Astral 101: Breakdown of Everything & Using the Third Eye

This is the last article of my Astral 101 series.  It contains a summarized version of every article with some developed perspective.  I hope you enjoy it. – Ryan

Today, we are going to revisit everything that we’ve gone through and make sure there is a clear understanding of all the concepts presented.  This can also act as a summary for the lazy readers out there to just get a quick fix of all the information in a short amount of time. 😉  For every main topic we have covered I will illustrate some key points.  The topics covered will be: Dimensions, Meditation, Higherselves, the Inner Sanctuary, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Using the Third Eye, Entities, and Protection in the Astral Plane.  Over the course of writing Astral 101, I have learned more about these concepts, and I want to present my current understanding of them, so there may be new clarity of understanding.  Brace yourselves, this one’s lengthy.  Now, onward!



A dimension refers to a specific frequency of vibration in reality.  Just like the keys of a piano, the universe is made up of many notes, overtones, and octaves.  As the universe is vibration, this would be a practical way to see it.  Every octave is considered a dimension.  Another perspective is to say that a dimension is a direction of movement; the 1st being a straight line from left to right, the 2nd being left, right, up and down, and the 3rd, the dimension we physically exist in, length, width, and depth.  I understand this may be confusing, so lets pretend the universe is an onion.  If you dissect an onion and look at the layers, this is similar to how dimensions are arranged in the universe; the center part being 1D, the first ring being 2D, and so on.  What I mean by this is that the higher dimensions contain the lower, not that they are farther away from the center.



Astral 101 has mainly focused on the fourth dimension, or the astral plane, which is hard to describe while on the third dimension, as it is beyond our 3D comprehension.  From much research, logical analysis, and experience, many have agreed that the fourth dimension has a direction that pertains to time and possibility, allowing us to perceive a plane of possible moments and experiences without being limited by linear time.  Dimensions are stacked on top of each other, and thus, contain one another.  This means that if someone is on a specific dimensional frequency, one can perceive all dimensions below it as well (pertaining to their position in that dimension).  This being said, it is possible to experience 3rd dimensional reality from a 4th dimensional perspective.  This experience is known as Astral Projecting, or bringing ones consciousness into the 4th dimension and, alongside experiencing the 4th, experiencing the 3dimensions below it as well.  How is this possible you ask?  I’m not here to prove it to you, but I have outlined a couple techniques throughout the series.  The best place to start is…




Meditation is the act of lowering the illusory veil of reality and bringing ones consciousness into a certain state of relaxation, expanded or contracted awareness or ‘oneness’ through extended thought, focus, reflection, or contemplation.  Many different states can be achieved through meditation, and it is easily the most important thing a person can do on their spiritual journey.  There are also many ways to meditate, which include sitting, standing, lying down, walking, eyes opened or closed, altering breathing patterns, silent, chanting, listening to music, guided, spontaneous, alone, or in a group.  Any type of location can give a different desired effect depending on the type of meditation and who the person is.  Some types of meditation include;

grounding (connecting with the earth and stabilizing the self),

visualization (imagining a story playing out in your mind to probe subconscious imagery),

affirmation (thoroughly imagining a positive goal being played out to be fulfilled in the future),

prayer (recognizing, worshiping, or expressing gratitude to one’s personal idea of God),

mindfulness meditation (becoming aware of thoughts, sounds, sensations around and within),

focus (bringing one’s awareness into one thing or state),

movement (focussing on one’s repetitive movements rather than outside stimulus, ex; tai chi or yoga),

mantra (chanting a certain word or phrase where the sound of said phrase is being focussed on),

trance (a state of altered consciousness which sends one’s awareness within themselves or elsewhere)

There are an infinite number of ways to meditate and new ways are being created every day.  It is recommended that everyone does 20 minutes of meditation a day, as it is extremely healthy and beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit.  The easiest way to begin is to sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and allow thoughts to blissfully leave your mind, not forcing them or stopping them, but allowing them to flow in and through.  The best way to do this is to observe breathing.  Do not consciously breathe, but just let your body naturally inhale and exhale, and observe this process.  Eventually, the need to breathe will become less and less, and your breath will become shallower.  Once you have reached this state of complete awareness, you can then move into one of the meditations shown above.




