Cacao Club – The New Paradigm Alternative to Mainstream Social Life


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Written by Kieran Sharp

Cacao Club emerges as a viable “alternative” to mainstream social life. Many of us are awakening to the fact that drinking culture; while it might currently provide a rich social life; isn’t very regenerative or healthy and invites an experience of the lower values of human consciousness. Thankfully we forget our misdeeds the next day, which for a while seem funny. However, repeating this exercise we tend to find negative consequences.

Many of us (myself included) have given up alcohol, only to return for more connective social experiences. We might let ourselves believe that we drink “aware” but in reality we know something fundamental is out of place.

Connection seems to be what keeps us coming back for more, but to connect with something that invites lower states of consciousness is an oxymoron?


There are alternative social activities, those that explore higher states of consciousness are already aware of. However it seems that we long to connect with the people we know/knew through these unconscious states; hoping that we might instead share higher conscious experiences together.

There may be bold new paradigms to explore, but I would like to feel connected with the rest of humanity. I would like to explore activities that bridge paradigms while main stream social life shifts to culturally rich, healthier alternatives.

Cacao club is leading a transformational movement to bridge the gap between paradigms. I attended an event in Shrewsbury, UK last full moon where I was in awe to see a conscious social event presented in a very cool way.


A cacao ceremony is nothing new; it has been practiced from ancient times indigenously in Mayan & South American traditions for centuries and has now made its way in to western culture as a powerful stimulant, super food and one of the most complex, nutrient and mineral dense foods on the planet . Keith Wilson “The Cacao Shaman” hails this bean as heart medicine and the food for the shift….

“Cacao Club” is leading a new movement by combining intention, connection, plant medicine, lights, lasers, sacred sound and DJ’s; bringing ancient & modern culture in to a healthy mix.

The evening begins with discussion about the ceremonial cacao we have come to drink. The cacao has been ethically sourced from a tribe in Peru where they live in harmony with the land and an abundant supply of Cacao. We learn about the process of refining and sourcing this particular variety of cacao and how the ceremonial dose of cacao we are to receive is much much more than a regular hot chocolate by inviting and allowing the Cacao deva to journey with us the experience can be deep… mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.


We are invited to set an intention while we drink the cacao which is rich, full of flavour and raw. Sipping the drink sat in a circle while we speak about where it has come from, the people that cared for it and our intention develops a sense of true connection with our elixir.

It is rare to give this much attention to something we consume; Knowing that it is ethically sourced while we use it in a conscious way, cultivates a unique energy within that offers an opportunity to explore its affect on our energetic and physical bodies.

After we drink the cacao we do a breathing exercise while we become aware of our whole body before the DJ kicks off with a diverse selection of energetic beats to move with. Cacao is what is known as an adaptogen; it can be used energetically & intentionally in a number of different directions. In this case I was using it to open my heart and express myself more; I found myself feeling a really nice positive buzz that left me light on my feet and energized to move constantly.


We danced to a great selection of music that everyone enjoyed while Andrea our Cacao Space-holder came round to chat, guide, and share. She passed us some tuning forks to use on each other which I had never experienced before, a great compliment with the cacao.

After a couple of hours of dance, the hang drum transitioned us all to the chill down. We all laid on our mats and received a healing didgeridoo sound bath. A perfect moment to close our eyes and notice the effect the cacao has had on us personally. I could certainly notice that I was fidgeting before I settled in to chill mode. It was amazing to spend time really appreciating this substance, while noticing that it has a much more profound affect on my energetic and physical body than I had previously thought it might.

Personally this has shown me that I don’t necessarily have to get drunk or high to experience altered states, but if I pay enough attention to any substance; I can experience something profound.


Overall this was a truly awesome social experience, so awesome that I will be bringing it to my home town. I see much potential for cacao club as well as many other welcome ideas for social alternatives. In an interview with both founders I uncovered more about the motivation and creation of Cacao Club:

“Through our own experience we realised there is a more regenerative approach available to us. Through breathe, sound, movement and stillness higher states are possible. More and more people are realising there is another way and opening new perspectives through working with plant medicine and allies… this is what Cacao club is about… an alternative, there are many paths to the same goal.

