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new ways of being

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At the NewEarth University School of The Living Arts – discipline of Learning & Education, all of us worldwide are devoted to inspire and motivate new ways of being; and therefore rediscover and redefine concepts called, “learning” and “education.”

Our distinguished faculty, fellows and staff have many decades of experience and – like you – have been disillusioned by the old, outmoded ways of education that are broken, boring and way too expensive.  All serve altruistically for the good of the whole. We invite you to ask big questions:

Have older methods of education worked?  How do we truly learn?  What’s the best way to teach?  How do we bridge old learning models with new ones?  How may we create a world of peace?  If children are our future… have we given them the best “education” possible?

There are many, many questions like these to ponder. Our vision is to re-calibrate education; it is a topic of importance, something that we take seriously at NEU. We need to UNlearn for much of what we’ve been taught are lies.  We need to learn how to live consciously with purpose from the zero-point of the heart.

As humanity grows in unity consciousness, aware of limitless possibilities, each one of us takes more responsibility and experiences the blossoming of love, abundance, joy, peace and harmony.  We expand life from the core of our heart where all things are made equal – the place where infinite creativity resides.

It is from this place that we forge ahead into new vistas of consciousness rooted in the pure-truth.

teach/learn – learn/teach models

NewEarth University Learning & Education faculty welcome children of ALL ages to engage and collaborate in our infinite playground of the possible. In alignment with the NewEarth ethos, all are embraced in the enfolding and unfolding magic of all innovative teach/learn – learn/teach models.  These exemplar learning spaces from around the world reflect a whole-systems premise.

new paradigm of learning

We are honored to help usher in the new paradigm as pioneers re-calibrating the sphere of learning and education.  This includes nurturing the whole being, guiding each to reach their highest potential on the heroic life-long journey of exploration that we call, life. Consider aligning with us in discovery of vast treasures waiting to be realized.  From the core of your sovereign heart… from the rich potentiated emptiness of all there is like an artist’s blank canvas, create your masterpiece!  And then share what you’ve learned in the process.

As part of the NewEarth family (virtual platform and our developing on-site programs) we invite your imagination to thrive in our interactive playground, a limitless wellspring of cosmic wisdom and knowledge.

dedicated conduits for expanded vistas of learning

Our esteemed faculty, fellows, staff, alliances and affiliates are dedicated to manifesting a peaceful world of empowered people by connecting the conscious dots through visionary, inspiring learning models of all types.

We encourage young children and youth to teach each other.  And, at any age, we truly do teach what we need to learn.

Continue this kaleidoscopic quest to new ways of being – the beauty and substance of spirited wonder within yourself… mindful of glorious connection to all patterns in nature, in artful forms throughout our living Multi-verse.


stop and smell the flowers – join us

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