The Higherself is an aspect of you, a “higher” aspect.  It is higher in the sense that it is consciously aware of a reality beyond limitation.  The soul, or deepest core aspect of ‘you’ is like a library of all of your experience, thoughts and lives, and the higherself is like the librarian.  It has access to all the information and perspectives of your past lives and will sometimes appear in a form of a past life to show you a perspective that will benefit your growth, but ultimately it is the same consciousness behind it (you).  It is what connects you to God or Source.  Many people refer to this as a guide, a guardian angel, or whatever, but these things are all separate beings.  The Higherself will always come from within.

I personally do not believe in reincarnation in a common sense.  I believe, and have experienced, that the soul is like a lotus flower, and that every petal is a different aspect of its personality, or in other words, every petal is a different person, spirit, or life.  Souls are fractals of Source, Spirits are fractals of Souls.  I think that this particular spirit within me has not lived a life before, but I believe my soul has manifested in the form of another petal of the flower to provide it with a different perspective of the physical plane.

The purpose of getting to know your higherself is for inner guidance and for something called “integration”.  It is when you bring past petals/perspectives of the lotus flower together in one lifetime and become a body of vast knowledge, being one with all aspects of yourself.  How does one do this?  Well, let’s first learn to hear the higherself.  Meditation is the primary way of learning to do this.  Get out a pen and paper.  After doing the steps in the above section on meditation, one way to contact the higherself is to simply state in your mind as loud as you can, “I wish to connect to my higherself”.  Repeat this 3 times.  Sit in silence, and if at any point you feel a presence, address it.  Ask it any question you can about it.  Do not expect words, only thoughts, concepts, ideas, feelings, and emotions.  Words will occasionally filter through because your brain will try to translate the messages being received.  Write down every question and answer.  Eventually, you will sift out the answers from the mind, and with practice, communicating with the higherself will become easy.  If it does not, then check out my articles Extensions of Self and Inner Sanctuary.  This is just the initial communication method.  There are unlimited ways in which you can experience the higherself, but ultimately, meditation is the clearest way.  The other main ways include lucid dreaming, astral projection, and native vision quests, as they all provide a visual experience.  There have been many who have experienced their higherself while on a psychedelic trip, but this varies from person to person.  Some need to be in a completely sober state of mind.


The Higherself will provide one with all necessary spiritual knowledge and will always know what’s best for you.  Trust it and you will not be disappointed.


Inner Sanctuary


The inner sanctuary is the representative space of the subconscious mind and the conscious mind’s explored boundaries of it.  It is used for creation and inner exploration, as it reflects who we are in entirety.  It holographically represents the characteristics and attributes of our spirits into a form of landscape, which can have an infinite range of representations.  It may appear as a desert, a forest, an ocean, and can change at any time to any of these things, depending on the state of the self.  The inner sanctuary is, in essence, the personal feminine consciousness manifest, a reactive living environment.   It’s a great tool for inner learning, purification, ascension, and getting in touch with the higher self.  During meditation and sleep, you can enter into the many layers of this landscape.  In meditation, we enter into the inner sanctuary when we clear our mind and let our consciousness simply flow and begin to visualize.  Most, if not all visualization meditations, are done in the inner sanctuary on some level.  If you want to access this level of awareness in entirety, do not use a guided meditation, but rather, just let your mind create your visualization from scratch and flow with it.  Going on a journey within your mental landscape is extremely enlightening, because it gives you the ability to focus on one static ‘location’ inside yourself, as well as allows you to choose which path to follow within yourself next.  You can also enter into this state with certain intentions or inquiries beforehand that will affect the experience, such as communicating with the higherself.  Any of these intentions or inquiries is possible to experience, simply speak it while in the inner sanctuary and allow your consciousness to create the experience or path before you.  Accessing the inner sanctuary while asleep is done almost every night in dreams, but only by process of ‘lucid dreaming’ can we truly explore and understand it.  Let’s move into that now.


Lucid Dreaming


Lucid Dreaming is the act of becoming consciously aware that you are dreaming within a dream.  Everyone can do this and probably has at some point in their early childhood.  To some it comes naturally, to others it requires a bit of work, but is probably one of the most exhilarating experiences of life.  One can literally do everything possible within a lucid dream; fly, change environments and scenery, transform into every possible thing, you name it!  All that is required is focus, curiosity and imagination.  The dream scape is also essentially the inner sanctuary, and one has access to every type of experience through a connection to the collective subconscious mind.  Most of this is accessed within the dream realm by simply intending, focusing, willing, and speaking it out loud!  Wondering how to become lucid in a dream?  Here’s a couple simple ways to start out:


First, acquire a dream journal and suggest to yourself three times that you will remember your dreams every night.  When you have a dream, get up and write it in your dream journal, even if you’re too tired.  This increases dream recall.


