Blast Off! NASA Launches Solar Liquid Power into Space – Tune In Now!

EDIT: It looks like NASA has experienced a non-nominal flight.  Launch vehicle failure has occurred and they are currently analyzing the data to determine what has actually taken place.  Stay tuned into the live feed for more details!

EDIT: We recently received a comment from Solar Liquid Power inventor Doug Linman on the recent launch failure: 

We are certainly saddened by the rocket loss, but not with any resolve. By Aerospace protocol we are automatically reserved for any next flight we are ready for and others will get bumped as we were in May. We have backup modules, that we can quickly ready for that opportunity. The publicity will be good for us and our investors, for them to see and feel what it is like getting ready at such high and demanding levels to achieve something quite extraordinary.

Blessings always,
Doug Linman

Get ready to witness history being made!  NASA’s Space X Dragon 2 Launch is currently underway at Cape Canaveral Florida.  The shuttle contains the breakthrough nanotechnology Solar Liquid Power, invented by New Earth’s very own Director of Science & Technology, Doug Linman.

The launch will commence today at 10:21 am EST, traveling on board a Dragon 2 Rocket provided by SpaceX to dock with the 15 country owned International Space Station operating in low Earth orbit. The experiments that will be run during its 60 day voyage on board the ISS will be daily microgravity and low Earth radiation tests.

Doug Linman and MQ Corp are working in collaboration with NEST to bring Solar Liquid Power to all aspects of New Earth through sustainable community building, events, homes and the world at large. The Founders have promised that SLP will be made available to all people as affordable renewable power.

Tune into the launch sequence below!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

For more information on Solar Liquid Power, visit the New Earth Institute:


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