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Written by Lee Davy, Modern Day Samurai, New Earth University, School of Consciousness & Spirituality

Balance. A fundamental Law of the Universe. Yin and Yang as it is commonly expressed. Everything has polar opposites. Perhaps we are here to discover and reach our balance. I have scoured the globe for nearly 30 years to find the tools that aid in my own equilibrium – mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually.

Balance in life, our relationships, work, and self disciplined practices are of utmost importance.

Martial Arts, believe it or not was a huge catalyst in helping me discover this balance. I was always too Yang (forceful, fast, masculine, pushing, etc). Always trying to make things happen, go, Go, GO. As I’ve learned over the years, force negates. Trying to ‘make things happen’ is the equivalent of swimming upstream. It’s often painful, time consumer and you seldom get very far. As I introduced meditation and mindfulness, energy work, breath work and visualization to my daily practices, I noticed balance and peace coming back to my form – mind, body and Soul.

Now, whenever I lean too far out of alignment one way or the other, I reflect and see which I need more of in my life. Yin or Yang. Often times, I need more Yin. As you cultivate more Yin, you will acquire more Yang in reserve or in parallel.

I have witnessed it to be true for others as well. Leaning too far to the meditative state leads to sluggishness and lethargy. A lack of energy even. While leaning too far to ‘doing’ or ‘busy’ as it is most commonly referred to by people, leads to stress, anguish, and depletion. Chaos almost. Chaos in the mind, body and with Spirit.

As you become more aware of how aligned, or not you are, it is the perfect time to self-reflect and attune to what the entirety of YOU really requires.

Here are some things that may help in your quest.

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Blood flow is one of the paramount instruments from which you can derive energy. Movement is always improvement. You’ll want to choose something you are interested in at first. I always recommend some form of strength training. As you’ll notice with even a small amount of time dedicated to this endeavor, it is foundational to all other aspects of movement and physicality.

As you continue to devote time to it, your strength, flexibility and overall quality of life will continue to improve.

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This is a terrific way to quiet the mind, or better yet, fill the mind with purposeful activity. Similar to visualization, you simply use your intention. If you are just trying to quiet the mind, you leave out free will and essentially are left waiting for energy to shift/move on its own. When you employ and fill the mind with purposeful activity you take the guess work out of what you are hoping to accomplish, WHILE calming and focusing the mind. The mind cannot think about two things simultaneously. So any negative thoughts or patterns that you were focused on will fall away, you’ll clear more space for yourself (think of it as decluttering the mind) and be able to reach higher states of consciousness as the ‘monkey’ or thinking mind settles.

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Energy Building

A beautiful way to increase vitality in the body is through building and moving Qi (energy) within the physical form. As you continue to do this, old stagnant energies can fall away and you will feel replenished and revitalized. It may bring up old wounding, physical aches and pains, emotions, etc. The good thing? If they are up, it means the body is no longer holding onto them. As a result, you will feel lighter, more vibrant and have a better handle/balance on your overall energy. Essentially, you tap into the Universal energy source available, rather than relying completely on your physical forms finite source of energy.

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A key to any practice is visualizing what you truly desire for your life to look like. Once you build the image of what you want, health, relationships, business, money, travel, etc, etc, it will begin to unfold, just like magic into your physical reality. A couple of key points here. There is a time for sowing and a time for reaping. This means that the more time and repetition that you spend on the visualization process, the more alignment you will feel with what you are visualizing and the less time the default mechanism (in your subconscious – known as the paradigm) will be able to grip or unfold your current reality.

The most successful people on the planet say exactly the same thing. Create the image of what you want in your mind, focus on it and it will manifest into physicality.

Einstein said “this is physics, not philosophy, focus the mind on what you desire and it cannot help but manifest into form. It can be no other way.”

Bob Proctor said “if you can see if in your mind, you can hold it in your hand”

Playing a Sport

Again, as we look at incorporating more Yang to our daily practice and with the assumption that movement is improvement, choose something, a sport, yoga, anything that gets the blood flowing, releases endorphins and has you feeling more optimal and aligned. If you don’t move a stagnation will begin to occur.

If you feel stagnant in any area of your life, you have to move, change things up, get out of your routine. As you do, you’ll be able to see things differently, through a different lens or from a different perspective.

You’ll feel better. As you feel better, you’ll be able to perceive a new way forward.

Reading or Writing

Employing some down time to create. Reading and or writing is a terrific way to employ your creative faculty. You’ll be able to visualize, and employ your mental faculties in a different way than you normally do. You’ll access different areas of the brain than you do for traditional, ‘logical’ daily activities.

Utilizing other areas of the mind is supremely important for moving stagnant energies and creating balance in the mind.

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Breath Work

Supremely important for relaxation, controlling and tapping into the autonomic nervous system. You will soften the body, bring up and let go of energies, stagnation, wounding, tension, and stress in the mind and body.

Alternatively, you will release serotonin, oxytocin, melatonin, and dmt. These are all of the feel good hormones. You’ll feel lighter, freer and more aligned with each deep breath you take.

I cannot say enough about this practice. It will change your life!

Do What You Love

What do you do that brings you satisfaction, fills you up and that you are passionate about? Do you have hobbies, bake, create, travel? Cultivating passions and things you enjoy and even love doing will take you from existing, going through the motions, to living each moment with joy, abundance and anticipation.

The more you fill to the brim with love and the more you balance mind, body and Soul, the more free flowing, creative and sharing you will become.

As this continues, you’ll have more days of opulence, you’ll feel more freedom and energy in all areas and that life that you’ve been dreaming of, will magically appear right before your eyes!

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