Cease the CERN by Dr. Nancy Ash


Composed by NewEarth University Chancellor and Co-founder, Dr. Nancy Ash, DD, PhD, this poem entitled, Cease the CERN was born in the middle of a windy dark night around 3am in a September-to-Remember, 2015. Roused to a humble golden pen… giant powers of grace streamed-in as gamma photonic wave-X forces of light shimmered through her 12-strand DNA like the sparkling touch of a wizard’s wand.

You are invited to sip from this poetic cup and pass it on if so inspired. Savoring the nectar-of-becoming, we all – in resonate psionic heart-minds – surround ourselves in peace with courageous exaltation to a new exemplar during this farcical time, which shall pass away unanointed by awakened loving Souls of heroic grit.

Featured Namaste photo courtesy of J.A.

(Note: Meet Dr. Ash at the 2019 NewEarth Festival, Bali, Indonesia)


Cease the CERN


peace is upon us this day

on every brow, under foot

in the sky

through the wind in every tree


yes! peace prevails today

in all that drink this cup

in every sovereign Soul

as woman and man

we swallow the big red pill

while CERN collides, smashing to and fro

particles, God-spark to dust be damned!

as we run no more from harbinger of demise

as we wake-up to a dream and see…

slumber in this tide of tears


yes! we ARE con-cerned as

trumpets sound in clarion call

now, this moment of pure truth

we hear – raw and naked – the cries of our children and their children

unborn denizens of a new community

who beat us with a stick for ruthless tomfooleries

and monkey amusements that trick the mind at every turn


yes! we ARE con-cerned as peace prevails today

at phase of moon cloaked, en rouge

for this last silly time

we rise unfettered and unbound, like air


when the circus clowns come out to play – underground, 300 feet below

around and around they go… to speed of light!

at time of Sabbath while shemitah knocks 7 times at gilded door

she pays our debts from reckless games

in dark alleys with hooded men of association

at ludicrous jaunts

hiding behind Shiva’s dance to the death


yes! we ARE con-cerned as peace prevails today

our paper is pure white

beckoning each librarian to task

as we pull sweet donkeys to water holes

and carry the sloth

helping Dolly’s sheeple while cockroaches run from light

to all, please please drink; please drink this nectar

a renewed earth, en masse with dazzling suits of battered leather

our thick skins inextricably bound

at grand lakes-of-becoming


yes! we ARE con-cerned as peace prevails today

in all that embrace a fresh cup

so please drink while most dilly-dally

while toiling at Sandia with labs lit in shadowed stain

while rambling through White Sands at Trinity:

the Mother, her Daughter and unborn child!

drink thirstily from this cup

elixir of our sparkling beautiful children

as bombs blast

into graves of heritage revisited

lick the wounds clean… to begin anew


yes! we ARE con-cerned as peace prevails today

please take a sip

as the shrouded one presides a dark mass

the epiclesis to all that crash and burn

in folly

in fear

in subjugation to the holy ring

yet we,

of a new people – for the people and by the people

rise and stand at the lakes

quenching our vision-quest in calm waters now fit to drink

seeing faces in clear mirrors – changed forever


yes! we ARE con-cerned as peace prevails today

to all, please please drink; drench your Soul in this lifeblood

cease the CERN…

fresh hearts, HALT! the chase for this throne

renewed friends, END! our nightmare

new earth, STOP! the madness

transfigured ones, CEASE! the CERN

cease the CERN

cease… the CERN and seize this day of peace

for all drinking this transmuted cup



Photo courtesy of Connie Broussard



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