Ascend Academy: Way of the Sentinel 3

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After applying all of the passive protection techniques, the Sentinel will be very well protected against pretty much anything attempting to harm them without limiting their perception.  However, there is still a very small possibility that you may encounter a hostile entity, energy, or thought form.

This may be due to an overzealous psychic attack, the prolonged projection of self-defeating negative thoughts, an extremely rare circumstance involving your family’s genealogy, or coming into contact with an already afflicted person you are attempting to spiritually protect.

Whatever the cause, you will be ready to deal with the hostile force in a safe, efficient, and direct manner through the use of these techniques.  As a Sentinel, this is what you are here to deal with.  If you resonate with this path you already have all the tools you need within your spirit, as you came here for this reason.  Now it’s time to teach you how to use those tools.

Astral Combat is the art of transmuting hostile energies into harmonious energies by visualizing a combative encounter between your consciousness and a perceived opposing force.  This is a surprisingly powerful tool, which can affect an individual’s health to a great extent if used improperly.  It is never to be used against another living human being with the intention to harm or kill.  Don’t forget your Sentinel creed, and know that you will always reap what you sow in the astral plane.

We will eventually transcend the idea of “opposing force” later in the Ways of Light, but playing out this stage of duality consciousness is essential in your spiritual progress in order to understand the perspective.  This Way is in alignment with the Earth element, and these notions of separation are inherent within that vibration.  Remember that the most efficient method of spiritual growth is through the balanced cultivation of both duality and unity consciousness.

This school of techniques is intended for use with: artificially created thought forms, hostile ET entities encountered in astral projection, energy vampires (physical or astral), shades (galvanized shells of human minds who have let go of their attachments), and any number of other unknown hostile entities.  It is also to be used as a display of skill and knowledge with the intention of intimidation before the last resort of elimination.

We are not killing anything in Astral Combat; it is more like we are rewriting the code of a mental program made by subconscious negative thoughts.  The beings that are dismantled do not have Souls that create realities to experience, but are rather the reflections of a Soul’s repressed or avoided shadow aspects.

Our goal is to acknowledge that a hostile entity’s presence is for the purpose of shedding light onto these negative mental reflections. This is so that we may consciously pursue a more harmonious state of mind.  The actual struggle that ensues is only an allegorical representation of the energetic shift that occurs in the collective mind.




sleepparalysisAn encounter with an entity could occur in 4 different ways; outside of your energy field while you are conscious, attached to your energy field while you are conscious or waking, inside your energy field while you are unconscious, or while you are astral projecting.  The first two can be dealt with by using these techniques while awake or meditating, while the third is best dealt with in a dream. The most likely event is the first, so we will explain the techniques in this context so they can be translated into the other three when necessary.

As a Sentinel, you don’t have any developed astral sensitivity (aside from the techniques I gave you), but your energy body is being given enough prana from the Earth to exercise your higher senses.  When you encounter an entity, it will be sensed as a temperature change on a strange part of your body such as your feet, hands, or back of your neck.  You may feel a negative emotion, random stress, a knotting up in your stomach, or a general heightened sense of awareness.  You may feel like someone is watching you.

Do not allow these sensory stimuli to define your emotional state.  The stimuli are only telling your consciousness of the energy that is present, and that it is a very low vibrating energy.  You are a Soul, a being vibrating at a very high level of consciousness, extending a representation of itself into a lower plane.  You are octaves away from this being’s perception, capable of creating so much more than it can fathom.  You might as well be looking down at this situation as if it were in a game.

In other words, just by being who you are, you are so much more powerful than any entity that wishes to harm you.  A hostile entity is simply of a lower frequency because it is still completely wrapped in the illusion of separation, and thus cannot have power over you unless you make the decision to hand it over.  The only way this entity can gain any sort of strength to act against you is if you believe that you are in danger or if you feel fear as a result of a subconscious vibrational resistance to being harmed.

This is how many thought forms and astral entities get sustenance- they feed off of low vibrating mental and emotional energy.  This is how they make supernatural and paranormal things occur, through the energy and psychic ability contained within the people they are trying to provoke.  That’s right, the majority of ghostly phenomena is due to your psychic ability being redirected by these entities.

The best thing to do is to be calm, with a smile on your face.  Interlock your fingers while your palms are facing up and place your thumbs together.  This acts as a substitute for a magic circle, which is simply a mentally imposed boundary between your field of consciousness and an astral entity.  It creates an energy circuit between your heart and hand chakras, stimulating a full body energy flow to counteract the entity.



