Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean

Command Sergeant Major, Robert O Dean

Bob dean

“I hope a thorough evaluation of [the E.T. presence] has been done and will be shared with the American people by their government. I’ve talked to people on the inside who say amazing studies have been conducted not only in laboratories, not only in research, not only in hard science, but amazing things have been learned psychologically about the human condition, the human potential. The UFO matter is simply the tiny, tiny tip of an iceberg which is so enormous that when the truth comes out, its going to change the whole world.”- Robert Dean

Several years ago I came across an interview from Project Camelot that sent shock waves through my soul.  And at that moment I became fully awake and my life was forever changed.

I was busy searching online as usual about UFOs and found this interview with Robert Dean.  What was different about this interview though from the rest was seeing a very humble and gentle and most sincere older man discussing what he had learned while serving in the US Military.  It was as if I was listening to my heartfelt grandmother speak.  And she was an angel in life and the kindest and sweetest woman I’ve ever known.  Robert Dean came across the same way and it’s very hard not to believe someone of this character.  His words were so heartfelt and honest but it was what he had to say that was simply mind blowing.

Robert Dean spent 27 years of active duty in the US Army and was given one of the highest “Top Secret” security clearances.  And believe me when I say if you have not seen, read or heard anything from this man you must find some time to watch this video below.

There any many more videos of Robert Dean posted throughout YouTube.  This one may be long but I think is well worth it.



Please enjoy!



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