Channeling: Messages of Hope

As long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated with those that are gifted with the ability to communicate with the other side.  I went to see the movie Poltergeist when I was a boy and then read the book and this opened up my mind to all new possibilities.  I wondered if this was something that was possible in the real world. I than began to watch Sylvia Browne, John Edwards, and even more recently sometimes catching the Long Island Medium.  And I was pretty convinced that these people are extremely gifted and this could very well be a possibility.  I read that police officers use these very gifted and talented individuals to help solve crime cases and missing person’s cases.  So you might say that I am a firm believer in this reality of what we term as “Channeling”.

Many years ago there were children that were gifted with the ability to actually see and communicated with Mary the Mother of Jesus.  She told the children many things and prophecies and all of these communications and prophecies were accepted by the Catholic Church as fact, and the appearance of Mother Mary was real.  You can read more here .  Many people are firm believers in these phenomena that occurred almost a century ago.

One day back in late 2011 when I was reading the 2012 Scenario which is now the Golden Age of Gaia , I stumbled upon a radio program where the supposed channel was going to communicate directly with Archangel Michael and the Archangel would be doing an interview.  I thought to myself, wow this I got to hear.  As I tuned in I found the soft spoken Graham Dewyea of Inlight Radio indeed interviewing Archangel Michael coming through Linda Dillon the channel for the Council of Love .  And I was absolutely blown away at the messages coming through of love and hope for a new and better world, and talks of ascension or a shift in consciousness into a higher dimension. He also spoke of our galactic brothers and sisters that are here and have always been here and are waiting for the right time to announce their presence to all of mankind.  I resonated very strongly with these messages and tuned in each week. Regardless of what anyone else believes, I knew in my heart that what these messages spoke of was truly inspirational and my life had changed.  As time went on Linda channeled many of the Ascended Masters, the galactics, and other Angels as well.  I can’t tell you one way or another whether she was actually communicating with those she had claimed, but that was not the point. The point to me was to get these important messages from the spirit realm and higher dimensions that poured forth messages of unconditional love, how to improve your lives and treat others, the importance of meditation and self-awareness, and also provided hope that great change was coming and we will soon be seeing a paradigm shift.

Now there are channels you can find all over the internet.  Some I believe are not trustworthy as compared to others.  I usually recommend the Golden Age of Gaia as a trusted source.  I believe the blog’s creator Steve Beckow who is brilliant does a terrific job filtering through the non-trustworthy channeled messages that instill fear and confusion. But just like anything else, there’s always somebody trying to ruin the party for the others and some I believe are doing it deliberately to give the rest of those that channel a bad name.

Many I’ve spoken to just simply don’t believe and I’m not here to convince anyone otherwise.

I am a strong believer that we create our own reality and many of the messages are repetitive and there is a reason for it.  If you’ve ever read Sheldan Nidle he’s had the same basic message coming through for eons from the galactics.  And when I heard him on an interview once he said he was instructed to be very repetitive.  But why?  I believe as you read these posts over and over again you will begin to create these visions and therefore change your reality. So that’s my theory anyhow.

Then there is John Smallman bringing through beautiful messages of Jesus and Saul. Bashar is a galactic being coming through channel Darryl Anka . There is Mike Quinsey and his messages from a galactic known as Salusa, Blossom Goodchild bringing through the Native American WhiteCloud as well as the galactics.  And of course the many amazing and talented individuals that channel spirits and loved ones from the other side. And the list goes on.

Before I began hearing and reading messages from these channels, other than reading about the return of Jesus at the end of days and Heaven on earth in the New Testament, I never heard of what’s known as the paradigm shift, or ascension into a higher dimension, or the new golden age of humanity.  So these messages expanded the hopes of this Heaven on earth becoming a reality and gave further clarity and detail. And it changed my life and made me a much better person spiritually and increased my belief in God Creator Source. I know channeling is not something most of the world is ready for at this point in time on our planet, but I believe it’s important to bring about awareness. Throughout the ages the Angels have been communicating with men and women if you are a believer of the bible.  Angels are messengers of God by definition. And there have also been many prophets of the bible as well that were supposedly receiving messages directly from God.

So who’s to say all channeling is false, or sacrilegious, or complete and utter non-sense? Does God only communicate with men and women in ancient times?  Has he stopped communicating with people?  The answer is no.  God loves us unconditionally and still sends his messengers.  You must use discernment, your heart, and inner guidance to decipher what is real and coming from a source of unconditional love.  If the message leads you to a path of hope and love than it is trust worthy.





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