Energy Contests


Continue to strengthen this boundary by shielding and grounding.  Make sure you’ve practiced both quite a bit, as you’ll need to do them quickly so as to not shift your attention away from the encounter.  After successfully performing those techniques, pulse out your positive energy beyond the shield with the same technique provided in Part 1, making it fill the room or space entirely.

Use your will power, emotion, imagination and belief to create through visualization.  If you feel like it can get through this space, know that the only thing giving it the ability to is your own lack of belief!  Simply apply a new mental concept to your energy field that makes sense to your mind.  That is, if the idea of impenetrable pillars of light coming down from the sky and surrounding the space feels like it would absolutely work, then visualize that occurring.

Your belief and your will play the largest roles in energy contests, know that nothing will surpass those powers in the astral realm when directed thoughtfully.

Finally, after it is far outside the boundaries you want to set for your sacred space, state to the being aloud,

“As an extension of the Infinite Source Consciousness, I demand that you depart unto your proper place and leave my presence.”

The majority of offenders will never return unless attracted by a great deal of negative energy, but if it resists, repeat the process or begin using the next technique.


Astral Body Combat

skywalkWhat do you think your astral body is doing while you are conscious?  It’s actually doing exactly what your physical body is right before you physically do it!  Your Astral Body is the body of your intention, thought, and emotion.

When you think about scratching your head, your astral arm goes up to scratch your astral head, which in turn causes the same reaction in the physical.  If you’re thinking about going to Egypt, your astral body has a brief focus overlay of the physical pyramids, resonating with the vibration of that experience.  This is why visualization is so important in energy work.  What you think, you create.

However, a physical manifestation doesn’t necessarily have to follow an astral intention.  It is possible to use your astral body in conjunction with your energy body (chakra system) to directly engage an astral entity.  When we meditate to shift our awareness and intentions away from the physical world, we begin to interact on the astral plane just by directing thought through visualization.  This is a natural phenomenon, and something humanity will become very familiar with in the years to come.


Conscious Astral Action

Since you haven’t learned an astral projection method yet, you will be using these skills while still conscious in your body.  The trick to making astral movements while conscious is intending to do something with thought, visualizing it, feel it, but instead of physically doing it, just believe it is being done in the astral.  Really believe and know you have an astral body, and that it’s moving in exactly the way your thoughts intend it to.

It sounds simple but with practice it can make a real difference.  Putting emotion and sensation to each action in your mind can greatly amplify the amount of mental energy used to create that astral event.

Robert Bruce, writer of Astral Dynamics, has created this great method for strengthening the energy body and practicing astral actions.  He utilizes something called awareness hands, where you visualize your hands moving along your body by actually bringing your consciousness into the space you are focusing on.

These hands can eventually be utilized as astral tools for combat, healing, and all sorts of energy work.  Here are some practices Robert Bruce suggested in order to stimulate this astral sensory.


Learn the techniques HERE and HERE.


Robert Bruce came up with these two methods while teaching a blind person to astral project.  They turned out to be very useful techniques to exercise the energy and astral bodies.  I really suggest you read them and practice the techniques as regularly as possible; they will do wonders for your energy body and allow you a great degree of control over your visualization, giving you the ability to direct your astral intention with ease.  This is equivalent of going to the Astral Gym.


Combat Archetypes & Thought-form Objects

astral combat-761376

The astral body’s actual appearance and constitution is very influenced by the individual’s self image, level of confidence, resolve and will.  Our astral body appearances also tend to resonate with an archetype in the collective consciousness, as these energies are most present and relatable to our experience.

This means that if you intend to engage in astral combat, you should find a combat archetype that resonates with your energy and personality.  This way your self-image temporarily changes to that of a warrior essence you naturally feel drawn to, usually because you have worked with that essence in another lifetime.  Aligning with your essence allows you to tap into the higherself, accessing powerful forces of astral creation.

This is also a good way to initiate that higherself connection, as the experience with a resonant archetype will cause you to obtain glimpses of the knowledge and personality contained in those parallel lives your Soul has experienced.

Here are some combat archetypes that may resonate with you:

The Knight–  The Sentinel adept considers this to be his default astral image, as their archetypes tend to intertwine.  This does not mean he is limited to this form, but it is most easy to adapt to when learning.