Second, when you are starting to remember the majority of your dreams, use the same suggestion method every night, but say, “I will have a lucid dream tonight”, or “I am a lucid dreamer”.  Maybe even throw a “if I look at my hands mid-dream, I will know I am dreaming”.  Suggestion is probably the most powerful tool when it comes to the subconscious mind, because it will usually respond in some form.


Third, if you haven’t already become lucid in a dream at least briefly, then begin to perform what are called reality checks.  These are actions that confirm whether you are in reality or are in a dream, and keep you paying attention to your surroundings.  Some reality checks include:

– covering your nose and mouth to see if you can still breathe,

– writing an A on your hand in real life,

–  jumping to see if you fly or float,

–  trying to read a sentence on a page twice (it will usually change in a dream), and

– putting two fingers up to your palm and trying to push them through.

Performing reality checks regularly will eventually habitualize them and you will soon be doing them in your dreams.  An important thing to do is to constantly question whether you are dreaming or not.  It sounds paranoid, but realistically, how do you know?

You WILL have a lucid dream combining all of these actions.  A whole world of self inquiry awaits you.  Ask any question to a dream figure about yourself, or simply yell out to the dream to show you something!  Once becoming lucid, the most important thing is to not get too excited or emotional; doing so will result in the dream collapsing and you waking up.  Keep calm and dream on!


Astral Projection


We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  This means the core of who we are is not human, but rather, spirit or awareness.  This spiritual aspect of us can leave our physical vehicle and explore in higher frequencies.  Astral projection is the experience of leaving one’s body and exploring the world, the astral plane (4th dimension) and higher dimensions in a ghostly state.  It is very similar to lucid dreaming, but the main difference is that astral projection explores the external world whereas lucid dreaming explores the internal.  These are essentially the same environments, just on different ‘frequencies’.

There are two forms of Astral Projection:  Unconscious OBE’s, or Conscious ‘Bi-Location’ (referred to in the series as Astral Extension).  Unconscious OBE’s happen when our physical body is, you guessed it, unconscious.  This means either in a state of sleep, anaesthesia, or sleep paralysis.  These methods are usually harder to accomplish and take time to learn, and they are briefly touched on throughout the Astral 101 series.  The other method known as Astral Extension is simply extending our spirits outside of our bodies in a meditative state while still conscious.  This is usually only fully possible when contact is made with the higherself, because the higherself is the spiritual aspect of who we are.  Some can achieve it without a higherself, but will only achieve a remote-viewing sort of state rather than being able to communicate with anything or affect the environment.  The majority of Astral 101 is based on practicing this method, as it yields similar results to the unconscious method but is remarkably simpler.  Since they both require a lot of explanation and preparation, I won’t be able to provide a brief how-to in this article.  If you are not satisfied with my current methods and explanations throughout the series, do not worry, more writing and media is coming!


Using the Third Eye


It is quite apparent that we are not alone in this universe.  When astral traveling, this becomes not just a speculation and more an experience.  Many entities exist on higher frequencies and dimensions that we cannot see with our physical eyes.   The reason we do not see them is because they are not within our visual spectrum.  For example, we can only hear within a certain spectrum of frequency, otherwise it becomes too low or high of a sound for our ears to pick up.  Likewise, with our three dimensional eyes, we can only see within the three dimensional spectrum of colour.  While astral projecting or meditating, we rely on a sense that is not attached to a specific dimension, so we can freely move between spectrums or dimensions and experience the beings and energies that lie therein.  This sense is called the Third Eye.  This entails all trans-dimensional senses, not just sight.  A lot of people will have different ways of using their third eye; some are visual, some are tactile, some are auditory or even olfactory.  It is all considered the third eye sense because one thing (usually) connects them all in terms of stimulus; colour.


