Beautiful Bali – StarGate at NewEarth Haven


Written by Dr. Nancy Ash, DD, PhD, Co-founding Chancellor of the NewEarth University – a new-paradigm learning initiative of the NewEarth Project

Having returned stateside from Bali, Indonesia recently, there has been an ocean of recalibrating reflection from the long voyage and participation in the NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival. How do I put this collective life-altering experience into words? How do I write an article about the kaleidoscopic view of it all? — the colors, the fragrances, the beauty of the land, and her skies at sunrise with the Agnihotra ceremony at sunset, the conscious collaboration in community at the NewEarth Haven with its 7-star organic cuisine, and so many astonishing Souls, et al.

After pondering this quandary in quiet contemplative sacred space, my heart led to a humble poetic offering sprinkled with a few photos from this journey. May these musings illuminate the magic and power of this zero-point coordinate. InJoy!


(Editor’s note: The following poems are excerpted with the author’s permission from her book that celebrates a re-emergence of the sacred feminine: Garland of Grace: Sitting with the Dying Sun, © by Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash.)



NewEarth Founder, Sacha Stone gathers friends at Ancient Futures Festival 2017


Womb of The Daughters and Sons

Tired and of thirst

I finally reached Turquoise Mountain

The crest, white with snow.

You were there, Brother, crying in the wind

Tears carried, like misty feathers…

Floating to Mother’s hand.

Her golden stallion ready, silver-winged

Bent to ease a graceful mount.


She came forth

To this citadel of becoming

And tenderly, as handmaiden with honey and milk

Her elegant scarf caressed wet eyes, clenched

Wiping darkness away.

Then Divine Mother spoke

As ice melted around her robe:


Daughters and Sons

That sleep in a bed of tears

Awaken! from tedious slumber of this tide

From this Great Dream

Know your bedchamber, dry.”

___________________________________ ♥



Wisdom Keepers at NE Haven’s Akasha, Ancient Futures Festival 2017 ~ photo credit


Clarion Call of The Sacred Feminine

Shofar was blown

Piercing morning light of Father Sky —

Such resounding revelry!


Spiraling ram’s horn

Woke the divine winds of change

To rising mud of Mother Earth.


An army of maidens

Rode in from the North, East, South and West.


Legions of Red Foxes and Ravens

Heard our cry!

Grouse danced her circle;

White Buffalo came in prayer.


Conch shell

Was lifted to The Ten Directions,

A bulbous vessel summoned Dakinis and men.


Drums beat as praise

To the heart of All gathered here.

__________________________________ ♥




Jiwa Damai Organic Gardens photo by Jonathan Ash 2017


Divine Mother at the Gate

I’ve dreamed you a thousand times

In many forms


I’ve played with your children

In every game


I’ve seen you in crowds

Before your time


I’ve heard your whispers

In the wind


I’ve tasted your nectar

In a flowing stream


I’ve felt your power

In the mountain thunderclap


I’ve dreamed you a thousand times

In many forms


Here with you I dwell,

Divine Mother.

___________________________ ♥



Bali Beauty ~ photo by Nancy Ash 2017


Buddha Nature

Today I woke up, again.

My friends, the sky and bowing limbs

Mourned my passing

In delight.


Today I woke up, again.

The air, so clean

Coaxed leaves to dance, unfettered

In wind.


Today I woke up, again.

To thoughts, inquired at their base

And quaking

In crumbling foundation.


Today I woke up, yet again.

This moment, so free and alive to the everything

And nothing

In Grace.

______________________________________ ♥



Nancy Ash, DD, PhD is a modern day mystic and pioneering midwife to the new paradigm since the 1970s.  Her heart-centered voice is heard worldwide as a passionate new-thought-leader, author/poet, web TV host, and former radio co-host championing peace for all women, men and children on this planet.

Dr. Ash is Co-founding Chancellor of the NewEarth University, the planetary hub for wisdom-keeping of the NewEarth Project.  She is president, graduate/postgrad advisor and Dean of the School of Interspiritual Studies at New Earth Theological University at  Her book, Garland of Grace is a textbook for a course she facilitates, Interspiritual Studies in Sacred Poetry.

In tandem with decades of multi-dimensional work as a Oneness Advocate in the field of evolutionary consciousness, Nancy is deeply honored to serve on the founding Board of Trustees for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (, to ensure that human rights are fairly and nobly upheld, restoring justice-making to the people.  She feels that working in this capacity is an enormous responsibility steeped in integrity, diligence and steadfast devotion to a better world.

Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash resides in the enchanted mountains of New Mexico and has authored two books: Garland of Grace: Sitting with the Dying Sun, and Doing a 360: Turning Your Life Around to Follow Soul’s Purpose.  For more information: click here


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