Change Inside Your Body

“We start here, with the body. Then we can notice how we disconnect from our wish to show up and examine the different forms resistance takes.” -T. Thorn Coyle, Crafting a Daily Practice

Have you noticed a reoccurring weakness/pain in your body? Reoccurring for the purpose of this article is occurring for longer than 6 months. The pain might be something that happens every day or something that comes back for a small period of time every few months or longer. Sometimes we notice pain when it initially starts, and typically long term pain gets our attention only once the intensity crosses acceptable levels of dis-ease in our life. Because level of awareness can bring attention to pain or weakness at the initial injury or impede attention until months or years later, as Coyle says in the quote above we start manifesting within our bodies. We start by assessing our bodies and where they are at.

A way of examining can be to play. We all learned what play means as a child, and the older we get the potential to further move away from the original meaning of play. Play is not something that is forced, play occurs in the moment. Play can be experienced as exploring and adapting in ways that are brand new or expansive to your daily actions. One example of playing with exploring pain in your body can be exploring your thoughts. When pain shows up, how are you thinking? Do you make pain wrong, bad, something to run away from? Do you experience feelings associated with the pain if so what type? Is there room for sitting with your pain and acknowledging the intensity, the area of your pain, and what your body is saying or is the pain requiring immediate physical care?

Maybe the pain is a long standing or lineage belief or traumatic experience screaming to be released and acknowledged. If the saying God (how you see the creator) gives us only what we are able to handle, the pain can be a signal that your level of self-awareness and transformation skills are at a level where you heal yourself AND your lineage. You might be at a level where you are able to be the last one in your lineage to experience and end a previous repeating trend. The level of pain might increase to inform you your wish is being blocked and YOU are the one who through handling your pain can bring your wish to fruition and the time to act is now.

As this quote elegantly shares, though potentially painful, change can only occur after we acknowledge what is in our current world. One masterful move to remember ease in growth and change is pain is a feeling! Pain was created for a way of survival, and our heightened sense of awareness can move us into thriving and using pain as a steering rod. Explore reminding yourself that pain is not bad, to be avoided, unnatural or a sign of something wrong. Instead tell yourself pain is a natural part of living on Earth and is a natural movement upscale in our frequency of feelings. Pain is a step on our stairway to our wishes and our choice is how we interact with our feeling.



Jessica Crystal Joy is a feminine empowerment educator that has been studying spiritual and self-improvement work since 2001. She provides articles, workshops, and presentations geared towards women being confident in speaking their desires and requirements in their life to their community using their intuition and deep connection with their bodies.  She is known for quickly creating an environment of safety and expansion to go beyond a person’s past limited belief systems while explicitly providing practical ways to be a deeply empowered person impacting their environment as conscious leaders.  She has a B.A. in Psychology and is a Certified Tantra Educator, Certified Intuitive Guide, Mastery Systems student, a member of various holistic groups such as the Holistic Living Network and Healersource, Yogi, creative writer for New Earth Media, blogger and social media/website maintainer, professional speaker, essential oils expert, vegan, and a proud adopted dog mommy.

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