Ascend Academy: The Ways of Light

Our Souls come into this 3-Dimensional Reality for a reason.   This is not to say we are bound by one goal, but that we can choose to have any experience out of a myriad of possible realities.  All of these branching life paths are absolutely viable and justified courses of action in the eyes of our Eternal selves.  Whatever choice we make, it is ultimately for the overarching desire to rise in consciousness, to grow in self knowledge, and thus expand the Infinite Mind of God in which we all reside.

As we’ve covered, everything in reality is essentially thought vibration in an infinitely extending spectrum of mental-musical octaves.  We’ve also discovered that our Souls, as fractal extensions of the transcendent consciousness, are what collectively creates these symphonies of vibration for the purpose of experience.  We are in fact the universe perceiving itself, and thus creating itself.

With this in mind, let us look to a multidimensional perspective.  When our Souls peer into the limiting illusory experience of physical reality ready to jump in, what sort of events would we naturally intend to observe?  Since every Soul is a fractal point of the Infinite Personality, we all have very different vantage points in the vast sea of possible realities to create.

Each of us is imbued with a unique personality from our Higherselves, and will have our own ideas and concepts that we wish to play with when coming here, all of them having the underlying purpose of having a new experience and thus expanding consciousness.  They will be experienced one way or another, because we’ve already created them and are only playing these stories out in our linear time structure.

Do not be mistaken, this is the epitome of free will, as the very core of who we are is what decides to have these experiences.  Our Souls are seated deep within our vessels, deliberately and consciously plucking the harp strings of consciousness, vibrating out into the quantum foam and becoming the experience itself through the listening thereof.

We all have a different song to play, and each compliments the whole in a unique way.


In these next 7 articles, I will present 6 Ways of Being that produce the most harmonic melodies for the whole of Consciousness to continue expanding in the most positive fashion.  They also appeal to all the main archetypes of human personality so every person can find their niche to explore in this system.  Understand that the archetypal images, made popular by Carl Jung, are human personality templates and do not encompass the mindset of every individual in humanity.

However, these themes and core intentions have been recorded and written about throughout human history.  Each of them will naturally gravitate towards a certain Way, so if you share any similarities with an Archetype, this may indicate you should work towards that field.

The Ways of Light are an interdisciplinary journey of spiritual progress and practice.  This is a real means of moving forward in spiritual understanding and in applying this understanding.  It offers a method of connecting, interacting, and partaking in a personal spiritual practice that simultaneously uplifts oneself and the world around them.

Each article after this one will focus on one Way of Light, outlining all of the related techniques, and practices in each spiritual vocation.  This will be an introduction into the philosophies, archetypes and methods associated with each Way.  Let’s begin.


Way of the Sentinel


The Sentinel is the true warrior soul, whose pure intentions are always directed towards protecting and maintaining balance, never instigating any sort of forceful encounter unless aggressively provoked.

Creed:  To nurture, maintain, and protect the awakening collective consciousness in order to cultivate a harmonious environment for all.

Archetypal Images:

The Hero (core desire:  to prove one’s worth through acts of courage.  core fear:  weakness/ vulnerability.)

The Ruler (core desire:  order.  core fear:  chaos.)

Element: Earth



Grounding – The process of energetically anchoring yourself or others to the Earth or certain positive mental structures for the purpose of energy distribution, stability, and connection with a greater manifestation of self.

Shielding – The creation of energetic or mental barriers with particular belief patterns structured for protection, sustainability, growth, and discretion.

Clearing – The creation of mental or energetic space free of negativity or conflicting belief structures.

Guardian Creation – The creation of simple thought forms programmed to protect consciousness.

Crystal Work – The collaboration with Earth energies manifest as crystals for the purpose of creating energetic barriers or crystal grids.

Astral Combat – The way of astral self defense via energetic tools with particular belief patterns created for dismantling offensive astral entities or ‘negative’ thought forms.


Way of the Empath


Empaths are healer souls who deeply feel their surroundings and work to restore emotional and energetic balance by introducing a new positive vibration.

Creed – To create a positive, healing, and inspirational co-mental environment.

Archetypal Images:

Caregiver (core desire:  To help and care for others.  core fear:  Selfishness and ingratitude.)

Everyman (core desire:  Connecting with others.   core fear:  To be left out or stand out in a crowd.)

Element: Water



Breathwork – Observing and controlling the flow of prana within yourself through breathe and visualization.

Empathy – The direct sensing of the emotional environment

Mudras – Hand signals and formations which direct the flow of energy in unique ways.

Atmosphere Shift – Projecting a positive energy that creates an emotionally/energetically uplifting environment.

Radiant Creation – The creation of simple thought forms which produce blissful and positive emotions or thought patterns in a mental environment.

Energy Flow – The flow of prana into other energy bodies to heal and balance.


Way of the Transient


This being is the manifestation of freedom, as it moves through all the various planes of reality to experience all there is to see with no limitation.

Creed:  To explore and interact with familiar and unfamiliar forms of consciousness in order to understand and gain more perspective.

Archetypal Images:

The Explorer (core desire:  Freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world.   core fear:  Getting trapped, conformity, inner emptiness.)

The Lover (core desire:  Intimacy and experience.  core fear:  Being alone/unwanted.)

Element:  Air


Lucid Dreaming – The act of consciously dreaming in order to explore ones own consciousness and possibly interact with others through dreams.

Tunneling – The process of creating gates and tunnels through which to transmute your energies into new vibrational states, thus tuning you into other dimensions.

Phasing –  The act of shifting Focus to communicate in a much more streamlined fashion with other dimensions.

Bi-location/Body of Light – The process of consciously creating a second energy body and moving ones consciousness into it temporarily.

