As I sit here on the day of my 43rd birthday I reflect back on the enormous amount of changes I’ve gone through over the past several years.  I began a journey long ago of researching the topic of UFO’s and life beyond our planet.  I’ve always been fascinated with this subject and sort of drawn into it.  Especially after seeing films as a young child such as Star Wars, Close Encounters, and E.T.  These not only captivated my imagination, but also made me feel there was something very wrong about our world and that I just didn’t fit in with all the pain, suffering, wars, poverty etc.  Like the saying goes “a fish out of water”.

So I’ve spent most of my life looking up at the stars and researching the subject.  And that was what has led to a so called “Awakening” of a whole new underground world that’s living and taking place right under our noses.  Once you start down the rabbit hole you would be amazed at the information you come across.  It then becomes somewhat of an addiction.  You spend hours and days and then months and years continuously searching for more information.  It is simply overwhelming.  And then you need to find what “resonates”, or what is truth and what is non-sense.  It’s a learning experience like no other.  There are no “facts”.

And then in 2007 I joined the social networking scene.   And that’s where I discovered I was not so alone in this world.  I was not the so called “fish out of water”.  For there were many more that were the same.  And many that were undergoing the same sort of “Awakening” I was having.  As the years went on and I continued to discover more and more of these “awakened “souls, I found out they were spread out throughout the entire globe.  And they all have very similar traits.  Some of these traits include the following:

  1. DNA changes that are causing body aches and pains especially in the back, shoulder , and neck.
  2. Feeling of a deep inner sadness or loneliness as you may be releasing the past including past lifetimes.  The feeling of not fitting in and being out of place.
  3. A very strong connection to the earth, nature and the animals. Animals approach you and have no fear of you for no apparent reason.
  4. The feeling that even though you live a wonderful life with all your needs met that something is missing.  You feel the strong urge you need to help change the world and you have a deep passion for all of mankind and especially those less fortunate.  And also to rid the planet of pollution.  As you grow concerned you speak to others about these issues and post things on social networks and you find out that no one wants to talk about these subjects and no one seems to care as you do.  And that is very disheartening since these are the subjects that are most important and vital to our future survival.
  5. Suffering from very unusual sleeping patterns.  Awakening at night between 2:00 and 4:00 am.  Some say this is due to “working” in the dream state and needing a breather.
  6. Having very intense or “Lucid” dreams that may involve battles and wars, or monsters and chases, or dreams of flying.  Sometimes intense dreams are from clearing out old energies within.
  7. Feeling disoriented and very light-headed.  Hard to walk and stay grounded sometimes and have a feeling you are living in two worlds.
  8. Having a very strong connection to life beyond our planet.  Becoming almost obsessed with discovering the truth and having a strong feeling you’ve lived past lives on another world and one that was of a higher dimension or frequency.
  9. Feelings of being alone even in the company of others. You feel that you want to leave and get away from the crowd in an almost panic state.  You have a very hard time relating with others.  Conversations about the latest news, gossip, or sports and weather are not holding your interest whatsoever.
  10. Sometimes losing all passion and desire to do anything but lie down and rest.  Almost as if you are getting an upload of energies that make it too overwhelming to function.
  11. Feeling a deep longing or a need to return “home”.   Feeling that you have completed your Karmic cycles.  You just don’t belong here and never have and the frequencies are too much to handle.  Not being accustomed to so much earthly pain and suffering.  You have strong idea of what it was like on the other side and you long for a return but realize you must complete your “soul contract” or mission here on earth.
  12. Very sensitive to bright lights.
  13. A longing or yearning for the truth in all matters of life.  You want to help bring forth the truth about the corruption of the elite powers of control, wars for profits, GMO’s, chemtrails, income inequality, pharmaceuticals and fluoride poisoning, earth destroying fossil fuels, and all matters of human rights, liberties,  and freedoms that are taken away.  Once all of these truths are revealed and our collective consciousness will be raised significantly and the world will know peace.
  14. A strong thirst for knowledge into the paranormal.  Ghosts, spirits, fairies, angels, mermaids etc. are very real.  Many have the abilities to see into their realm, or have the ability to communicate.
  15. Many have had a near death experience (NDE) at some point in their lives.  Possibly seeing “the other side” or  heaven and have been brought back to complete their mission in life and also bring back with them many “gifts” or new abilities which may include “channeling” spirits, angels, deceases prophets and saints, ascended masters, extraterrestrial beings etc.

So if you have many of these symptoms or traits, chances are you are part of our group.


                So what is our purpose?  Why are we all here and finding one another around the globe?  Why did we all come here and incarnate at this very specific time in earth’s history?

                Some have told me they had a NDE and were sent back here to assist in bringing forth a new era on the planet.  A new golden age of peace, of prosperity, of freedom and abundance.  A new “Heaven on Earth” as described in the bible.  We have been called “Wayshowers”, ”Lightworkers”, “Starseeds”, “Indigo Children”, “Children of the Rainbow”, and “Crystal Children”.  And we are all lighting a path for others to follow.

                I believe in what is known as the “100th monkey effect”.  When enough people are awake the world will change.  It will become a place that will be unrecognizable as what we are living today.  As more and more people around the globe awaken to their true selves and mission, it will just be a matter of time when we reach that critical tipping point and usher in the new era.  And based on the people I’ve spoken to and the vast amount of knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years, it’s not a matter of if, but when.





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