While I have mixed opinions on Dr. Steven Greer, especially after seeing his unfortunate documentary, Sirius, I have found that his CE-5 meditations have actually had some really incredible results.

For those who are unfamiliar with what CE-5 is, it is essentially a means of establishing contact with an extraterrestrial entity through meditation. Yes, this may sound crazy, but I can honestly attest to the fact it works, and I have had some really inexplicable experiences that I owe to Greer’s life’s work.

In my personal experience, I have found that experience with “ETs” is like nothing you would imagine. We have been programmed to believe they are all just like the typical Grey Aliens we can easily identify with, however, anything that is not of this Earth is essentially an “ET”, and I have had more spiritual guidance and direction through my meditations and dreams from entities that I can not rationally explain.

When you think about how vast and infinite this universe is, the idea that we are alone is quite archaic and rather silly if you ask me. If a civilization existed that was even just 100 years ahead of us, think about how they would be functioning through their consciousness and technology. Just 100 years ago the idea of an iPhone probably would have seemed like witchcraft to some. To a higher developed civilization, the vast majority of planet Earth is probably considered savage (ala: Fantastic Planet), and it is not a coincidence they have not made themselves known on a grander scale for no other reason than the risk of being shot at or burned at the stake.

When you consciously project your thought and intention at peaceful contact, the results you will receive are out of this world (no pun intended). The meditation below is one of my favorites, but you can explore CE-5 contact through various other intentional guided meditations, or even through shifting your focus during your typical practice to establishing contact in a peaceful manner.

Don’t judge until you try it, because I assure you, you will be quite surprised.