Create a shield but visualize it taking shape as a suit of armor around your body.  Determine the belief structure for this thought form so that the armor is impenetrable but also light (as you are not bound by gravity in the astral, unless you want to be of course).  You must invoke the feeling of what it’s like to have armor on and believe wholeheartedly that it is there.

Then, pulse energy out of your dominant hand and visualize it taking form as an astral melee weapon that suits you.  Your imagination is free to design the weapon and it’s belief structure as well, so put some real thought into it.  Creating a really big weapon is totally plausible in the astral because you are not affected by it’s weight (but you can choose to associate it’s size with it’s force).  Finally, bless the astral weapon in whatever way feels right to your beliefs.

Remember to keep your concentration on the object, as it will fade away if attention is broken.  While swinging your astral weapon with your awareness hands, you have to feel a large portion of your consciousness within them.  This takes a great degree of focus but also the ability to multitask, as you also have to sense the enemy while simultaneously existing within your weapon.


The Magician–  This is for those who don’t have an affinity for Earth and would rather be able to shoot astral energy from afar.  Yes that’s right, you have these capabilities on the astral plane, as everyone does.

Create layers of shields, each with a unique purpose, which all allow for your energy to be projected out of them.  Try to experiment with your shield designs prior to an encounter so you know what combination you may use.  Keep your distance from the entity and begin to draw in prana by breathing in and visualizing energy coming up from the core of the Earth, into the root chakra, splitting off at the heart chakra into your hand chakras.  One can simultaneously imagine a pulling sensation while using the awareness hands to motion upwards from the ground, directing the prana with intention.

Exhale and pulse this energy out with your awareness hands while visualizing an element (such as fire, lightning, wind, or water emerging from your palms.  Extend your awareness into this energy as you release it, as it will fade if you release your attention from it for too long.  Use your imagination and will to control the element, mentally moving your consciousness the way the element would.

The Cloak & Dagger–  The cunning, resourceful, and quick-minded individual will resonate with this approach to astral combat.  The individual moves their astral awareness around the hostile entity in random, seemingly unpredictable patterns and occasionally jumps in for a calculated strike or submission.

Create thought form weapons that can strategically change shape or use some sort of confusing or binding effect.  Be imaginative and experiment with different things by visualizing what an encounter might be like.

When faced with an entity, one must perceive the larger astral space and visualize very small orbs of light (or something less distracting) around the entity.  The goal is then to send your astral awareness to those spaces, imagining yourself looking at the entity from those perspectives.

The entity will feel that your consciousness has shifted spaces, and will attempt to look for you.  Continue to shift your awareness between these multiple light orbs.  Eventually, when you feel you are looking at the being from a perspective that is totally unsuspected, imagine your awareness hands using whatever thought form weapon you’ve created to strike them, but do so in a forward lunge that eventually passes the entity and takes you to another orb.  Repeat the process until the entity can no longer harass you.

Instead of focusing on defense, these individuals focus on dodging any incoming attacks while observing for the perfect scenario to end the conflict.


The Ranger–   This being employs Guardian thought forms to attack the entity while creating astral weapons that shoot projectiles or can be used from afar.

The astral weapons used can be bows, guns, cannons, boomerangs, extending spears, whatever you an imagine striking an entity from a far.  The trick to these is to feel your awareness go with the projectiles all the way to their intended mark as you fire them.  Another trick is to intend for your projectiles to explode with light, fire, or positive energy on contact.

Alternatively, create two small balls of light that are connected by an elastic astral thread.  Pull the dominant-handed ball of light back like a sling shot and imagine it being infused with some energy of your choice (or just light energy if you prefer).  Use the belief in the notion of elasticity to “let fly” the astral ball of energy, directing it towards the entity.

It’s best to use animal thought forms for your Guardians in this instance, that way you can create clones of them without having to use so much mental energy.  It’s also more convenient to direct them because humans tend to associate animals as subservient to humans (even though this is not true), and the thought forms will tend to be more obedient.  These beings are not actual animal spirits, just the idea of them.


In no way do you have to limit yourself to one combat archetype.  Try out different methods and see what work’s best for you, but try to change it up just in case a scenario calls for a particular way of retaliating.  I know these concepts can be a bit cheesy, but they work and are easily imaginable since they are so present in our fantasies.  The Astral realm is the birthplace of fantasy after all.

