tutorial on how to create a crystal grid in SS 13, let’s cover that now.  To begin, you must set the intention of what you’re trying to create.  Take a day to imagine exactly what sort of vibrational atmosphere you’re trying to bring into being.

After you’ve initiated communication with a crystal, simply hold one while thinking about the intention to create some form of grid with it.  Think about what it will do to your energy field, to your environment, and to any sort of dissonant energy that becomes present.  Be imaginative, and ask yourself what energy you’re trying to create in your sacred space.  Feel the crystal in your hand as if you were simultaneously touching it with your mind.  Allow it to guide you into placing it somewhere, let your thoughts flow freely.

Use a crystal point to connect each crystal to each other in a geometric grid to act as a mental trigger for the relevant thought vibration.  As you do this, imagine energy leaving your active(dominant) hand and going into the crystal point, creating an energetic web-like resin.  Connect each crystal in a pattern that you intuitively feel will work best for this.  Trust your instinct.

crystal grid

Alternatively, you can design a pattern prior to placing the crystals.  Use the Flower of Life, Platonic Solids, and their related geometries as a template for your grids.  Believe wholeheartedly that this will connect and properly direct the flow of your crystal’s energies to the desired effect.  This is essentially a more physical application for creating light webs (for those who remember their mention in AA: Geometry).

The most important thing to remember about the grid template is that points and lines represent male energy, and curves, spirals, or circles represent female energy.  The male aspects of the template work best when you use the crystal point (or your finger) to instil a thought or belief within.  Arrange each belief or thought in a way that supports the integrity of the grid, and connect them using some form of positive intention in mind.

Try out this template as a way of progressing in this method:

Apprentice:  Carry a pocket stone for 2 weeks, Ward with a quartz 7 times,  record your progression of mood, mental state, and general feeling of security.

Adept:  Carry pocket stones for a month, Ward with 3 types of crystals 10 times each, create 1 crystal grid in your home, then record your progression of mood, mental state, feeling of security, .

Master:  Ward with 5 types of crystals 10 times each(with one set of unique programming), give away 5 pocket stones with wards attached, create 3 crystal grids, then record your progression of mood, mental state, feeling of security, and manifested effects.

(If you cannot for the life of you imagine yourself working with crystals, that is totally fine.  You can skip these techniques and move forward, but know you will probably have to work a little harder to master the other methods without them.)



Guardian Creation


A Guardian is a thought form that is generated by your will to protect and balance your own or another person’s consciousness.  They are literally our protective thoughts manifest as artificial thought beings.  What many don’t realize is that every thought we send out is creating some type of thought form in the astral plane, which could literally take any shape that reflects the nature and vibration of the thought.

If a mother prays for her children and imagines white winged beings standing around their beds, regardless of whether a real angelic being is present, there will be a resemblant protective energy there just as she imagined in the astral plane.  These thought forms are directly created through our emotions and intentions that set in motion the so called law of attraction.

They seem to have some spark of consciousness, as they intend to prolong their own existence by continually bringing about a vibrational atmosphere that matches the initial thought that bore them.  They do this by acting on the astral plane to produce a sequence of physical events causing the initial feeling and intention to be fulfilled.  In other words, every one of our thoughts has some small effect on the astral plane as a whole, and thus the physical plane we experience.  This is the most passive way our thoughts manifest into physical reality.

Thought forms can be consciously applied to create reality and bring about a more harmonious collective experience.  This particular technique attempts to create an imaginary character who will act as a sort of astral bodyguard for the Sentinel.  When I say imaginary, dispel all associations of something fake or illusory.  Imagination is the reality of the astral plane, and its the stuff that allows mental creation and thus physical creation to occur.

When dealing with the astral plane, we must move beyond the idea that certain things are real and some are not real.  That is relative to the perceiver’s point of reference.  All mental notions are real and reside on some mental sub-plane.  If you are grounding yourself, this fact will not bother you, you will feel rooted in your own reality and experience and will allow others to be rooted in theirs, regardless of how diverse.