Since we only remember the experiences of this lifetime, our etheric sense translates these higher frequencies into concepts we can understand.  For example, if our astral body experiences a fourth dimensional frequency on an entity equivalent to the colour blue, it will send the image of a third dimensional blue to our minds.   Now, these colours aren’t just aesthetic, but have energetic value.  Every colour of the spectrum is a frequency that correlates to a state of consciousness, just as they do with chakras.  The seven basic colors and their correlating states are as follows:

Red – Survival, Grounding, Stability

Orange – Sexuality, Intimacy, Connection

Yellow – Individuality, Control, Will

Green – Love, Creativity, Compassion

Blue – Expression, Communication, Movement

Indigo – Knowledge, Intuition, Truth

Violet – Connection to Purpose, Soul, Higherself Connection

White/Pink – Pure, Light, High Frequency, Unconditional Love

Black – Void, Vacuum, Unmoving, Absorbing

Grey – Blocked, Unhealthy, Unresponsive


In every instance that these colors are experienced with the Third Eye, their natures are also present where they are witnessed.  If you see an entity that’s a dark red grey, you can assume it’s in a state of survival.  Same goes for everything else.

Now, using the third eye is the key to everything I’ve taught thus far.  Do not be intimidated, it is only as hard as you make it.  The third eye is directly connected to the forehead, or more importantly, the mind.  Simply close your eyes and focus your attention on your forehead.  It’s okay if your eyes flutter, this happens with everyone.  Breathe in and out at a constant interval.  At some point you will begin to see colours and tunnels.  Some say this is neural discharges, but this is debatable.  Direct your breathing almost as if your breath is going into your forehead.  You will begin to feel pressure on your forehead.  When it becomes too uncomfortable, cease this practice and come back to it later.  This is a good daily practice for exercising the third eye.  After you’ve done this for a minimum of three days, you will be able to use the third eye at any time but in your own way. (If you’re going to work with this technique, it is best to direct your breathing into every chakra, creating a balance of energy throughout your chakra system.  This allows for your higher dimensional perceptions to not be polarized to a particular sort of energy.)

Keep in mind that people have different ways of using this sense.  Also keep in mind that you should treat it like an eye in the sense that when it doesn’t need to be used, it is closed.  The point of the Third eye is not to have it constantly open or “activated”, it is the ability to use this sense on command when necessary.

When you wish to use your third eye, simply visualize whatever it is you want to see or experience and focus that intent in the middle of your brow.  After that, just allow intuition to take over and simply experience what comes.  A very important aspect of this is not doubting what you see, simply experience it without attachment and more accuracy will come with time.




Because there are so many entities one can experience, I am going to create a very simplified version of my Entities segment.  In a pragmatic sense, there are three types of energetic beings;

Positive Entities: Angels, Guides (some), Guardians, Higherselves, Ascended Masters (Beings that came directly out of Source/Spirit/God to do its will who are living a service to others/all based existence.  These beings will have white, rainbow, gold, and silver auras.)

Neutral Entities: Humans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Reptillians, etc (Ascendi beings, or, collectives who have the ability to ascend and descend, exercise free will, and create their own realities, which is ultimately still Source/Spirit/God’s will.  These beings will have all sorts of vibrant colored auras.)

Negative Entities:  Demons, Headcrabs, Hommunculi, Energy Vampires, etc ( Beings and thought forms created out of duality that have finite existences and need to constantly take energy to survive.  Their internal energetic systems do not allow them to be connected directly to Source, and are stuck in an endless loop of attempting to absorb energy.  Their auras are usually dark, grey, black, and muddled colours of the spectrum, but at times can be vibrant after absorbing a lot of energy.)

There are also two states of consciousness that the Ascendi or Neutral beings fluctuate between in order to grow or fall in frequency:

Unity Consciousness:  The state of believing everything is one whole, and that every other entity is just a mirror of the eternal self.  It embraces the collective mind, infinity, potentiality, intuition, unconditional love and simple awareness.

Duality Consciousness:  The state of believing that everything is separate and that all things are divisible into parts.  It embraces the individual, finite existence, efficiency, complexity, definition, empirical evidence, intensity, and contrast.

Either of these two states of consciousness are equally valid, but what has been apparent is that when collectives enter too far into duality, they will destroy themselves.  On the other hand, beings who enter too far into unity is that they cease to have free will.  Duality is sort of the Rose with thorns of consciousness.  All negative entities are created out of duality, but this does not mean its bad, simply an interesting and new experience for consciousness.  It is the delicate balance between Unity and Duality that Ascendi beings should strive for, as this fosters the most objective understanding.


