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Written by Alosha Lynov, founding director of Bio Veda Academy, an affiliate of the NewEarth University

From the Editor: The NewEarth University (NEU) is delighted to announce its new affiliation with Bio Veda Academy founded and directed by Alosha Lynov from Russia. He brings inspiring conscious eco-home building and abundant water curriculum to NEU, and we are honored to share his in-depth courses with you.

For the last ten years I have focused my energy on the most important base of Maslow’s pyramid—affordable Sacred Geometrical homes with their own Off-Grid water system. With over 500 online and on-site students my research has shown that we are all dreaming of the same future: Co-creation with others in nature through alternative education whilst breathing fresh air, drinking living water, and having a home that we do not have to pay for throughout our entire life! This is a life free of top-down governmental control, a life of cooperation and mutual understanding.

To take these matters practically, I moved onto a farm with my family back in 2009. I was building a super adobe building when my wife and child got tied up in an armed robbery, just a few hundred meters away. This—coupled with a bankruptcy—sent me back to the city to learn to love my dying event décor business.

Over the past decade, in search of practical wisdom, I have taken numerous courses from various planetary eco-tech giants like Mike Reynolds at Earth Ship Academy in Taos, New Mexico. Together with other students we built two schools in Malawi and Mexico. I learned permaculture from Geoff Lawton; super adobe at Cal Earth School of Earth Art and Architecture in California; air crete construction from Hajjar Gibran of Dome Gaia; bio geometry from Ibrahim Karim; water filtration from John Todd; organic gardening from John Jeavons; food forest gardening from Martin Crawford…as well as many others.

Now I have practically implemented all this learned wisdom after making some expensive mistakes at my permaculture-training centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. All those mistakes (as well as practical know-how) have been corrected in order to put together our online comprehensive step-by-step training.

Bio Veda Academy teaches Abundance of Water and DIY Eco-Dome Home Construction. This training allows any novice to build his or her own Off-Grid Eco-Dome with a full Water Sustainability Kit. I am currently developing the modules for cold climates of Russia and Canada while integrating Sacred Bio Geometry into the Home Design, in order for the homes to protect us from Electro Magnetic Radiation.

My passion has moved from just homes and water…to design of successful conscious communities. I’ve realised that we cannot do anything grand-standing alone. We need community and cooperation. We need to learn to co-create together whilst living in harmony with our Earth.

And, this is THE BIG question:

Why are so few not ready to move out of our toxic cities for an alternative lifestyle?

In my search for the answers I’ve realised that in order for us to start to de-urbanise (in any new place we join) for the very least, there must be answers to these following questions:

  • Where am I going to live?
  • How am I going to make a living?
  • Where are my kids going to learn?
  • How can we cooperate with others?

This inquiry led me to travel through various communities in Russia, a county with over 600 intentional eco-villages! I soon learned that most of them have the same problems repeating over and over again:

  • Community—as a whole—don’t seem to agree on projects or a way of conducting themselves harmoniously.
  • People who run away from the toxic cities bring their fears and problems to nature.
  • Sought after multiple city professions are no longer needed in community or nature.
  • Families get stuck in their plots without any energy or finances to develop communal co-ops, and soon run out of all funds.
  • It is almost impossible for only one family to grow produce or generate crafts, market, and thereafter sell them.
  • The above-mentioned points cause poverty, lack, and subsequent failure, which forces folks to run back to the cities.
  • Sadly, as soon as the children grow up, they run from their poverty-stricken villages and get swallowed back into the “matrix”—without any sign of return.
  • Without their beloved kids, sound finances, or correct cooperative structures…the adults may divorce or move back to the cities to support their kids going through college.

This is the unfortunate fate of most of the communities that I visited. I believe it has something to do with their incomplete design model, which usually goes like this…

  1. Come and experience…Try out life in the settlement
  2. Pay for the land or for the use of the land
  3. Build a house…?

Maybe you will have enough money to finish building the house; and, maybe you will have enough money to build a profitable business, which can sustain you into the future? With that model (only 10% of all people who would love to leave the city to live in nature) make the actual move. Usually people who leave, do so on emotions (like I did after being inspired by books of Vladimir Megre about Anastasia) … or these are folks who are just relocating their businesses. Out of these 10%, half leave the settlement and go back to the city within a few short years—in full bankruptcy. The other large percentage leaves the community when their children leave (in order to support them in university studies). This is the futile reality of what is going on in most of the eco-villages that I’ve visited.

Meet Alosha Lynov in this video:


So, let us envision a positive outcome.

How do we open the road for the other 90% of the people who want to leave the city for a better conscious life? How do we make it truly sustainable and awesome so that our children stay on and continue flourishing with what we’ve started in these communities?

To answer the above questions I have searched and researched far and wide. I’ve met various thinkers and leaders who have observed the same dead-end communes and are birthing a new wave of eco-villages based on cooperatives, spirituality, and mutual understanding.

It’s important to grasp the following: If we, as a conscious community, are creating at least 1,000 working places and filling the shelves of markets and shops in the surrounding towns and villages, then we will not need corrupt governments or the system. Yet the epoch of only my family, my little veggie patch and my two goats is over… and DOES NOT have an angle of viable sustainability or abundance. The reality is that most people generally cannot organize themselves into proper streamlined, effective businesses to pump out quantities of produce. Entrepreneurs organized into multiple eco-villages—with the right structure and right people in place—can achieve that. Our role is to successfully join entrepreneurs, people, and honest local government to create local economy via multiple eco-villages, which are all interlinked between each other in cooperative structure sharing some resources, and being able to over compete agro-holding companies on quantity and reasonable quantity of produce.

We need to create an internal economic system in which the money stays within a specific area whilst the community ever increases in abundance…whilst improving soil structure so the people may truly flourish. In this vein, I have compiled the most current research from the greatest Russian minds in the fields of cooperation and eco-village community living.

Along with my current curriculum offered, this is what I also envision to assist the NewEarth movement: new models leading to more cooperation and abundant living.


Alosha Lynov is a visionary inventor, entrepreneur, international edutainer and a master builder of awe-inspiring, aesthetically practical self-regenerative bio – geometric living habitats, inspired by nature’s genius.  He has created online video training, which teaches eco-home construction and water sustainability through simple and fun DIY weekend projects. Alosha expresses his creativity and talents to guide our humanity to co-create intelligent new reality kin domain villages that surround training, healing and business centres.  The social structures and lifestyles in his settlements are designed to support all those living within to thrive with health and abundance whilst caring for Earth and each other. Alosha is currently creating an international intentional community in Russia.

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