BREAKING: Stephen Bassett takes on Congress as The Disclosure Movement Moves to Capitol Hill

There appears to be a powerful force that is pushing the disclosure initiative to the forefront and November 5th of next week could be a powerful game changer.  Political fears are now prevalent  to now just simply avoid the subject completely in the United States, where it was once thought to destroy the other party for wearing “tin foil hats” for bringing up the notion of life outside our planet. Now the tides are turning. I want to thank Geoffrey West of Cosmic Vision News (1) for this discussion and clip on last week’s radio broadcast.

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As you will hear in the broadcast at the link below from New Earth Nation Fellow and Disclosure Pioneer Stephen Bassett, it appears Fox news ran a story on what is called The Rockefeller Initiative. (2) What is the Rockefeller Initiative? According to Bassett this was a push back in 1993 by billionaire Laurance Rockefeller for disclosure of the E.T. presence to the public.  Eventually this led to the further Roswell investigation which didn’t really amount to anything being revealed to the American people once again. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton supported the initiative.


Here is a letter from Stephen Bassett addressed to Hillary dated April 30, 2008 regarding the Initiative:

“Dear Senator Clinton:

In March 1993 billionaire Laurance Rockefeller initiated an extraordinary approach to your husband’s administration via the Office of Science and Technology Policy headed by Dr. John Gibbons. A memorandum from Mr. Rockefeller’s attorney Henry Diamond dated March 29, 1993 conveyed a request to meet with Gibbons “to discuss the potential availability of government information about unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life.”   Rockefeller, a friend and supporter of you and your husband, wanted to meet with the President and inform him “there is a belief in many quarters that the government has long held classified information regarding UFOs which has not been released and that the failure to do so has brought about unnecessary suspicion and distrust,” and that “Many believe that the release of such information on a basis consistent with national security would be a significant gesture which would increase confidence in government.

Thus began a three-year effort by a notable American to convince your husband to essentially be the “Disclosure President” and end a then 46-year truth embargo on providing the full facts to the American people regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. This effort, which included meetings, reports, briefings, a book, draft letters to the President and more, came to be known as the Rockefeller Initiative. You were aware of this initiative from the beginning as was a key advisor to the President, John Podesta. You and your husband met with Rockefeller at his Wyoming ranch in August of 1995. Your husband tasked a close friend, Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, to look into the UFO issue at the Department of Justice and elsewhere. He tasked John Podesta, his eventual Chief of Staff, to reform and accelerate the document declassification process. You were kept informed of the ongoing initiative and helped draft a letter from Rockefeller to the President. It is notable that John Podesta, the founder and now CEO of the Center for American Progress, in 2002 and 2003 called for the release to the public of all UFO and related documents in government files. In 2004 Governor Bill Richardson, UN Ambassador and Secretary of Energy during your husband’s administration, made a similar request for documents pertaining to the events in Roswell, New Mexico during July of 1947.

These facts are known from news articles, public records and, most importantly, from nearly 1000 pages of correspondence and documents obtained by researcher Grant Cameron from the Office of Science and Technology Policy via the Freedom of Information Act. Additional relevant documents are expected to be released soon from the Clinton Presidential Library.

Senator, it is your ambition to reach a significant milestone in American history by becoming the first President of the United States who happens to be a woman, or put another way, the 49th female head of state. While this would be an admirable legacy, what the American people need is less legacy and more truth. The people have lost patience with “in loco parentis” government that treats them like children and candidates with long lists of issues they can’t discuss because it is not convenient to their campaign or the people “can’t handle the truth.”

Because you have been introduced to these matters within the context of the White House, because you aspire to the highest office in the nation, you have an extraordinary opportunity and primary obligation to address what is easily the most profound issue of our time – an issue with major national security and policy implications.


Stephen Bassett
Executive Director (3)


In this broadcast segment below Bassett describes the fact that Hillary Clinton was named in his interview during a Fox News mainstream media broadcast and she was tied to this push for disclosure. That interview can be found here:

The news anchors’ responses and treatment of Bassett and the issue were horrendous which amazes me that this is still the behavior to this day. These media anchors are in for a real shock.

But what is significant about this is the fact that this could have been a disaster for her political career. Why didn’t Fox News question Clinton’s push for this initiative? Why didn’t we hear about this through all the right wing politicians attempting to ruin her reputation? Why didn’t we hear from Rush Limbaugh and other radio and TV personalities attempting to make a mockery of her and destroy her attempts for a White House run in 2016? According to Stephen Bassett there are two reasons. Number one many in the Republican Party are already aware of the E.T. presence with their close ties to the upper ranks of the military machine and military industrial complex. The second reason is that if an announcement is made by a world leader outside the U.S. about this presence you better make sure you are on the right side of the fence.