We aim to provide a safe space for transformation and clarity, to raise the vibration of environment, for people to leave with a fuller awareness of self and connection rather than less, which is what we have all been used to doing…it’s a vibrational shift, it’s about sonic alchemy, aligned heart centred action, its inclusive, it’s about belonging, in this space all is resolved.. its magic!


We work with universal law, the principle energy either stagnates, circulates or integrates, we work with and honour natural cycles and creation. Each month, near or on full moon we create a safe space at cacao club to work with Cacao as a teacher plant, the music is crafted to provide a journey for people to shift and move our full body and the sound bath integrates and provides opportunity for people to be receptive and end vibrating at a higher frequency. We leave grounded and clear. Cacao club is a healing ceremony and as such you are called, there is an opportunity for people to shift many layers through intention, inviting Cacao into your inner space, dance and sacred sound.

The intention is to create a tipping point, we are bringing opportunities and resources to people who can then practically apply this knowledge and share this. Living as our highest divine selves is our intention. Anyone coming to Cacao club is taking action and showing the love they have for themselves and a regenerative approach…its empowering…”


Andrea Profiitt – Cacao Club – Co Creator

Andrea – Background

Having spent time travelling the Americas living in the Sacred Valley and Peru I completed a 4 month natural bee keeping apprenticeship and found myself delving into self inquiry and personal development..many healings, courses, ceremonies, ritual later… I then lived on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the Mayan Village of San Marcos in Guatemala, the initiations continued and I had the opportunity to learn with some beautiful teachers I attended many sound and cacao ceremonies and working with Cacao as a teacher…creatively with a project called Craftanoons, weekly creative session fuelled by ceremonial cacao bliss balls.

The Cacao Disco with the amazing Paul Mitchell, beautiful soul behind the Hanuman Project alongside Vosca of Mahara holistic lifestyle, Amsterdam….and of course with a dear teacher Keith Wilson the Cacao shaman. Many seeds were planted during this time and it is through this the story unfolds…sitting on Keith’s porch and questioning next moves…as the eternal gypsy …should I stay or should I go?

As Keith went through his intro to the ceremony I was focused on this intention. As I listened he went on to explain how he had been on a 6 month tour of Europe and found only 2 bars he would use in ceremony….one in Germany and one made by a guy from Wales who sourced his Cacao in Peru…my ears pricked up…I asked Keith what this persons name was…sure enough Keith pulled Pablo’s Bar of Choc out of his bag…the decision was made..I was UK bound to share this beautiful medicine. Pablo has been a friend for many years and having spoken to him about Keith’s endorsement we both wanted to create a transformational space using both our experiences for the benefit of all. Cacao club is now the creation of both of our visions for a better future for all involved.



My background is music and this led to a chance encounter with Cacao whilst DJing at a friends birthday party. It was clear there was magic in this medicine that needed to be explored further. I already had a connection with Dilwyn Jenkins – a great man who’s sadly no longer with us, who was working with the indigenous Ashaninka people of Peru where Cacao grows in abundance. This progressed into founding Forever Cacao as an outlet for the Cacao in the form of multi award winning Chocolate bars, one of which I gave to Keith at a ceremony while he was on his afore mentioned European tour.

Making music and putting on parties has been intrinsic in my life to date and the combination of plant medicine, sacred space and sound go together in such a way it’s hard to put into words! The Cacao club concept has been bubbling as an idea for a few years and now is the time to create the space for fun and free expression with a soundtrack that truly takes you on a journey.

I saw this quote which sums it all up “a truly great DJ, just for a moment can make a whole room fall in love. Because DJng is not about choosing a few tunes. It is about generating shared moods; it’s about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place. In the hands of a master, music can create rituals of spiritual communion that can be the most powerful events in people’s lives.”


Check out NewEarth Haven’s closing Cacao Ceremony at the upcoming Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival


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