Protection in the Astral Plane

There are so many possible variables when entering higher dimensions that travelers must arm and protect themselves with both knowledge and skill.  My series presents multiple techniques to reinforce the energetic field so that no harm can come to these curious explorers, but I will present a few basics here.

Grounding:  To anchor one’s being in a core, the core representing a moral, metaphysical, or physical home in which a being can count on as a foundation for energy.  A grounding point is usually the planet one inhabits, but can range to one’s reason to exist to a particular objective that one wishes to accomplish.  To do this, close your eyes and visualize your grounding point in your mind.  Then picture yourself as a tree with your roots going into whatever this grounding point is.  Alternatively, one can imagine one’s self as a ship and a heavy anchor plunging into the grounding point.

Shielding:  To create a barrier of spiritual pressure around one’s energetic field to ward off unwanted entities.  To do this, visualize a glowing ball of light in the center of your chest.  Instill an emotion of very high vibration into this ball of light, such as love or giving or protection or happiness.  As this ball of light fills with the emotion, condense it into a very dense point, pulling it in with all your might.  Then, simply release and project it out of your body and allow it to fill the air around you.  Use your imagination to shape it into a stable geometric form, usually one of the platonic solids that corresponds to an element of your affinity.  Finally, condense this form by imagining these energies turning into a solid (ice, glass, crystal) around you.  The trick to this is not wanting to stop something from getting to you, but rather offering an area of high vibration around you to any being who wishes to enter.  The desire to give and love is what will stop all negative entities in their tracks, because your love is infinite and their capacity to hold energy is finite.  They know as soon as they enter this field, the higher vibrations absorbed will cause an imbalance in the low vibrational being.  They avoid these spaces like one avoids radiation.

Filtering:  To sift out all unhealthy and dense energies within your current energy field.  To do this, create a shield first.  Close your eyes and imagine a long beam of light extending to the edge of the shield from your third eye.  Now, from the perspective of this point, turn and eventually spin as if you are in the center of a wheel.  Continue to spin the shield faster and faster, as fast as you possibly can until everything becomes a white blur.  This is causing your frequency to rise, and also causes your denser frequencies to be shed by default.  When you feel you are ready, slowly stop spinning and retract the beam of light.

To look at these techniques more in-depth and even some more offensive strategies, check out Exploring Without Fear and the Spiritual Warfare segment.


I just want to thank all of the readers for responding to my work with such great appreciation.  It has driven me to keep moving forward with my projects and has produced a love for sharing knowledge that I never knew I had.   There is definitely more to come, and I will try to be more frequent with my writings on Spirit Science.

Stay tuned for my new projects.


Namaste, Astralnauts.

All will be revealed.

Originally posted @ Spirit Science

  1. Derek 3 years ago

    I come from a scientific background and I am very curious about this. I believe that science cannot explain everything yet, and so I also believe that what you described in your blog may be true. But it seems silly to me to just blindly believe what I read on the internet… Can you offer me any insight into the truth? What is the truth? Can this be explained by psychology? Does religion (namely Buddhism) have a role in this? I hope that you can answer me as I start my spiritual journey..

    • Author
      Ryan Boyd 3 years ago

      Hello Derek!

      Your scientific background will always be an asset in exploring these ideas, it should never be your intention to blindly believe, I would prefer you consider these theories to experiment with!

      The truth, from my experience, experimentation, and speculation, is something almost unfathomable, a very vast, and possibly infinite universe. I think that we can never reach complete objective truth from a subjective perspective, we must draw from a variety of experiences that are diverse and then integrate them into our own in order to piece together something more objective.

      Mainstream psychology is at a crossroads when it comes to the origin of mind, and how the mind and matter interact. One could explain all of this as vivid, complex hallucination, but so is our experience of the physical world, which is in reality nothing like we perceive it to be (being made up of many forms of radiation and light that we can only see a fraction of). Many want to say that intangible, imaginary, mental things are LESS real, simply because they use physical reality as a foundation for what is real. From my perspective, everything mental is more real than physical reality, and physical reality is the most illusory. This is mirrored in Buddhism, where they view all mundane life and ego as an illusion and something to gradually let go of.