After the being has disintegrated, it is your job to gather it’s energy, clear the environment, and intend for it’s remaining astral particles to be vacuumed down and polarized by the Earth’s core.



Focus 2 / Subjective Astral Realm

You may encounter a situation where an entity has entered your dream or a dissonant thought form lays dormant in your subconscious mind.  In the instance that this ever occurs, you can either lucid dream or meditate into Focus 2 to confront the entity.

This is your turf, so the battle is even more in your favor.  The methods given above will suffice and the mechanics are essentially the same as while conscious.  The objects you create may be a little bit different as your subconscious associations influence them.  Be mindful of the symbolism you use.

The actual techniques to lucid dream and meditate into Focus 2 will be in the Way of the Transient, but the tactics of a combat scenario will still be discussed here.  The most common encounters with infiltrating hostile entities will usually be with two beings, so creating a Guardian in your dream/meditation would be useful to split up the focus and assist you in general.

In Focus 2, we can transform our surroundings as much as we can our astral appearance, whereas they are only limited to suggesting to us through fear.  If you ever find yourself in a nightmarish dream space when facing an entity, realize you are creating this by allowing the fear vibration it is emitting to expand.

Decide on a new locale as soon as possible, visualize and intend for it to shift to your liking and turn the tides.  Make sure it is changed to reflect peace, calm, and happiness.  You can design strategic environments prior to these encounters as well, so give them a bit of thought before attempting this.

You can’t ask the being to just leave at this point, so commence the battle how you see fit with the techniques provided above.  Finally, when your mental territory has been reclaimed, imagine a door appearing that leads to the outside of your energy field.

Take this being in whatever form you have left it in, open the door, send it flying through, shut it and lock it.  Then cause the door to vanish, come out of your meditation, and repeat your usual Sentinel routine by grounding, shielding, and clearing the area.


Cutting Chords


Energy vampires or astral parasites can sometimes attach themselves to a person’s energy field and feed off of their emotional energy.  Parasites directly attach their astral bodies to the aura, making them immobile and totally focused on their extraction.  Energy vampires (at least the smart ones) will attach an etheric chord to your aura or a chakra of their choice.

If you notice you are feeling emotionally or mentally drained for no reason, meditate on your bodily awareness and see if you are feeling any physical sensations.  If you get a sore, aching, or irritated feeling in a certain area on your body- it is more likely a parasite.  If you get a small but uncomfortable sucking sensation or even a prickly tingle- it’s more likely an energy vampire.

Don’t confuse this with the tingles one gets before going to sleep; this only indicates that the body is tired and low on etheric energy.

Once you’ve identified the sensation, close your eyes and allow your mind to render from intuition what this might look like.  Whether it is accurate or not, this is your brain’s translation of it’s vibration interpreted to suit your own perception of things.

If you see a parasite, visualize a flame (or a sword of flame) striking the parasite off your body.  For the chord attachment, visualize a glowing, white-hot sword or knife cutting this chord while simultaneously thinking the mantra, “I am not bound.  I am free.”  Remember to use the awareness hands.  Finally, clear the affected area and shield.


This school of techniques will require some time to master, as you are ideally not attracting too many encounters unless you are actively protecting others.  I have designed a progressive ranking for practicing these methods in the following format:

Apprentice:  Encounter 3 negative thought forms and engage in astral combat with them, dismantle their structures, redirect their energy into the Earth and record the experience.

Adept:  Encounter 6 negative thought forms and engage in astral combat with them (while using 3 different methods of combat), redirect their energy into the Earth and report the experience.

Master:  Encounter 12 negative thought forms and engage in astral combat with them (while using 3 different methods as well as a unique method you have created), redirect their energy into the Earth and report the experience.




If you feel like this sort of experience isn’t for you, feel free to skip Astral Combat as you move into the next vocation.  Make sure to at least be an Adept in every other skill, as they are all absolutely necessary steps for mastering the other techniques.  Also know that these skills may become necessary by the time you start astral projecting, so it’s better to learn them sooner than later.  I’m looking forward to sharing even more information with all of you very soon.  Once again, if you have any questions I can be reached at [email protected] or Urban Mystic on Facebook.  Stay tuned for Way of the Empath!




Ryan is an avid lucid dreamer, astral explorer, meditator and philosopher who seeks to reveal the many mysteries of reality and the astral plane.

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