Companion Creation – The creation of a somewhat complex thought form with a personality to accompany and assist you on your astral journeys.

Traditional OBE – The act of separating from the physical body via sleep paralysis.


Way of the Seer


The Seer is the psychic Soul, whose multidimensional perception will shed much light on the Souls it serves.  This being has the capability to move unseen through the dimensions to gather truth but only towards the end of spiritual enlightenment, guidance, and the greater good of all.

Creed:  To obtain spiritual truth and knowledge with discretion, accuracy and ethic.  To be a bridge between worlds.

Archetypal Images:
The Sage (core desire:  To find the truth.  core fear:  Being misled, ignorance.)

The Innocent (core desire:  To get to paradise.   core fear:  To be punished for doing something wrong.)

Element: Fire



Focus Overlay – The process of being multidimensionally aware, or experiencing phenomena from multiple planes while still focusing on one.

Clairaudience – Clear-hearing; the hearing of extra sensory information in the “mind’s ear”

Clairsentience – Clear-sensing; the feeling or sensing of extrasensory information via gut feelings, subtle body sensations, and “knowing” without having the source of knowledge.

Clairvoyance – Clear-sight; the seeing of visions, the future, auras, and higher dimensional phenomena.

Seeker Creation – The creation of simple thought forms which seek out a particular target, scene, time or concept gather information on them, and report back to you.

Cloaking – The act of stealthily obtaining multidimensional information without being sensed by other entities in the vicinity.


Way of the Luminist

rocket girl

This is the being who raises consciousness by authentically embodying their true selves and radiating their creativity, love and truth into the world with knowledge that they are one with all of it.  The Luminist will strive to be honest with themselves, act on their highest excitement in every moment and always move towards what they truly love to do in life.

Creed:  To be an expanding conscious light in all dimensions that one operates in.

Archetypal Images:

The Jester (core desire:  To live in the moment with full enjoyment   core fear:  Being bored or boring others)
The Inventor (core desire:  To create things of enduring value   core fear:  Mediocre vision or execution)

Element: Ether/Akasha



Sol Work –  The process of realizing what we are here to create as well as aligning with our true selves.

Satori – Being here and now with what is.

Mantra – The use of voice and thought to bring about positive vibrational change in the surrounding mental and physical environment via repetitive phrase or affirmation.

White Ring – The graceful control of energy work through the use of infinite imagination and toroidal mechanics.

Soulspeak –  The development of a personal and mentor relationship with the Higherself.

Akasha Access –  Directly experiencing the Akasha through perception change and thought direction.


Way of the Alchemist


The All-Chemist is the master of vibration who is on the path of self-actualization, enlightenment, and personal reality creation.  They intend to unlock their highest potential in all spiritual and physical endeavors.

Creed:  To transmute consciousness into higher states of frequency out of unconditional love, understanding and wisdom.

Archetypal Images:

The Outlaw (core desire:  Revolution, to overturn what isn’t working.  core fear:  To be powerless or ineffectual.)
The Magician  (core desire:  Understanding the fundamental laws of the universe.  core fear:  unintended negative consequences.)

Element:  Void (Operating from Soul Consciousness)



Mental Alchemy – Shifting into different mental states while redirecting etheric energy in chakras towards more positive ends

Universal Oneness – Connecting with the collective mind of the Universe, releasing all resistance and simply flowing with All that is.

Identity Integration – Becoming conscious of past life and higherself identities/perspectives and integrating them into the personality in a cohesive manner.

Merkabah Travel – The evoking of the inherent and limitless inter-dimensional vehicle that every Soul may use upon full realization of the sacred male and female energies present within their being.

Quantum Jumping – The deliberate moving between different parallel universes in which a different set of events will take place.

Lightweaving – The creation of various thought form sigils that can directly shift the vibrations of the mental environment and physically manifest a positive effect into being.

Each of these techniques are taught with the intention for each one to be used positively and for the greater good of all.  If any of these methods are used towards harmful or negative ends, the universe will amplify and reflect these intentions back towards the user.  Know that if this does occur, it was your decision to experience this in entirety and will still ultimately positively expand Consciousness through the learning of personal lessons and working through Karma.  Just be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Now these Vocations are to be learned from top to bottom, focusing on the skills of the Sentinel first, then the Empath, and so on.  This is so there is a coherent spiritual progression that builds on prior systems of lightwork without any knowledge gaps.

When I begin teaching these techniques, I will be using a fairly arbitrary ranking system to act as motivation to progress further and to act as a barrier for those not ready to move forward.  Each Vocation and each Technique skill level will be ranked as Initiate, Apprentice, Adept, or Master.

When you begin as a Sentinel, you are immediately an Initiate in every skill upon taking an oath using the creed for each Vocation.  Each progressive skill rank calls for a little more diligence, practice, understanding and a certain level of creativity.  In order to move up a rank in your Vocation, every related skill must be that same rank.  In order to move on to a new Vocation, it is suggested that the prior Vocation is at an Adept level with one Master level skill.

You can choose to go about this at your own pace entirely, but this is just my suggestion, having designed the system.  Don’t rush yourself, take your time so you thoroughly understand the implications of every technique and have applied them to some degree.

I look forward to writing the articles to come, which will be focusing on each Vocation and how to perform their related techniques.


If you want to begin your learning with me directly via Skype or any form of instant messaging, either email me at [email protected] or add me on Facebook as Urban Mystic.  I am giving away all of this information for free, so please take advantage of it and share it with others as well.  I want this world to be constantly growing and expanding towards a more positive and conscious collective experience.  I hope you can all join me in that intention.


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Ryan is an avid lucid dreamer, astral explorer, meditator and philosopher who seeks to reveal the many mysteries of reality and the astral plane.

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