As I stated in a recent article that Disclosure is Now Underway (3) there are things about to be disclosed that will send shock waves around the globe. According to several sources Majestic 12 or MJ12 have recently voted in favor of disclosure (4). When you start connecting the dots with this Stephen Bassett radio clip it becomes clear that no political party wants to be known for destroying another candidate for their belief in extraterrestrial life. Why? Because let’s just say Vladimir Putin for example decides to go public with the E.T. presence, your party does not want to be on the losing side of this bombshell. And although many of us know there really is a shadow government or “Cabal” running things behind the scenes, we have come to grips that the two-party system here in the U.S. is quite the joke in reality. However this does not take away from the fact that something big is about to happen and Stephen Bassett claims we will have congressional hearings on this subject by March of 2015. And this leads into Bassett’s new attempt with the Congressional Hearing Initiative. (6) On November 5th Bassett will deliver to every member of Congress the DVD to all of the witness testimonies from the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure that took place in the spring of 2013.

“From April 29 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, and military/agency/political witnesses representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, DC to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was an unprecedented event in terms of size, scope and the involvement of former members of the U. S. Congress. With over 30 hours of testimony from 40 witnesses over five days.  The event was the most concentrated body of evidence regarding the extraterrestrial subject ever presented to the press and the general public at one time.” (7)


So now Bassett needs the members of our Congress to bear witness to these incredible testimonies.

“PRG’s registered lobbyist Stephen Bassett will soon take the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to Capitol Hill and press for immediate congressional hearings for scores of military/agency/political witnesses ready to testify under oath.  If those hearings take place, the Truth Embargo may not last 60 days.” (8)

Here is more on the Congressional Hearing Initiative:

“The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD) was a great success. We brought 40 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses to the National Press Club in Washington to testify for 30 hours over 5 days before 6 former members of the U. S. Congress regarding events and evidence for extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1947.

Why This Can Work

First and foremost this initiative would not be possible without the film record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. We are going to send over 5000 DVDs to the 535 congressional offices. These DVDs represent the hearings the Congress should be holding and provides a glimpse of what to expect. This is a game changer.

If congressional hearings are held in the House and Senate to take the testimony from hundreds of government/agency/political witnesses, we are quite confident the scores of sitting Members on those committees will undergo the same transformation as the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee. The truth embargo will not last sixty days. This is exactly why certain persons in the know within Congress have blocked every effort to get such hearings since 1968, and there have been many.

Our message to Congress will be simple and direct. Your approval rating is historically low. Trust in government has collapsed. All this could be turned around in a few months because the most important issue in the world today is yours to resolve. All you have to do is call witnesses and listen.” This is not 1968. There are and have always been friends of Disclosure within Congress, but they have been isolated without a platform upon which to stand. The CHD provides that platform.


The Initiative will begin with the shipping of 10-DVD sets of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to each member of the 113th Congress. That will be day one. The current target date for the shipping of the DVD sets, which is subject to change, December 2014.

Day 1

A multi-DVD set of the CHD will be sent to all 535 Members of Congress along with a letter signed by potential witnesses requesting a meeting between the Member or staff person and lobbyist, Stephen Bassett; to discuss the CHD and the immediate need for House and Senate hearings.
[Note: it takes about two weeks for shipping and security screenings.]

Day 1 – 14

Press releases and media appearances will be used to alert the congressional offices the DVD sets have been sent.

Day 14

A request will go out via email, websites and social media to all ET truth advocates to mail, email or fax their three congressional representatives a request to review the CHD material and meet with Steve Basset to discuss the need for hearings. Constituent correspondence is always given priority consideration. Paradigm Research Group’s Fax on Washington website will help coordinate the email/fax/letter campaign.

Day 18

We will begin contacting Congressional offices with meeting requests. A spread sheet will track which offices accept or decline these requests.

Day 20

We will submit a new Disclosure petition to the White House “We the People” project calling for the President to ask the House Minority Leader and Senate Majority Leader to begin Congressional hearings in the appropriate committees. This petition will be posted on the White House website for 30 days while the congressional contacts are being made.

Day 25

Letters signed by former members of Congress and other notable persons will be sent to the specific chairpersons of the appropriate House and Senate committees in order to reinforce the process now 25 days in after they may have gotten some input from staffers or committee members.

Day 30

A request will go out via email, websites and social media to all ET truth advocates to mail, email or fax those congressional offices, which have declined to meet with us, to reconsider their decision.

Day 30+

We will continue to pursue meetings with Senate and House Members/staffers as well as the offices of the appropriate committees until such time as those committees initiate hearings for the government/agency/political witnesses ready to testify. “ (9)

Our deepest gratitude and sincere thanks go out to Stephen and his push to end this truth embargo. Please consider a donation to support his valiant efforts here:

Although many here are already aware of the presence of beings from other worlds, the ones that are completely blind and do not believe are about to be in for a massive shock and the world as we once knew it will never be the same in many ways. To read more about the impact you may look at my recent article on how the world will look after disclosure. (10)

Here is the link to the broadcast of Cosmic Vision News from last Friday, October 24th and I strongly recommend listening and please share. The portion of the broadcast with Stephen Basset is from the 37:21 to the 48:17 mark if you have limited time, but I recommend listening to the whole broadcast:


Here is a link to a video which can be found at the bottom of this webpage and is the second video listed:

It’s time to wake up the world and end the Truth Embargo!





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