Begin by deciding on the feeling or intention you wish to create in your mental and physical environment.  Thoroughly envision what it will feel like to be completely safe, knowing that an energy of your own creation will be watching over you.  Imagine what this being would look like, think about what makes you feel safest and most comfortable.offthepage

It can be as fantasy based as you want, just make sure you associate it with the feelings and intentions you have.  Feel free to draw this being or describe it’s characteristics through writing as this will amplify the energy and belief being put into this thought form.  Give it a name, a symbol/sigil, a crystal, a drawing, a grid or even a light web to chord ground it’s energy to.  No matter what you use as an associative physical vessel, it will be present with it.

Feed the idea of the Guardian with mental energy by imagining scenarios where it is with you, protecting you.  Feel gratitude for it and let it well up inside you, this will strengthen it a great deal.



Have your grounding object or symbol ready in your passive hand and a crystal point or index finger extended from your dominant hand.  Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and call it’s name while imagining it taking shape in your mind’s eye.   Speak to it directly, saying, “You are now my guardian, protecting me from all hostile beings and negative intentions.  You will ensure the harmony and balance of my consciousness, and I am eternally grateful.”

Point at the thought form, and drag your finger or crystal point towards the object/symbol in your passive hand.  Simultaneously imagine a chord of green light coming out of the being and attaching to the grounding object.  Believe wholeheartedly that this will associate the thought form to the grounding object.  If you call it’s name or place it’s object/symbol anywhere, it will protect that space for you.  Shield the object or the thought form.

An important thing to remember is that this is an aspect of your consciousness, you’re not enslaving a being to do your bidding, you’re creating a story in your own consciousness for your own energy to travel through into manifestation.

You do not need to create an army of thought forms, this desire is due to the fear that you are not sufficiently protected with just one.  Trust that you are always sufficiently protected and that reality will come about.  If you want some variety in the utility of the thought forms, I suggest a maximum of two at a time right now.  Too many thought forms can eventually break free and begin wandering the astral plane, causing all sorts of mischief which karma considers you accountable for.  When you become a master then you can start experimenting further.



When you feel there is no longer a need for a certain thought form to be protecting you, you can dismantle it and absorb it as raw energy back into your being.  Make sure it is not damaged or attached with anything else by clearing it thoroughly.  Then ground, shield, and clear yourself.

Take 3 deep breaths, call the being before you, and say, “You are now disintegrated and transmuted into raw positive energy to be absorbed back into my being.”  Visualize this disintegration and imagine the energy being sucked into the grounding object.


Ignite your passive hand chakra by visualizing it as a flame (I chose a blue hue) that pulls in, purifies, and metabolizes energy.  With a crystal point or index finger, point towards the grounding object and drag the energy into your hand chakra, imagining it all flowing into your palm, flawlessly integrating with your being.  Clear the object and yourself again.

Here are some guidelines for progression in this technique:

Apprentice:  Create 3 thought forms that are maintained for a week each, absorb them back into your being, and record throughout.

Adept:  Create 5 thought forms that are maintained for 2 weeks each( 2 of which are attached to a crystal grid), absorb them back into your being, destroy the light webs, and record throughout.

Master:  Create 5 thought forms which last for a month each (2 of which are unique and creative, 2 of which are attached to a crystal grid), absorb them back into your being, and record throughout.

I hope you will email ([email protected]) or Facebook message (Urban Mystic) me your spiritual experiments and progress, as I am very interested in documenting and eventually expanding the use of these techniques for all to benefit.  Next time we will be talking about Astral Combat, so in preparation, I ask that you read Chapter 9 and 10 of Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce.  The links for them are HERE and HERE.

We’ll be going a little deeper into Astral Dynamics in Part 3, so feel free to start reading from the beginning HERE; just know that 9 and 10 will be most important for you to know prior to the article release.

I feel like a professor assigning readings lol.

Namaste, bright Souls.

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