      However, this article is not limited to a particular belief system. The idea of this article is that you have to build your own belief systems based off of your own experiments and research. There are similarities here with Buddhism in a variety of ways, because Buddha actually taught to never believe another teacher including himself, to come to your own conclusions. The main difference is that buddhism advocates a specific way of being, whereas my philosophy is to learn from many ways of being then create your own.

      I wrote this article a few years ago and my perspective has gained clarity since then, feel free to email and we can get into this a little deeper.

  2. James 3 years ago

    Hey Ryan,

    Looking for your advice and wisdom.

    I’ve been reading articles upon articles looking for an acurate explanation or similar anecdote for what I’ve experienced recently. Yours is the most knowledgable I’ve read so far, but I still have some questions/ unsure about what I’m experiencing vs what I should prepare myself for whether it be developing skills and or strengthening my protective abilities.

    So I’ll get right into it and stick to some main points. First off, this all new to me so I feel like Im playing catch up on something that my being is doing instinctively on its own.

    So the past 3 nights consecutively I’ve had what appears to be AP experinces that are completely unintentional – the last time I actually repeated in my mind “stay here, in my body” as I was dozing off to see if I could practice any control.

    The first 2 experiences were accompanied by an intense vibration in my head before I was unconcious, the 3rd time was only after I came to that I felt the remnents of the vibration.

    I can recall 2 of the 3 experiences, 1 eerie feeling – might’ve been because it was my first time and 1 nuetral/positive.

    My first vivid recollection was brief, but I remember 3 things; I was in my kitchen, lights off at night, feeling like I was lightheaded/blacking out then reaching to check my pulse. Falling but then dematerializing as I was falling then next thing I feel/see is a vast empty mall lobby, with me looking up at a giant skylight with bright sunlight shining through – right before I opened my eyes I felt an intense twitching in my throat/artery area and subconciously panicked a bit.

    The other time, 3 main things I recall are feeling like I was flying/floating but not in control – like being caught in a current. Beautiful scenary – trees, rocks, pink red and brown colors, didn’t see the sky though. And being able to conciously open and close my eyes with full clarity of vision.
    The exit phase on this one was a little rough…at the same time as I was actively trying to “wake up” I remember opening and closing my eyes thinking if I closed my eyes I would open them and find myself awake in my bed, but as I failed to return to reality simultaneuosly I felt I was being pulled by the current into what felt like a dark cave with me grabbing at the ground. Overall was a pleasant feeling experience, minus the little snag at the end.

    Im still trying to feel out whether I’m lucid dreaming or APing because its unintentional and I don’t notice a ‘spirit cord’. Also want to make sure Im not treading dangerously

    • Author
      Ryan Boyd 3 years ago

      Hey there James, I would be glad to help you. Those experiences all sound like astral projections. The chord isn’t a requirement and only some people have that experience, nevertheless you are connected to your body. At the moment you haven’t got your astral bearings yet, and even when you do, the sweeping current phenomenon is quite common. Because this was all by accident and recent, this may be due to a change in your personal energies. This can be a result of astrology (basically planets making certain patterns that amplify specific vibrations), solar storms/flares (which are apparently acting up today, not sure about the last few days), a change in what you are eating, a change in medication, or a change in hormones. Because you felt a twitching in your throat, this may be related to your throat chakra, but I think that is more of a symptom, because usually the throat chakra would cause you to project to a different type of place. The hormones released by your thyroid may have an imbalance which was compensated by your pituitary gland and hypothalamus(just googled this). The Pituitary gland is directly related to your third eye and crown chakras, meaning its connected to spiritual and psychic energy centers in you. I suggest going to the doctor and getting your hormones checked out just in case. They may have leveled out now as a result though.

      In any case, you have now experienced Astral Projection, and you’re off to a good start. Regarding the experience of being pulled into a cave and the general lack of control, this will require you to do three things, the first is to ground yourself, meaning to reconnect your body and astral body with the earth. This can be done by spending an hour a day barefoot on grass and soil (specifically in areas that have not been manmade). There are also grounding meditations you can do, so either search them on google or check out one of my other articles: .
      The other techniques that will assist you, shielding and clearing, are also in this article. These techniques should be practiced while in your physical body with visualization, used before bed (try to do it a bit earlier just in case you’re too tired) or during your projections as soon as you leave your body and remember. This will give you more control and nothing can influence you as long as you practice and take it seriously (in other words, believe in it, and yourself). For shielding, repetition and mental clarity is key in success. Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions. Much love!

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